This is How Derek Halpern Grew a 17,000 Subscriber Blog in 11 Months

There are literally hundreds of millions of blogs in existence. Thousands more are started every day.

In a world where 99.9+% of blogs go mostly unnoticed, Derek Halpern has made a big name for himself and his blog Social Triggers in less than a year.

If you’re interested in blogging, marketing or the psychology behind what makes people “tick” online, don’t miss this over-the-top interview with Derek.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • Why Derek doesn’t subscribe to the “1,000 true fans” rule
  • The one decision Derek made early on that set the stage for Social Trigger’s incredible growth
  • Derek’s strategy for making it easier to win in your niche
  • How Derek identified his blog’s “secret sauce”
  • The overlooked place you can rely on for breakthrough topic ideas
  • How you can become known for your most powerful ideas
  • Why you’re shooting yourself in the foot by promoting your social media accounts on your website
  • The most important thing to accomplish with your next blog post

And trust me, there’s much, much more in this video. This was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while.

We could have easily used this interview exclusively in a paid product. It’s that good. We’re in the giving mood, so it’s yours free. No payment or subscription required. Just share one thing you learned from this video in the comments below.

I left this interview with a bunch of ideas for my own business.

Now I’d love to know what you’re going to do with Derek’s advice today.

Please leave a comment below and tell me the best thing you learned from this conversation, and how you plan to take action.

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  • Jessie Spielvogel

    Give people too many options, they choose none. Interesting stuff :) Thanks!

    • Corbett Barr

      So true! The default choice isn’t to choose “yes” or “no.” It’s actually to make no choice at all.

    • Dave Lopez

      I just heard a professor refer to this, I think, as the “paradox of choices”. Too many and most people won’t choose any. Actually, I think I heard it on Derek’s postcast. :)

  • Jason Anthony

    Derek is tearing it up (and he’s got a sweet mic)! Social Triggers insider has become a staple in my business research and development of personal mindset.

    “Every blog post is to give people a result” That’s the comment that stood out to me the most. Providing service, quality, and better yet results is key.

    Social Triggers Insiders and podcast is fantastic – I’d recommend anyone interested in receiving solid information for their site or business check it out.

    Great interview, questions, insight and value here, Corbett!

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks for watching Jason, and excellent take away. That was one of my favorite parts of the conversation as well :)

  • Thomas Frank

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff lately (and reading Social Triggers). Like Jessie said – too many choices equals no choice. It’s Hick’s Law, which is killer online.

    • Derek Jensen

      Hick’s Law. Still on that haha :)

      • Thomas Frank

        Ha yeah man, I think about it all the time.

    • Nina

      A confused mind never buys!

  • Jon

    This was a great watch – Derek’s Social Triggers is an absolute goldmine of information so it was awesome to hear him speak. The fact that this interview was free is just icing on the cake :)

    • Corbett Barr

      I agree Jon. In a world of noise Derek is someone worth paying attention to. Thanks for watching.

  • Tung Tran

    “Give just one thing they should do and they will go to do it” – Thank you very much Derek :D

    • Tung Tran

      Haha I forgot to thank you Corbett too for making this awesome interview. I have learned a lot and I will take some serious actions now

      • Corbett Barr

        Awesome, Tung. Thanks for watching. Let us know what impact those actions have.

  • Loz @ Copywriting Services

    Hi Corbett

    Great interview – just watched the whole thing whilst I should have been working :-) Derek’s a real breath of fresh air in the IM blogging niche – and his passion is infectious (love the bit where he almost falls off his chair!). His comments about social media really help to put it into context. “No one becomes famous on social media” – this is probably true.

    Although social media is important for generating ‘buzz’ – and now also links into the Google ranking algorithm, it is perhaps still a reactive media that connects readers to your real online presence – rather than being a brand building entity in itself. I’m just thinking has everyone placed too much emphasis on the likes of Facebook and Twitter? I guess time will tell.

    I’m off to build my email list :-)



    • Corbett Barr

      Sorry to cut into your workday Loz :)

      Social media is definitely still valuable (for many other reasons than just attracting visitors to your site), but Derek is right to question the way most people have been using it.

  • David Damron

    Hey Corbett & Derek –

    The one main thing i learned from this vid…

    Instead of doing a ton of “The 35 top ways to do ‘SUCH-AND-SUCH'”, focus more on one specific action posts.

    I need to take this to heart and practice as the more action people take, the likelier they will remember me for pushing them towards that specific action.

    Thanks for the great info guys!

    David Damron
    Founder of &

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks for watching Dave. Let us know how the new approach works out for you.

  • Anne

    As soon as I decided to own my experience and knowledge of growing/buiding offline start-ups… and combine it with what I know about building online business (from our girl @lkr), I FINALLY connected with my audience – the ones already on my list and others who’ve found me as a result. Finding this USP was the key to launching my first product (and people actually buying it!).

    Still honing it but – it’s made the difference at all levels of my business. Engagement of readers, new business opportunities, new CUSTOMERS, and I finally feel like I’m on a trampoline rather than jumping around in mud and getting nowhere.

    I credit both Derek and Corbett for the knowledge I’ve gained — still learning, still tweaking… and I have a long way to go, but now my actions are have results.

    Action taking as a result of this video: focusing back on list building. Sidebar optin. Adding a Halpern Header.

    Thanks for a great interview!

    • Corbett Barr

      That’s so great to hear Anne. Congrats on the progress. Actually getting paid for all of your hard work is such an incredible feeling.

      Cheers to getting on that trampoline!

  • Sean Davis

    That was great. I remember a few weeks ago wondering why I had never seen you two together before. Easily my two favorite bloggers, this was right up my alley. Just as I suspected, the conversation/interview was structured perfectly to give me exactly what I was wanting to hear about.

    I’m not going to reiterate the golden nuggets that were given here. We all saw the interview. It was great stuff, though. I definitely enjoyed the learning.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Sean, glad you stopped by.

  • Khairy

    It was the first time I ever heard about not having your social media promoted on your blog. Pretty amazing! I am actually going to take down my social media accounts icon, and add a box to gather email addresses and start building my email list.
    Really nice interview! Thanks Corbett and Derek. I learned a lot today, and will definitely check out Social Triggers.

    • Corbett Barr

      Glad you got something out of this Khairy. Let us know how it works out.

  • Claire

    I am going to find the 10 blogs most closely related to my blog idea, and confirm I am taking a unique approach. Then, I am going to take action on that, and start my blog within the month.

    • Corbett Barr

      Great starting point Claire. I wonder how many people haven’t ever done that. Simple but effective.

  • Damien Calloway

    As someone who is in the Starting a Blog That Matters course since launch, this has been serious confirmation of my strategy/topic (hint: NOT a marketing/guru/lifestyle blog) ! Such a serious shot in the arm – one piece of cornerstone content I am working on ticks off several boxes for Unique Selling Proposition. Today I intend to start with Aweber. I am also hustling to finish the design and start the launch process – 3 weeks to go.

    For the record : it took me a month or so to dig deep and find out what, of all the things I could blog about, would be the most useful to people without burning me out or boring me to death, and I daresay that what Derek mentioned towards the end is insanely true. I didn’t want just another blog, I wanted *my* blog. I just have to make sure that I add value for others, but it will be mine….

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Damien, congrats on taking the time to find a great topic for your new blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your launch.

  • Lacy

    Fantastic resource. I’ve only been reading Think Traffic for about a week, but it has already given me a huge shift in perspective as I launch my website.

    My big takeaway was, of course, to work on my unique selling proposition. But more than that, the encouragement that even though there are already some big blogs in my niche, I can still be successful by deciding what makes me different and then applying the marketing skills I’m learning here—and will be learning from Social Triggers as soon as I go add my name to his email list.

