81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters

We recently launched our new course How to Start a Blog That Matters.

To coincide with the launch, we’ve compiled a huge list of the blog topics suggested by all of you for our Million Dollar Blog Project. We used one of these to create our new blog Expert Enough, but there are tons of great ideas left on the list.

There are websites about nearly everything imaginable, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good.

At Think Traffic, we believe that anyone that puts in the right amount of focused effort can build an audience online, even if it is about an obscure topic.

Don’t know what topic to start your blog on? Here are 81 blog topic ideas to get you thinking about what you could focus (or re-focus) your site on.

(Some of the most creative ideas people came up with are in bold.)

  1. Self improvement/Self-Hypnosis
  2. Health & Fitness for Busy People
  3. Language Learning Blogs
  4. How to Travel on a Budget (Best hotel deals. Car rental. Trip advice.)
  5. Writing Style
  6. Rescued Animals
  7. Personal Development (Passions & Ambition Pursuing)
  8. Social Dynamics & Communication Skills
  9. Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise While Location Independence
  10. Self Defense
  11. Recipes for couples without children
  12. Male guide to female communication
  13. Using technology in small business (Google Docs, CRM, credit card processing)
  14. Bullying/cyber bullying
  15. Behavioral disorders in children
  16. Body-weight training
  17. Entrepreneurial education for young children & adults
  18. Disc Golf
  19. DIY Projects, DIY Business and Selling Homemade Items
  20. How to have a Strong Marriage
  21. How to be a real and true friend
  22. How to Train for a Triathlon
  23. Careers vs job: following your passion
  24. Getting VMWare Certified
  25. Getting Microsoft Certified
  26. Hamburgers
  27. Self-sustaining lifestyle (grow your own food/ use solar power etc)
  28. Mind strengthening (mind over matter/ lucid dreaming)
  29. Beyond the basics of personal financial management
  30. Healthy eating blog
  31. Ghost-hunting
  32. Home brewing beer
  33. Self defense training (“for women” or “for children” or “for business executives”)
  34. Indie Video Game Development
  35. Video Game tactics shown through video tutorials
  36. Community gardening/Urban farming
  37. Starting and running your own social network
  38. Point and Shoot Photography (How to create incredible photographs with whatever camera you have in your pocket)
  39. Blog & Website Design for Non Designers (How to make your blog look incredible without spending a fortune)
  40. The Art of Getting What You Want (How to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career)
  41. Make Good Video for the Web (How to leverage the video medium to take your brand, blog, website, or business to the next level)
  42. Self-Employment (The logistics behind how to start working for yourself (i.e. How to leave your job, find health insurance, set up an LLC, etc.)
  43. How to write an e-bestseller (How could we document the process of creating an Amazon Kindle (or other electronic format) bestseller.)
  44. Rapid Language Learning
  45. How to become a better writer
  46. How to lose weight and feel awesome (Even at middle age! The Primal/Paleo way)
  47. Vegan diet
  48. Cycling. More specifically, urban commuting.
  49. Apartment living (this could range from renter issues to decor, etc.)
  50. Interior design blog
  51. Eating organic on a tight budget
  52. Health conscious, High mileage, Minimalist traveling
  53. How to Become a Famous Rock-star
  54. Sports Photography
  55. Life skills/life coaching for high school students
  56. College planning for homeschoolers
  57. Speaking in Public (How to overcome the fear to the audience; minimalistic approach to presentations, etc.)
  58. A Family related site (Topics centered mostly on improving the relationship between family members; how to increase the creativity of kids and specially parents; how to help kids to find their passion and inner peace.)
  59. Alternative Running Events (Mudruns, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, etc.)
  60. Learning the Ukulele
  61. Learn How to Play Guitar
  62. How to Get What You Want Without Breaking the Law or Burning Bridges
  63. Becoming a wine connoisseur
  64. Build a boat and cross the Pacific in it
  65. Getting good at tennis and qualifying for Wimbledon
  66. Windsurfing
  67. Regular Surfing
  68. How mobile applications that can improve one’s work productivity, relationships with friends and family, and overall quality of life.
  69. Simpler Living (a blog that will explore and map a journey from a miserable 6 figure a year traditional way of living back to an often forgotten way of life.)
  70. The best “places” around the world & do they live up to the hype?
  71. How to do travel photography/videography
  72. The Great Recession (A blog based upon a sustainable lifestyle with a smaller footprint.)
  73. Building an iPhone application
  74. The end of the world and the Maya prophecies for December 21st, 2012
  75. Car maintenance
  76. Running a Small Agile Business (a la 37 Signals)
  77. A “Good Cause” Site (Telling the Stories of Successful Non-Profits & Charities)
  78. Eco-tourism
  79. The world of virtual conferences
  80. QR codes. How to best use them in small business Marketing.
  81. Inspire Bootstrappers (A blog to inspire bootstrappers by posting real bootstrapper success stories.)


