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We help people make their thing online. You want to do great work; work you care about, work that supports your family, work that contributes something meaningful to the world. We like that stuff. We create products and publications to serve the indie entrepreneur* on the journey to creating something they care about.

The Things We Make

Fizzle.co is pro training for building your thing online. Training from experts you trust + vital community with other business builders in one package (plus a ton of inside jokes).

The Sparkline is a weblog for people building their thing online. Weekly thoughts, articles, quotes and videos to keep you on your game.

The Fizzle Show is a podcast for indie entrepreneurs who want to build something they care about. It’s hilarious and insightful… I mean it.

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“You're consistent, honest and dependable. Oh, and very classy. And very funny. And the fun is what really draws me here!” ~ Linda

The Folks We Make Them For

It’s terrifying to start your own thing, be it a company, a website, or something else. Putting yourself on the line to create something is exciting, harrowing, full of pitfalls, especially when your goal is to create something other people will like enough to buy.

That’s who we do this for. You know the invitation, fear, ambition, excitement and mania of the blank page. You sense the power in words like independent, creator, art, commerce and donut. (That last one… mmmm… so powerful)

We’ve been there with our asses over the fire, staring outward at the blank pages, the full notebooks, the school bills, the upcoming payroll, the opportunities. Investigating inward about our calling, vocation, skills, fulfillment… wondering if we’ve got “what it takes.”

You do. Not because you’re some amazing artist, but because we all do. Ever since the first tool makers and cave painters, we’ve been a species of creation and connection. And now, more than ever, we have the tools to create something we’re proud of and connect other people to it.

If that sounds like you, welcome to the crew. You’ve found a group of people going all in on that journey. We hope it’s easy for you to feel a part of what we’re doing.

“Now, more than ever, you have the tools to create something you’re proud of and connect other people to it.”

Who We Are

CorbettCorbett Barr is like the daddy. He’s been around longer, has experienced more success, knows what works and what doesn’t in online businesses. If FizzleCo was a cocktail bar, Corbett would be a negroni — classy, sophisticated, more often than not behaving like a gentleman. @corbettbarr

ChaseChase Reeves is like the mommy. Full of heart, chutzpah and jargon, he’s mostly responsible for the design and aesthetic things going on in the Fizzle universe. In cocktail terms he’d be a shot of Fernet — burns pretty harsh, but once it’s in there’s nothing warmer. @chase_reeves

CalebCaleb Wojcik would be the kid. He’s a little bit younger (not by much) but heading towards outpacing the other two in no time. Caleb’s wicked smart strategy and video mind is responsible whenever the other two show up to anything on time. In cocktail terms he’d be an old fashioned — solid and strong with just a touch of sweetness. @calebwojcik

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“...since listening to my first Fizzle show it's as if a switch has flipped in my brain. Dots are connecting and ideas are refining. I have a drive for my business like never before.” ~ Marilyn

* We’re not crazy about the term “entrepreneur.” But it works for now.

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