    This information is empowering! I really think I can be successful with the amazing skills I’m learning here. Epic shit. Thanks so much.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Lacy! Glad this was helpful. Good luck in developing a killer USP.

  • Mike Cleveland

    My take away from this is the important of list building, and have a unique selling point. I am working on both of these.

  • James Kerti

    Great job as always, Derek and Corbett.

    I liked the discussion about the important of building an email list. Very helpful.

  • Johnny Vasquez

    I just stumbled upon this site last week and have been eating up all of your content.

    I’ve recently hit a plateau in building my email list (at about 4,300 right now) and have been doing what Derek suggested by looking outside my niche for techniques and strategies to continue to build traffic.

    While there is no one doing what I am doing in my niche (knitting and crochet) I am going to work on my USP so visitors to my site can’t help but want to get involved.

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Johnny, nice job with the email list so far. Lots of people are struggling to get their first 10 or 100 subscribers. You’re definitely doing something right already.

  • Stephanie Miskew

    Great advice and thank you for sharing! I also loved all your insightful questions:)

    I will definitely be building up my e-mail list and changing up my format to do some video and Podcasts.

    Thanks again for all the great information!

    Stephanie Miskew, CSW

  • Sergej Voronko

    I follow Derek all the time and still I find something new that I should implement on my site. Thanks guys.

  • Steven Devonport

    Wow – how does he do it!

    One of the key things for me was to keep readers on your site and not sending them away to your social media connections, I really loved that advice.

    That single piece of advice is going to affect my site design in a real positive way.

  • Dave Lopez

    Corbett, thanks so much for you great site and this amazing interview. Derek is my HERO! Has been for about six months now. His site has the best information for marketing and the psychology of online marketing around and he’s quite the character.

    The focussing on ONE thing is a great tip. Most bloggers focus on the top # list, but this makes more sense. Give the reader one thing to work on. That’s so simple it’s brilliant!

    Thanks again. Lots of take aways and plenty to ponder. :)

    • Corbett Barr

      He is quite a character. That’s part of what makes Derek so fun to interview :)

  • Jackie Lee

    Love the 1 action idea over 21 tips. Smart smart smart. I also love the tips on finding your USP. It seems like that can be a tough thing to get your head around, which is why I think people skip it… but doing the way Derek describes makes a lot of sense.

  • Nathalie

    Hi Corbett and Derek,
    Thank you so much for this great interview.
    Corbet , I find your interviewing style always pertinent and insightful: each interview is like a goldmine we can digg into again and again to extract more nuggets that can help us build better and more meaningful blogs.
    There is so much in this interview. I’m impressed by the way Derek gets inspiration from lots of different sources and also take the time to research, test and brand his proven techniques (=that get results). His systematic call to action reinforces the results and guarantees value. He also mentions this technique time and time again until everyone is doing it, not being afraid of over doing it (I find that interesting as I know our brains need to hear/view/practice things several times/in different ways before we can get them and assimilate them to better apply them). It’s a spiral that goes up and up and is strengthened by new audiences Derek seeks in different avenues. That’s deliberate and clever.
    Best wishes to you both.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks for the kind words Nathalie, I’m glad to hear you like the interviews we’ve been doing here.

  • mars dorian

    Brilliant interview – one of the best ones I have ever seen with Derek. You’re both killing it, and there’s so much to learn from his marketing approach.

    I especially luv the nugget where you take all the marketing tricks from ThinkTraffic and Socialtriggers and then apply to a different niche – that one was pure goooold.


    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Mars!

  • raj

    Great content. I like the passion.
    Derek has a different view of things and really fires up my brain to think about standing, really focus on it and on delivering results.

  • Nancy Bartlett

    Thanks for sharing this video Corbett. Derek’s energy is infectious.

    My top take away from this was Derek’s idea that too many options result in less action, while one good idea can be put to use right away. I’ve never liked top 25 type posts, and don’t write them often. But I always wonder if I’m missing out by avoiding that genre. Now Derek’s given me a reason to go ahead and favor the single point – as well as permission not to force myself to write list posts if they don’t work for me. Thank you Derek!

    The one thing I did after watching this video was to search for the ten sites that are at the top of my niche for the site I’m working on right now. While I’ve looked at them all many times before, it’s been awhile. I looked at them with new eyes today and came up with some good ideas. And even some article topics.

    Thanks again. Very helpful.

  • Evan

    I was left with the unanswered question of: How do you know when you start out.

    Darren has often said that his main income from DPS – and that he does problogger for love rather than money (although I think I’d be very happy with what he makes from problogger).

    I think Derek is a Dan Kennedy in the making. He has that feel.

    I like his emphasis on focusing on one action. I like that he only writes when he has something to say.

    One of the problems for those who don’t blog in the marketing market is how to know who makes money. It tends to be only the marketing types that talk about money, which makes it hard to know who is being financially successful and so who to stufy.

  • Charmaine

    Thanks for the interview – I really enjoyed it and it definitely gave me lots to think about!

    For me the most interesting point Derek made was the “one action per post” idea, as opposed to list posts. Which is so funny because it’s an issue I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, so this was great timing!

    Corbett, I’ve seen you suggest multiple types of content as a good idea – list posts, round-ups, in-depth posts, podcasts, interviews, etc. I can see that Derek is doing multiple types with the addition of podcasts and videos, but as I won’t be doing those (noooooo!! :) ), I wonder if losing the list post would have a negative impact? I suppose as long as I am doing round-ups, interviews etc as well that it might be OK?

    My other concern about the one action only approach is what if your reader has already taken that action? Where’s the value for them? With list posts, something in there will likely be something new and useful to the reader, so it seems safer. But the idea of too many actions resulting in no actions really makes sense to me.

    Thoughts, anyone?

    • Corbett Barr

      With some content, your goal is to engage your readers deeply. Other content is meant to draw in a new crowd. List posts can accomplish the latter. Round-ups, podcasts, videos, etc. can also help draw in a new crowd, so you should be fine.

      Focus on what works for you and your audience and don’t worry too much about “rules” or what other people are doing. There is no single right way to grow a thriving audience.

  • Benjamin

    Helpful and entertaining. I laughed out loud seeing Derek get so into it.

    Your discussion about creating a similar site to DPS was very interesting to me. It was also really interesting to learn the number of people who are going into 3 main categories in your course, Corbett.

    Rock on!

  • Melissa

    Great video and interview – thank you for posting it. I have a lot of takeaways, but best learning was having one action item per post, and have it be one consistent action. Love that concept and am excited to pull it off.

    Great perspective about the three different types of categories who are signing up for your course and also getting both of your perspectives on that. Thanks again!

  • Kellie Brooks

    I was introduced to Derek and his blog when I attended Marie Forleo’s RHH Live last autumn. There were many great speakers there, including Simon Sinek and Laura Roeder, however…Derek delivered top notch takeaways in a room full of valedictorians! I took more notes, scribbled down more action steps, and learned more from him than I could’ve possibly imagined. He’s a genius with an eye for detail and masters the “know, like, and trust” category. Thanks so much, Corbett, for featuring him today.

  • daniele

    I watch millions of videos a month.
    This is by far the best in a long long time.

    thanks to both for the excellent work

    Daniele from UK

    • Corbett Barr

      Millions of videos a month? What’s your secret?

      • daniele

        millions…well zillions would have been more accurate…

        i watch 10 videos simultaneously, as i have a very short attention span…

  • Shaun @ Money Cactus

    Holy shit! How many coffee’s did Derek have before the interview? He’s is one intense guy, but I guess that is probably why he is killing it.

    Great interview ;)

  • Paul Jun

    Hey Corbett, I’m having trouble viewing this video. It just appears as a black box. I also cannot view it in the newsletter that was sent out.

    Do you know of anyway I could fix this?


  • Toni

    Wow, this was a great interview and I’m going to have to watch it again because I was scrambling to get all my ideas down as it progressed. I love the too many choices point. My recent job was in the catering world and I worked for a company with 5 different concept restaurants and this completely applied. People want simple choices of the best quality options. Fantastic points!

  • Austin Wood

    Thanks for the great interview. I realize that I really need to work on my unique selling point and try and distinguish myself from other bloggers in my niche. I’ll also be trying to put more energy into growing my email list. Thanks again.

  • Dean Soto

    Can’t wait to watch this interview when I get home. Derek is a genius, and really hits the idea of content buckets and email list building home. Made just a few small changes from some of his other videos and definitely saw an increase in my email list opt-in rate. Love it.

  • Faith | Minimalist at Home

    I really enjoyed the interview as well. I do have a question about finding your USP and distinguishing yourself from the top blogs.

    What is the best way to objectively determine what the top 10 blogs in your niche are? Use something like Alexa or just see what comes up in search results for topics similar to yours?

    Thanks for the great work from both you guys!

    • Evan tells you how many blogs link to a particular blog. This gives some guidance

  • Jen Gresham

    Great interview, Corbett. I saw this in my RSS feed and have been salivating to watch it! (Sorry, was that TMI?)

    Anyway, can’t wait to implement Derek’s naming idea. Killer idea!

    I want to go back to something you said though. You mentioned something like an 80% open rate for email subscribers. What am I missing? MailChimp tells me the industry average is around 20%, which is close to the 25% Brendan Buchard claims. I’d love to see a whole post on open rates: what’s the real average, what are the variables to play with, and how to get to 80%!

  • Kate

    The focus on email really changed my perspective. I’m just starting out and I was really focusing on twitter and social media, but now I totally see why the email list has much more value and I’m already implementing some of the suggestions Derek had. Really great interview – would love to see more like this.

  • Tito Philips, Jnr.

    This was an awesome interview Corbett. Thank you for bringing Derek.

    For me, what I learnt was the importance of trademarking your ideas by giving them a name that will position you as a thought leader. I have seen this benefit on my blog too, when people use particular phrases I coined to find my blog. This is a very key point for differentiation.

  • Annie Andre

    Oh My. A man after my own heart. Numbers and psychology.
    The things I learned were:
    1- his strategy of not writing list posts but rather focusing on one topic and reinforcing that concept. I think this is a great type of post to keep in my arsenal.
    3- Reasons why people don’t focus on building their email list.: due to the noise of social media sites. This was eye opening. I totally focus too much on social media. No more!!!
    4- His idea to name things like his feature box idea. I like this.
    5- I also found it very interesting how he focuses on one vertical at a time.rather than focusing on all of them at the same time.
    6- LASTLY Corbett, you said something that i found utterly fascinating. You said you saw three of the same reasons popping up as to why people want to start blogs. Marketing, personal development and blogging to travel. WOW.. that is fascinating.. I have no idea why it just is.

    Thank you for posting this for free. i would definitely have paid for this big time.

  • Mellissa Thomas

    Thanks for making this interview free. Both you and Derek Halpern provide a ton of insight here.

    The three most resonating tips for me were:
    1) his focus on one topic per post and leaving his readers with a CTA;
    2) the fact that he only ever posts when he’s found something of value to post instead of using a set weekly scehdule; and
    3) his admonition to look for what’s working outside the niche and use that to determine a USP.

    However, it’s the USP I’m most challenged by because Halpern was saying blog about something other than marketing or blogging to prevent the massive competition. In my situation, I blog about entertainment business entrepreneurship, and there appears to be plenty of entrepreneurship competition there, but how do I overcome my USP challenge? I figured my focus was unique enough (combining two popular topics, which Halpern suggests in Danny Iny’s Engagement from Scratch).

    What are your thoughts on that?