Now its your turn.

We’d love to hear any ideas you have for a blog you are creating yourself or one you’d love to read. Let us know in the comments below this post.

Starting a blog is actually easy. Thousands of new blogs are started every day. Anyone can start a blog in 5 minutes, but very few people will create blogs that matter.

The How to Start a Blog That Matters course can help you create a blog that will change your life and the lives of your readers.

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  • http://www.chroniclesfromcubeland.com/ Melanie Axman

    I just launched Chronicles from Cubeland because I wanted to read hilariously true stories of what really goes on in the workplace. Career guidance doesn’t always address the intersection between being human, and being professional, so I thought I ought to.

  • http://www.chasingpace.com/ Wesley Banks

    That’s definitely an idea sparking list. I like #65 (tennis).

    My wife and I are actually looking to start a blog about our journey to build our dream house. We just purchased 6 acres of land and have started to chronicle the process of clearing the land, etc. I think I can offer a unique perspective since I’ll be designing and building the house (with a little help of course).

  • http://www.joanconcilio.com Joan

    I’m hoping to start a blog around the theme of “Homemaker 2.0″ – how being a work-from-home parent and keeping a house (and kids!) works in the 21st century and how it’s in some ways remarkably similar to the way my mom and grandma kept house. (Lists and routines never go out of style, even if I keep mine in Trello and Checkvist!)

  • http://bootcampideas.com Kyle

    Great list Caleb thanks!

    So many ideas. I’m in the health & fitness industry so previously I’ve tried to start a blog on that but didn’t get much traction and found it hard to write about all the time.
    I have also undergone a bit of a character transformation over the past 12 months, changing the way I think about and approach things, so there could be a blog idea there.
    I also enjoy cooking and writing fiction so more ideas there.
    What I’d give for a one track brain :)

  • http://www.struggletovictory.com Kari Scare

    My blog “motto” is: “Love to write! Be determined. Pursue simplicity. Find balance. Be curious. Be deliberate. Be intentional. Age gracefully. Make the most of every opportunity.” I just started it in November 2011. Thought maybe it was too broad, but all the pieces seem to fit together well. Lots of the 81 topics wit within my motto. I’d love input though!

  • https://twitter.com/dnwst Dan West

    I’ve been thinking about one of these on the list for a long time, and I’m going to take the leap and get things rolling as soon as possible. Just joined Start a Blog that Matters and I’m really excited.

    My BIGGEST problem has been to find my unique USP and especially a unique name! I’ve seriously been thinking about names for weeks(or even months?). I just need to get it off the ground.

  • http://www.wpkube.com/ Dev

    Great stuff, Caleb. So many awesome post ideas. I love the #37 – “Starting and running your own social network” Great !!

    Thanks for sharing this list, Caleb. Keep up the good work.


  • http://www.blogging24h.com Trung Nguyen

    That’s great collection ideas for those who want to start a new blog but don’t know what to blog about. Thanks Caleb.

  • http://www.ipnostudio.com hypnodude

    That’s great, not only because this list gave me a couple of good ideas, but also because I do have a blog about Self Improvement and Self Hypnosis. There is a bit of competition in these two fields but I’m climbing up the ladder.

