Does Teamwork Make the Dream Work? (FS015)

Your business may just be another way to play with yourself. Harnessing some team-work tactics could be a huge multiplier for you.

I was alone in my business trying to make a thing on the side.

It was my effort, my reward, my isolation, my procrastination. It was all up to me.

Any success (or failures) were all mine. “What should I do next?” My question. My answer.

It was lonely. My friends thought I was weird. My parents worried about me. My wife kept giving me that look… that, “I love you, but…” look.

Fast forward 5 years, I’m in a team with Corbett and Caleb and I’ve never been more productive, more on fire, more in tune.

It was a huge shift for me, but the results speak for themselves.

Does teamwork make the dream work or is that just something high school basketball coaches say? How would playing with a team (instead of yourself) make your work better?

You may not need a full team or partnership to get the multipliers that come with teamwork. More on that in the episode. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

The Lone Wolf Speech from The Hangover. I guess that’s why they call it “sin city.”

Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack — “hey baby, you really musta been somethin’ before electricity!”

Workflowing — Do Better — we mention Michael Schecter and the add-on to the productivity course. This is his latest venture in helping folks like you and me do better.

Productive Flourishing — we also mention Charlie Gilkey. This is his killer site. Great guy.

Corbett & Chase’s Partnership — what a metaphor. Less of a metaphor, actually. Actually, not a metaphor at all. Just a couple dudes posing for a picture.

Markdown — Here’s where it all started for Markdown. Here’s an helpful video about markdown basics. Everything sounds better in an UK accent.

Tools Mentioned

Basecamp: Project management software, online collaboration – “Trusted by millions, Basecamp is the leading web-based project management and collaboration tool. To-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones.”

Asana – “Asana is a free shared task list for your team. The place to plan, organize, and stay in sync. Do great things with Asana.”

Google Docs – “Create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. Manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more all in one…” – “Easy version control and collaboration to improve your writing.”

Editorially – “The best way to write, collaborate on, and talk about a text.”

WordPress – Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS.

Unless I Hear Differently

This deserves to get called out on it’s own. If you haven’t yet watch this 2 minute video… it’ll change how you write emails forever.

New Song?

What do you think of the new song? I put it together the past few weeks (as a way to keep my mind working during a personal struggle). Here’s a version of it where you can hear it in all it’s glory. Bangarang!

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  • Janeen Violante

    Teamwork?Thats a little scary. I am in the beginning stages of building my team–one member at a time–and there are a bunch of issues that come in to play–TRUST being the primary one–and FEAR being the other—how did you deal with these–I know I can’t do it ALL by mself (not do I want to) –AND there are many things I don’t understand (like web hosting and servers and all that techy stuff)–so I have to trust my team mate who is an expert DOES understand–I do my part they do theirs…but boy oh boy–the beginning is scary, right?

    • Chase Reeves

      You’re totally right, Janeen; the beginning is scary. And there are plenty of horror stories to go along with the success stories.

      No right answers. For me it’s been: what’s my gut telling me? and How much time will I have wasted if I do/don’t try this?

      All the best!

  • Julio Peironcely

    In order to start working together, did you sign some sort of partnership agreement?

    What is the best way to cover our backs if the s*** hits the fan without scaring ourselves with pages of legal jargon?

    Imagine I was to start a joint project with an Internet buddy, like creating and selling a videocourse. Do you have a recommendation on what to include in the partnership agreement? How to sign it and make it legal if we live in different countries?


    • Chase Reeves

      Great questions, Julio. We absolutely answer them in this conversation. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Scott Fussell

    What????? No Gluten Free Crackers ?? No Tall Cotton ??? Travesty ! All kidding aside, great episode as always. I will have to spend some time in the Asana and check it out.

    • Chase Reeves

      it’s so, so hot in there. Be careful, Scott.

  • Kimberly C

    First off, I’m a huge fan of your podcasts! Second off, I haven’t listened to this one yet BUT I can’t wait to listen later today. I started out 100% on my own a little over a year ago, and I’ve had some success (otherwise I wouldn’t still be here). Lately I’ve started to have the same feelings you describe in your email of loneliness, wondering if I really want to continue 100% on my own (the answer to that is no) and how to incorporate adding a team member to help power business forward effectively. I’ve also quickly realized that I cannot use my husband for a sounding board in all things business related. Really looking forward to finding a few ways to form the right team, the right business plan and get the push from you successful gents to do it! So, thank you in advance ;-)

    • Chase Reeves

      I like how you just brush the husband thing in there real quick. :)

      Thanks, Kimberly!

  • Amal Rafeeq

    What I love the most to see on my Email is just another Podcast from Think Traffic.
    Whoa! This seem like a must hear one to me. Downloading it with hope :)

    Thanks Chase. Cheers!

  • Darlene

    You guys make me laugh seriously. Caleb is the straight man, Chase is the comic relief and Corbett just sits there wondering what the hell just happened and how he lost all control LOL

    I’ve just started using Asana and I use iWriter on my Mac for markup. It’s super simple.

  • Kelby

    Fizzle show has very quickly become one of yhe favorite parts of my week. Got a couple of people who are at about the same place as me blog wise and I think it’s finally time to try amd pull them together for a little more accountability.

    Also some more great moments in here, lol. “So many sums sometimes makes somebody sad!” Love it.

    • Chase Reeves

      Awesome Kelby! Thanks so much :)

  • Tom Ross

    So… I just opened up the photo of ‘Corbett and Chase’s Partnership’. Not a great idea in a busy shared workspace hahah.

    1/4 way into this bad boy and loving it!

  • Tom Ross

    Oh btw, the ‘I will see you later, or I will see you on another time’ is Peter Claven in I Love You Man haha.

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