  • Trung Nguyen

    Well, many things to learn, thanks for the awesome interview, Corbett, I’ve just download this video to watch any time I have free time. Thanks, again.

  • Timo Kiander

    Corbett/Derek …

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

    You just saved me $100 that I was about to invest to a social media training course :)

    This interview really made me re-think my priorities and I have decided to take a passive role in social media instead and focus on list building!

    List building may not be that “sexy”, but it is definitely the thing that is going to pay your bills :)


  • Rebecca

    I am setting up a blog in a crafting market.
    Today I deleted all of my social media profile items from the blog design.
    I spent time setting them up yesterday but decided to follow the advice & limit the options I present to visitors.

    I will now proceed with making sure I have a focused USP & making sure I have newsletter signup boxes in all the recommended spots.

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  • Carmen Sognonvi

    Corbett – I loved this interview!

    What Derek said about plateaus is so important – not just in blogging but in business too.

    Over the years we’ve definitely hit different plateaus in our business, and what’s allowed us to break out of those plateaus is exactly what Derek talked about in your interview…

    Finding a way to tap into a new market segment instead of hitting the same people over and over again.

    I was so inspired that I actually recorded a video response for you! You can check it out here:

  • Daniel Duclos

    You should talk about what you know, and be you instead of trying to emulate some online guru in a field where you have no experience. I see so many people doing this…

    As an aside, the thing I find interesting about marketing blog is when they explain the techniques that you know it works because it has just worked on you :)

  • Agota

    Wow, that’s a amazing interview!

    My key take aways were:

    1. E-mail lists. I know this is silly, but I didn’t really realize the importance of building an e-mail list before. I mean, I knew it it’s important, but the way Derek presented it really drilled the idea that building an e-mail list is THE thing that I should focus on as a blogger in my head. I think it was really useful that he gave an example about e-mail list and FB fans. It’s easy to get confused with all the social media things to do and lose sight of building e-mail list, but that really put it in perspective. As a result of watching this interview, I actually wrote a whole article on what experts have to say about the importance of building e-mail lists with quotes from you, Derek (huge quote), Pat Flynn and Glenn from ViperChill and a link to this interview . It’s so important, but so many people miss it, so thank you for really explaining the importance of building an e-mail list!

    2. Naming things. Honestly, I though people will just think that I’m silly when I kept inventing names for various things on my personal development blog. Now I know that I can do that as much as I want and that it will help to spread my message.

    Thank you for the awesome interview!


  • Halina – Flow~Integration

    This is one of the most inspiring and supportive interviews I’ve watched in xxx months. It couldn’t be at a better time for me. GREAT questions – GREAT answers – THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! for all the specific advice. Now on to the research for my blog… :-)

    All the best


  • Rahul Singh

    Hi Corbett,

    First i would like to sincerely thank you for sharing this excellent interview with Derek. Listening to both of you sharing such excellent tips is really a great booster that new bloggers like me need at the initial start.

    There are so many tips in this single video that it’s very difficult to pick a single one. But still the best tip which i got from this is to “Follow your own niche”. Actually, i was having some doubts regarding this since i started blogging, but this interview completely cleared it. Also i can go on and on about writing other things i learned from this video , but then my comment itself would become a very huge post :)

    Also i liked your questions as much as Derek’s answers. I have seen several interviews where people just ask about the earnings, tips and strategies to increase traffic. But your discussion went far beyond them. Great work and thanks again.

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  • Tina

    Great video! Thank you. One of the best ideas I’m taking away with me is looking out for things that work offline and brining them online!

  • http://sooncome... Stacey Herbert

    This dude needs a radio show…I mean seriously….derekhalpern fm. Bring it!

  • Clare J Fitzgerald

    Hi Corbett,

    I am in the middle of your start a blog that matters course and I moseyed on over to thinktraffic to see how it had been set up and stumbled across this amazing post. What a smart little cookie Derek is.

    After spending quite some time thinking about how to position my blog, looking at what the top blogs in my area are doing and thinking deeply about what I am passionate about and have experience in, I was coming to a point where I thought I had nailed down my topic.

    After watching this video, I realised that I had shifted my original more unique idea towards the end of the spectrum where others were successful instead of sticking to my original plans.

    So, happily, I’m off to rework again back towards my original more unique idea.

    Thanks for this great interview and btw I’m getting so much great info and confirmation that my thinking is on the right track from the course too

    Clare J Fitzgerald

    • Corbett Barr

      Perfect Clare, I’m glad to hear this helped you refine things! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know how it goes.

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  • Jen Brown ~ Sparta PT

    Hi Corbett,

    What a great interview! Thanks for sharing it. I love Derek’s (obvious) passion & enthusiasm!

    Aside from identifying the top 10 blogs in my niche, the best thing I learned was to write blog posts focused on 1 action item only. I think this is particularly relevant in my niche where something done only once (like a certain exercise or stretch) doesn’t achieve a (long term) result. That action needs to be repeated again & again in order to achieve a result. I now see that long lists of recommendations, exercises etc (especially if those types of posts are common on my site) is likely to be daunting & result in people taking no action at all. So I think that highlighting one thing only (and getting people to action that item for a period of time) before moving onto the next may be a better way for me to help my clients & readers achieve real & lasting change.

    Thanks again & best wishes,

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  • Alexander

    Loved the advice about not going into the marketing niche —

    Instead, go into something non-mainstream (but with proven demand) and be one of the few knowledgeable people among many that can apply the online marketing advice instead.

    Instead of creating a problogger, go with a digital photography school ;)

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  • Guillermo

    All I have for Derek are thankful comments. I follow him since he started, I might be between his very first followers/subscribers. This guy really changed the way I blog. And I know he changed the way many blogs look at this time. Every time you see a feature box, a content bucket or a clean theme with a not very populated sidebar you can tell that guy followed Derek’s advice.

    The concepts he talks about in this video are not new to me. It’s the same stuff he’s been talking about (and preaching in his blog) for the past year. Nevertheless, is always good to listen them again. His particular and passionate way of talking (that can also be perceived in his posts) keeps you always on the edge and focused on the message.

    One funny thing I noticed: At the very beginning of the video he says he does not want to disclose the number of his email list. Around the minute 27 his passion takes him to give the number. As soon as he realizes that, he makes a 1 sec pause and moves on. I can bet he thought “Ouch! I said it!”. But what can you do! You just have to move on!

    For you Corbett, congratulations on the interview. You made great questions and, in a sense, you challenged him. That’s also what makes this interview worth watching.

    Before I finish (and I apologize for this long comment) I wonder if you can disclose what software you used to record this interview? I’ve been doing video interviews for the last few months but still had not found a good tool to record my Skype calls. Pandora is not as good as I thought for this (for some reason video and audio get unsynced)


  • Aaron Wulf


    Derek just posted this interview on his Twitter feed today. Thrilled to have discovered your site:

    1. This was a great interview.
    2. It was filled with tons of awesome and applicable info.
    3. You are a fantastic interviewer.

    I look forward to exploring your site more!

    Take care, Aaron

  • Jon Wilburn

    Wow! Totally blown away by the awesomeness of this video. You and Derek are doing great work and I’m stoked I can utilize what you both have learned and apply it. Thanks.

  • Doaa

    I really can say every single word is beneficial to me but the selling proposition
    Is my fav
    Thanks for great intreview

  • Jake Knight

    Your blog is teaching me everything about blogging, increasing revenue and growing my network of internet businessess. I’m new but I think I can learn a lot from you! Thanks so much :-)

  • Ernie

    Wow. What an arrogant ass. I love it! Derek must be one of the most well-read, intelligent bloggers I’ve heard from so far but with a punch you in the nads attitude. Instead of just making stuff up, he does a ton of research, then tests it, then tells you do just freakin do it. I’m glad at the end of the video he mentioned his games blog as one of the tests. I’d be curious to see how he differentiates and gets those 2000 hits per month on something he barely touches. Thanks for doing this interview. Absolutely fantastic.