    Thanks for such a good list and for having reinforced my idea that I took the right topic.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  • http://marketingwithsergio.com Sergio Felix

    Oh wow… some very interesting points here, these would be my takes:

    Great Project!
    9. Working in Uncommon Fields of Expertise While Location Independence

    Going to jump on this.
    61. Learn How to Play Guitar

    Most definitely interested.
    39. Blog & Website Design for Non Designers
    41. Make Good Video for the Web
    43. How to write an e-bestseller
    45. How to become a better writer
    57. Speaking in Public

    On my bucket list.
    22. How to Train for a Triathlon
    59. Alternative Running Events
    69. Simpler Living

    What the heck is this?
    18. Disc Golf

    Study, pay and take the exam, get certified, is there anything else to know?
    25. Getting Microsoft Certified

    Hmmm… YUMMY!
    26. Hamburgers

    I would DEFINITELY follow this one!
    64. Build a boat and cross the Pacific in it

    31. Ghost-hunting
    53. How to Become a Famous Rock-star

    32. Home brewing beer

    For my own ideas, I’m not sure, I started as a regular blogger and got interested on Internet Marketing.

    It’s scary how many people keep struggling so much and getting scammed everyday so, I am going into that “niche”, even if it’s boring, I like it.

    I might get into something else (more specific niches and less competition) but I need to know how some stuff works first.


    • http://www.struggletovictory.com Kari Scare

      Just wanted to say that I love that you are going into a niche area because you like it regardless of if others think it’s boring. (I don’t, by the way.) Go you!

      • http://marketingwithsergio.com Sergio Felix

        Hey thanks Kari! ;-)

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com Jamie Northrup

    I’d love to see the QR code one, it seems that would be better for a static niche site than a blog, unless you expand to cover more about QR codes.

    Found the recipes without kids one funny lol

    • http://jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com/ Jupiter Jim

      What are QR codes?


    • Kelly

      QR codes are the square shapped barcodes you keep seeing everywhere… They generally have a good use in coupons, links for more info such as on “House for Sale” signs and flyers, but are being miss-used for digital media since the user is already on a digital advice and could click a link easier then they could scan their screen.

  • http://www.ivblogger.com Sheyi

    I like the body weight training. Infact, I guess it’s going to work for me as i am starting my gym beginning of next month. I’ll need to add videos as well.

  • http://www.maskedmagic.com Craig Burr

    I find it very hard to come up with ideas for websites that will work. I own a few of which I thought would do great but sadly this is not the case lol, great post and bookmarked for later reference

  • Romain

    Wow ! This is the most inspiring niche idea list I’ve ever encountered.
    I’ve picked a dozen ideas and will research them in more depth, I’m quite confident I could turn one into a relatively successful blog if I put my heart and mind to it.

  • http://www.thebravemanblog.com/ Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    Excellent post, I’m glad to see that my blog is going to a great way, I combined many of those to pursue my goals:
    For health I combined:
    -P90X Extreme Exercises
    -The 4 Hour Body Life Hacks
    So that way I can lose some weight fast and get healthy (and I know I have some weight to lose)

    I know plenty about social dynamics so I have been posting about them so people can get track of what I’m doing and to start implementing new mindsets in their minds to help them achieve their goals in an easier way

    and I’m talking about the steps I’m taking to create my freedom online business so people can learn about SEO, the technical side of creating websites and blogs and thinks that can be very useful

    I will keep this list in mind when creating another business, thank a lot Caleb

  • Mias Muller

    This is very interesting indeed!!
    I love some of the suggestions, really got me thinking. I will be following this with much interest to see how it develops.
    I have an idea but not a clue if it could work so help me out here – How about a blog about the rewards associated with GIVING BACK. Doing something good on a local level close to home. We have all heard the saying that charity starts at home, so why not do it!!
    I was shocked earlier this week to read that less than 30% of the price of a lottery ticket here in the UK actually goes to good causes!!! That led me think about other large aid organizations and I can imagine that it wouldn’t be much different there either because of overheads and the rest. How much actually reaches the people that are in need?????????????

    Now I am sure you have all seen a program called The Secret Millionaire???
    I love the program because the money is given directly at source. No overheads, no cuts and no middlemen.
    How about setting up a blog where you encourage people to join and make donations and you then give that money – 100% of it – away directly to small charities/organizations but on a local level. An example will be to raise enough money to buy a new oven for a local group that are struggling to help feed senior citizens that can not afford a hot meal on there own, or something like that. The point being it is done direct. You can then make a video entry or blog entry about the difference that has made, like they do on The Secret Millionaire.

    Could you monetize this? Perhaps. One option would be to sell an ebook or a video course aimed at small charities or the local cubs or something, that will show them how to raise funds locally through easy-do-do activities like car washes or sponsored walks, that sort of thing that is easy enough for a small charity will little resources to actually do!!

    What do you think, is there mileage in this? Would you donate to it?
    Would you be inspired to try one of the e books and raise some money yourself?

  • http://www.profoundtigger.com Yuri @ profoundtigger

    Thank you for all the tips. I was beginning to run out of idea to write for my blog. Luckly, about 50% of the topics you’ve mention are within my niche. That should keep me busy for a while =]

  • Sharon

    Isn’t the intro offer of $77 till end of this week? It’s only the start of Sunday where I am but the offer has been taken off?

    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry Sharon, the intro offer expired on Friday night at Midnight Pacific. Sorry that you missed out! The course is still an incredible value at $97 though, we promise.

  • http://www.dijeetools.com Dijeetools


    I genuinely started a blog/website before i saw this but have covered:

    80. QR codes and how to use them for small business marketing.

    I’d love to get some feedback on my website and blog and have been using these articles and elements from THink Traffic which are brilliant.

    QR codes article is here:


  • http://jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com/ Jupiter Jim

    Wow! Such a great and thorough and thought-out list! I build blogs for people for a living and sometimes they need ideas on what to blog about specifically. I, of course, tell them to blog about something that they are passionate about. Well, this list should definitely get their creative juices flowing.

    Thanks again!

    — Jupiter Jim

    p.s. Your blog ThinkTraffic is on my VERY short list of blogs that I recommend that people read on a regular basis. Please check it out: http://jupiterjimsmarketingteam.com/list-of-blogs-check-daily/

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  • http://destinationumbria.wordpress.com Janine

    I’ve just launched a blog aimed at people who absolutely love Italy, dream of moving there but haven’t made it just yet. My reality and my passion!!!! It’s certainly niche, but not as niche as I expected…

  • The Limitless Man

    I actually launched my first site: The Limitless Man (http://thelimitlessman.com) thanks to the tips I found here! Think trfic is a goldmine. My niche? Nootropics!

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  • http://www.chineseshortcharade.com Eiad Asbahi

    One heck of a detailed list. In my line of work I tend to go for very specific niche subjects – which revolve mostly around investing and stock market research. I get less traffic but I think it is more specific and well targeted traffic.

  • http://www.joatblog.com Kenia Perez

    I recently launched an Automotive & Home DIY blog for women, in which we’ll also discuss beauty, healthy, & finances. :)

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  • http://mysweetnewlife.com James Holland

    I am sooo lost right now! =-( I am passionate about so many things and I write all the time.. and just have yet to see any REAL success.

    I absolutely HATE “writing for keywords”!!! It takes away the creativity. Every time I have a topic I am passionate about I have to make sure I can associate my article with a keyword that gets searches and at the same time zero competition.

    Will your course teach how to reach people with your message and how to write for people and not for Google???

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey James, yes, absolutely. We actually recommend in the course that bloggers DON’T write for keywords/SEO at all.

  • http://mysweetnewlife.com James Holland

    I’m in!!! This may be the answer I have been waiting for!

  • http://sisatel.com Tania

    i guess blogs that emphasise on cookery also do good. is it?

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  • http://tinyurl.com/gemmablack Gemma

    Thank you thank you thank you. Awesome awesome awesome!!!! I like the Great Recession one. How to be a student during the recession. Awesome!

  • http://Natescreenprints.com Natescreenprints

    Wow, the blog I started is number 19 on your list. I keep thinking of giving up, but this is enough to keep me going for a bit. I think my biggest issue is my USPS may not be obvious enough. Thanks for all the great articles here.

