Email, Anxiety & Networking Answers (FS047)

Email, Anxiety & Networking Answers (FS047)

It’s the last episode of March. Sweet citrus sunday this year is moving fast! We’ve got a big round of Q&A for you in this episode of the podcast.

Here’s a few of the things we get into:

  • Managing your inbox anxiety.
  • Networking with people around the world.
  • The benefits and limitations of targeting a niche.
  • Analytics tools (and how we don’t use them).
  • Managing projects during launch.

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The moment you stop worrying about the competition is the moment your business is born.
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Show Notes

A Guided Meditation — My belly-aching as I got started with meditation. If you’re interested in meditation, check this out.

Artist’s Suitcase — Kent, our first questioner in this episode, runs this site. Thanks for the question, Kent!

How to Integrate E-Junkie with AWeber“If you have an E-Junkie account and would like to have your customers automatically subscribed to your AWeber list, look no further than our email parser feature.”

Zapier“Superpowers to get your work done. Connect and Automate Over 250 Web Apps.”

Merlin Mann on inboxes, anxiety, relationships and expectations — This is that killer conversation I rant about on the show. Really, some huge ideas and perspective on managing the inboxes in our lives.

Goodbye Internet #Unplug“Today I turn 27 years old and I’m saying goodbye to something that has given me more joy, freedom, and meaning than any other non-living thing in my life.”

Create, Connect, and Consume“It’s really easy for independent creatives to fall into one of two traps: either being too critical about what we’re not doing or knowing that we need to do something but not quite being sure what we need to do.”

the fizzle facebook page

We mention our Facebook page in this episode. You’d prolly like it.

[Photo Tour] Running A Marathon On A Ship In Antarctica | — Tyler just completed a marathon on every continent… in the world! So amazing.

Build A Better Network: The Third Tier Theory — How I learned to get out from under the shadow of the “big guys,” be myself, and build a better network.

How to Connect With Anyone: Course by Scott Dinsmore — Sophia’s question in this episode is about making connections with people. If you’re serious about building your network, this course is a must. Get in for $1 quit if you hate it (you won’t).

Inside the clone factory: The Samwer brothers’ story (Wired UK)“Marc, Alexander and Oliver Samwer, three publicity-shy brothers based in Munich and Berlin, are among Europe’s most consistently successful digital entrepreneurs.”

Frugal Analytics Tools — in answer to one of the questions in this show we mentioned Google Analytics and Clicky.

Bill Hader as The President of Hollywood at Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco – YouTube — Amazing. So damn great.

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  • Heidi Thompson

    Aw you guys used my Muppets suggestion :)

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Heidi! Keep the ideas coming ;)

  • Carolyn Mycue

    One of my strategies for pruning my inbox if it gets overwhelming: I unsubscribe with the “you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with” adage in mind. