I wish I could say: “here, do these 6 things and I guarantee you’ll have a successful business!”

I wish I could tell you: “look at this thing every day and you’ll NEVER lose motivation or focus!”

I wish I could give you a pill that would tell you EXACTLY what to do next.

I can’t give you those things. That’s not how business works. That’s not how humans work. And I think you know that.

So what can I tell you?

I can tell you it’s more possible than ever to support yourself with meaningful independent work.

That you’re more capable today than ever before of building a thing that gets you out of the sh*t cubicle, away from the jerk manager, free from the 9 to 5 grind and into sustainable revenue, travel and freedom.

I can tell you you don’t need piles of money or to burn through the savings account to do it. Nor do you need to go looking for investors or end up on the short end of a contract.

There are more excellent tools, resources, people and proven ideas available today than ever before (so much, in fact, that it can be quite overwhelming).

We know more than ever before about what it takes to build an audience around your writing, or your music, your art, your photography, your napkin doodles (or whatever it is you do… do you make donuts?).

That’s what we do: we make things to get your idea over the hump and through the dip until you’re buzzing and crackling with creativity, impact, potential and purpose.

We do it for bloggers, writers, artists, musicians, coders, jewelry makers, donut makers (if you’re a donut maker please email me directly)…

“Our mission is to serve the independent entrepreneur, to create tools and resources that guide you through your unique journey.”

We love that idea moment, running out of the shower dripping wet searching frantically for a pen and paper to capture a new idea before it’s gone.

We live for the stories we hear in the forums of people getting their first $1,000, or having their first $10,000 month.

Our mission is to serve the independent entrepreneur, to create tools and resources that guide you through your unique journey…

… through over-caffeinated evenings and early mornings…

… through idea droughts and execution fatigue…

… through sweat, fear, isolation, exhilaration and burnout…

… and into fulfillment, into earning a living doing something you care about, something that engages and energizes you.

What we make

To that end we make a number of things:

We publish an article every tuesday at our blog, THE SPARKLINE /, where over 2 million people have learned something.

We release a podcast episode at THE FIZZLE SHOW / every friday. These are earnest conversations exploring how to grow a killer business that won’t burn you out. People seem to like it, saying things like:

“Get great advice while cracking up!” ~ Dwhite198

“Never laughed so hard while being totally enlightened!” ~ Markita

“Existenialism + online business + lifestyle design + autonomy and purpose.” ~ Kurt Bouma

But more than anything else, we make pro training for and foster a vital community of people building their thing, people putting their asses on the line to step into some autonomy, creativity and independence as an entrepreneur.

We call this community of training FIZZLE /. This is our home base, where age-old best practices and modern insights are turned into actionable courses (over 40 of them!) and where people are finding support, accountability, mastermind groups and more.

Fizzle membership runs on an affordable monthly payment ($35/month) instead of a large sum of money up front so folks can get in, try it out, see if it’s right for them.

At Fizzle we’re building the most supportive community for independent entrepreneurs making all kinds of things. If you’re interested, click here and you’ll get your first 30 days for a buck: get 30 days for $1 »

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Who we are

4+ years ago Corbett Barr started a popular blog called Think Traffic. The site grew massively around the topic of building a thriving, profitable audience online.

Corbett has always had a keen mind for strategy and execution. So after a few years of making and launching individual products, he began sketching an idea for a membership-based service that matched training with ongoing community support.

A common rough spot for training of all kinds is how students fizzle out in the space between lessons. In business, you’ve got to apply what you’ve learned. The doing is where the learning comes to fruition. Corbett’s new idea would create space for both the learning and the doing.

That’s when Corbett brought me, Chase Reeves, on as a creative director to bring the vision of Fizzle to life. I had been honing my craft as a designer working with big and small sites. (Two notable examples would be Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income and Steve Kambs Nerd Fitness.)

Rounding out the founding team was Caleb Wojcik, who had been working with Corbett since 2011 on Think Traffic and a half-dozen other projects. Together Corbett, Caleb and I built the first version of Fizzle which we launched in two limited releases in 2012.

From those early stages, Fizzle has grown consistently. We’ve started growing the team, bringing on Barrett Brooks to cultivate the budding membership areas of the site.

We each have our own style and personalities, and we bring that to bear in our writing, training and tomfoolery at Fizzle. If we were cocktails:

  • Corbett would be a Negroni — classy, sophisticated, more often than not behaving like a gentleman. (view his articles)
  • Chase would be a shot of Fernet — burns pretty harsh, but once it’s in there’s nothing warmer. (view his articles)
  • Caleb would be an Old Fashioned — solid and classic, perfectly balanced sweetness (if you don’t know what a WojBomb is, you’re missing out). (view his articles)
  • Barrett would be a Manhattan — traditional yet sophisticated, a drink that develops in the glass. (view his articles)

About the name

A lot of people ask about the name. If you look it up, “Fizzle” has two meanings. The first is to fail in a weak and disappointing way. That’s what happens to most business ideas.

But the second definition is to buzz or crackle, like an exposed electrical chord. And you know what? You wouldn’t be hearing those pops and fizzles if there wasn’t an intense amount of energy and potential running through the wires.

We built Fizzle for two reasons:

  1. It’s hard to build a good thing, most ideas fizzle out.
  2. For the entrepreneurial type there is so much energy and potential running through the wires.

For the indie entrepreneur, our goal is to stand in the gap between fizzling out and crackling with energy, creativity and success, because entrepreneurs equipped with genuine insights, proper action, and an honest, supportive community can change the course of history for the better.

Follow along, really

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I hope this page answers any questions you have about Fizzle. If there’s something you’d like to ask, please email us here and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours: support@fizzle.co.

Hope to see you around.

Chase Reeves
Creative Director, Fizzle.co

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