    Although, I recently tested my website with an Adwords campaign (something Ryan Moran has suggested in articles for testing the market) and I did not see the results I expected. Actually I did not get any new subscribers.

    What do you think? Should I abandon the niche for something else or would a stronger USP make the difference to salvage my site?

    Thanks again,

  • http://Notyet,inplanningmode SwapnilR

    I’m planning to start a blog where I will be posting on web hosting and datacenter infrastructure and services and could not found the one in your list.

    Your thoughts, Corbett?

    • http://www.pocketchanged.com Caleb Wojcik

      That could work too, just wasn’t one of the ones we listed. :)

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  • Vicki

    What about blogging your progress through a favorite book?
    For example, “Julie and Julia” was a blog, then a book, then a movie about a woman who blogs about learning to cook with one of Julia Child’s cookbooks.
    Rex Parker Works the NY Times Crossword Puzzle is a blog that a guy writes about the daily crossword.
    Now I just need help deciding on a book I’m passionate about, which also lends itself well to being organized into blog topics. With the crossword puzzle, you just work the puzzle and blog about it. WIth a cookbook, you just make a recipe and blog about it. I don’t do puzzles or cook, so I need some more ideas? How about another list of 81 blog topics based on bloggable books? :)

  • http://MommaLadyBug.TypePad.Com Stephanie

    I have recently started a blog about a number of things! Fashion, DiY, Home Decor, Thrift Finds, Tips/Advice, Photography and more! This site has helped me with some topics!!


  • http://www.girlsgottafly.blogspot.com E J

    Love this! I’m starting a blog called Girls Gotta Fly. My dream for the blog is to motivate young individuals (heck even elder individuals lol) to do what they’ve always wanted to do…even if its just once. You wanna be a race car driver? A Pilot? You can! Some kids have never been told they can do anything. Some might’ve been told, but don’t believe it….www.girlsgottafly.blogspot.com

  • http://interlockingfloortiles.net interlockingfloortiles

    Thanks to this site , it motivated me to launch my site http://interlockingfloortiles.net!
    Thanks for this great blog post!

  • http://www.twella.com Charanor

    I love the suggestions on this page. I recently started a blog that is a style and shopping guide for women who wear shoes in size 12 and larger.

    How is that for niche?


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  • Diane Griffin

    Great list! Thanks!

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  • http://www.alotonyourplate.com/ Jessica

    I started a website called A Lot On Your Plate. Its a website that gives creative & practical tips, recipes, and more, to help inspire, organize, & simplify your life! Great post, btw.

  • http://www.utilityshutoffs.com atom82

    Great list, thanks for sharing! The dialog in the commentary also helps spark new thoughts. I’m thinking about starting a blog on emergency response and preparedness. Please see http://www.utilityshutoffs.com and make sure you and your family is prepared.

  • http://www.ideasinbusiness.com.au/ Alice Cornelios

    Thanks Caleb, this is a very detailed and long list to ponder. People like you help newbie bloggers decide on what they are going to post. As for me, I have found my way in blogging about ideas in business. Hope to see more of your post.

  • http://www.fataiadebanjo.com Fatai Adebanjo

    Many thanks to you for the list! I found the above topics useful.

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  • http://blogs.dialrequest.com/ Sarah

    Very useful these topics for my new blog :) thank you :)

  • http://www.bloggersideas.com Jitendra Vaswani

    Killer bog topic ideas, I loved it

  • http://www.compareprice.co.in Ummar

    Thanks for the tips. Really helpful to pick a niche.

  • http://allzinfo.com/ awais

    such a nice ideas you have provided. i wan you to add more ideas. it will help us more. thanks for giving such a useful information

  • http://www.ask4biology.com Mavis

    Nice and simple elaboration. I prefer to blog topics within my interest and capability. That why i come out a blog mainly discuss about health science topics.

  • Dan


  • Leigh Goodwin

    Man, this is a great list of important topics! Where were you a month ago? :0)

  • http://www.clippingpathbusiness.com/ Clipping Path

    Thank you. It’s great. :)
    Clipping Path

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