5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site (Plus SEO Insights, FS057)

Let’s talk about a few things you can do in the next few days to increase traffic to your website.

In this episode we answer questions from listeners. Each one about a different piece of the traffic puzzle.

  • One asks about SEO (calling Corbett out about some remarks made in a previous episode).
  • Another asks about analytics.
  • And Corbett’s answer to another gives 5 specific methods to boost your site’s presence (without being spammy or dishonest).

I even find a way to sneak in the Amazon 3 star trick I’ve been doing for research recently.

It’s a great episode. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Caleb Wojcik of Pocket Changed – EntrepreneurOnFire.com

Corbett Barr of Think Traffic – EntrepreneurOnFire.com

332: Chase Reeves of Think Traffic and Fizzle.co

slothbitch.png (640×248)

Jason Calacanis Explains How He Pivoted Mahalo – YouTube

64 Ways Location Independent People Earn a Living

Write Epic Shit

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  • http://harleyeblen.com/about Harley Eblen

    I can’t wait to listen to this so I can get some context on that sloth bitch picture…

    • Chase Reeves

      This was the portrait of you I put together, harley… it came from my spirit… about your spirit… such a fierce, fierce spirit you have.

  • http://writingaproposal.net/ Pamela Hacks

    This was great–after sorting through the rambling (smiles). I am in that growth mode, but have been focusing on the wrong things. It’s all about getting into my audience’s head. Thanks for the tips!

  • Guest

    This was great but the recording of the last question is corrupted, I didn’t hear the question.

  • http://www.timurgrigorchuk.com/ Timur Grigorchuk

    The last question’s recording is corrupted. Other than that, great episode!

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  • http://learnpostearn.com/ Tahir Taous

    can you please provide transcripts of your podcasts.

    many people don’t have time to download and listen and i am one of them.

    I read your posts on my phone but can’t listen podcasts.

    I have a slow mobile internet that’s why I can not download and listen your podcasts.

  • http://www.artfulpublications.com/ Meg Sylvia

    Nice. As much as we wan’t that magic formula, I think it’s clear that the most effective way to get more traffic is to put in the work to have the chance to get seen by readers on other platforms and bring them back, as you’ve said. Now, to get to work!

    • Chase Reeves

      now to get to work is right :)

  • Chase Reeves

    Thanks @megashape:disqus, I’m uploading a new version of the file now with the question fixed. Sorry about that!

    @tahirtaous:disqusThanks for your note! We’d love to do that in the future!

  • http://merrittbookkeeping.com Perry Paolini

    Hey guys this was a great episode. Something I’m struggling with as an established business looking to build an online presence is how my industry “bookkeeping services for small businesses” can translate. You guys mention how to google proof your SEO. I hear all the time about creating awesome content, and I want to, but I imagine there are very few business owners out in internetland that want to be reading about bookkeeping as a subject. So… there is a disconnect between what I do as a company and the amazing content I would produce. Do you guys have any suggestions?

    • http://www.9mmpr.com Alex Moscow

      Hi Perry, I’m a B2B PR consultant that specialises in IT.

      This means that at times I get to work on exciting online technologies and at others I’m trying to find ways to make network architecture interesting. Not easy when the subject is steeped in hardcore technical language.

      So why is this important to you? Well the thing that’s always interesting, no matter what you do is who you do it for. Rather than focusing on the service, focus instead on the people you want to attract. More specifically their challenges, their fears, what they want to achieve and why.

      This is where the real content juice is.

      Take me for example. I love words but hate numbers. They scare the hell out of me and always have. Ever since school.

      This means that anything financial also scares the hell out of me and why I need a bloody good book keeper and accountant.

      So that I don’t have to worry about these things.

      If I was you, I’d be showing people like me just how well you know the finance landscape when it comes to small businesses. Show me that you have the knowledge and expertise to do the job that I don’t want to do.

      So much content in this area is dry and dull as dishwater. So give your content personality and find fun angles and examples. This will ensure it’s read.

      Hope that helps.

    • http://TrafficSmartMarketing.com/ Tom Southern

      Hey Perry! It’s not about writing about book-keeping as a subject. It’s about writing about what small businesses want most from book-keeping and book-keeping services. For example, how can getting a good book-keeper save time or accountant’s fees or tax? Or do you have a time-saving book-keeping tactic?

      It also depends on who you’re writing for? Other book-keepers? Or small business people who use book-keeping services?

  • http://www.9mmpr.com Alex Moscow

    I’m a bit late to the party on this one but finally got around to listening and it was another great episode thank you lads.

    There is one thing I’d add to the list of ways to get more traffic. Something easy peasy but often neglected. It’s also something that we’ve only just started testing but have found works like a charm.

    At the end of my client’s latest blogs we asked people if they would share the article. It seems so simple and when I think of it, you guys ask all the time. However, it’s also true that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    Considering we were getting like one or two shares anything would have felt like a result. But after asking we got 18 shares. I know it’s not loads and loads but if my maths is right and it probably isn’t coz I’m words not numbers, that’s a 900% rise!

  • http://TrafficSmartMarketing.com/ Tom Southern

    Thanks for this. It’s so refreshing to hear you say SEO is a waste of time, especially when starting out. I wish I heard you say this when I was starting out.

    Btw, love the sheep bit at the beginning. Very monty python! :)

  • http://www.successharbor.com/ George Meszaros

    I enjoyed this podcast. I like the Amazon angle. I am going to interview Caleb today for Success Harbor.

  • dave stewart

    Love the 3 star book review tip. Thanks for another good one guys.

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