    Hi Corbett, I found this interview on youtube and I just recently did a blog post that featured you and Derek. Great stuff! You were really grilling Derek. It was great. It made for a very informative interview. Well done. Here’s the link to the blog post I would love to interview you on my show too very soon. I did an interview with David Siteman Garland and he raves about you. Well done on the interview you did with him as well. Keep rocking the world with Epic SH*T!

  • Sheyi |

    Corbett, please can we get the transcript please?


  • Izzy

    Wow. This is incredible.

    There is so much powerful content in that video. I read pretty much everything on social triggers but still watching this interview had a massive impact.

    I think the biggest impact this will have on me is that I have been experimenting with a variety of different post styles (how to, philosophical, video, lists, etc.). I love how Derek nailed it down to focus on one core action which aligns perfectly with the message of my site.

    I do think there is a place and time for list posts if the content is of high quality but most people will read it, enjoy it and do nothing with it. While a piece of content that focuses on 1 core concept and is driven home in future content is more likely to drive action.

    I think this also has the power to create more consistency within a blog. Sometimes I read personal development blogs and it seems like the blogger is changing their ideas every week – they aren’t consistent. Soon enough I stop returning to that blog because all their messages don’t add up.

    But by maintaining consistency regular readers will hear a similar message over and over which increases the likelihood they will take action. If they take action, then an opportunity to change lives occurs.

  • georgina

    Wow Thank you Corbett and Derek,

    Great info. I will definitely do something with this. I’m not into marketing blogging but into fashion…so that def gave me a kick in the ass to start hustling:-) I also signed up for Derek’s how to get a blog that converts….hopefully I will be able to send you that e-mail one day that I too have made it! Keep on being fab, xo

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  • Elise

    Holy crap on a cracker.

    Thank you Derek & Corbett! I got SO MANY insights and tips I’m gonna go off and apply to my blog right now.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Elise :)

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  • Michael


    I just want to thank you and Derek for this video. After watching until the very end when Derek said a fortune can be made outside of marketing, he was right. I have been building sites/marketing for other people on the side for years now and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I did a quick few searches in my niche, checked out the “top” sites, their website/SEO and WOW are they awful.

    It won’t take much to beat them out, and I actually have 9+ years of real experience in this niche, not like most of my “competitors” who read about it on the internet. Thank you again for posting this.

    ~ Mike

    P.S. I am in Scott’s Connect With Anyone Course right now. I was talking to a man who is also in your Fizzle course right now and said its awesome! I wouldn’t expect anything less from you though. Epic $h!t all the time :) Keep it up. Rock on

    • Corbett Barr

      Fantastic Mike, thanks for sharing and congrats on the success!

    • Michael

      Thank you! Keep writing epic shit man cuz, well, its freeekin epic! Love it all :)

  • Monika Loryńska

    Thank you guys for this video! This was really an eye opener. You inspired me to do some instant changes on my website.

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  • Gill Darbyshire

    Inspirational. Thank you. My take-always: figure out my USP, give people one action, don’t send people off to social media, every post should give people a result and build my mailing list. I’m gonna be busy ;)

  • Ebong

    What software did you use to film/screen capture the interview?


    • Caleb Wojcik

      We use eCamm Call Recorder for Skype.

  • Maurice

    At last! An intelligent blogger who has the courage to motivate bloggers on being original. There a so many blogs on blogging out there and few people attempt to be original. Great interview!

  • Robyn Johnson

    I learned that I need to do some research to find my unique selling proposition. Thanks for sharing this!

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  • Meg

    “Figure out the top ten blogs in your industry and how you can position your blog among those ten blogs.” this video was short, value packed and to the point. Love this!

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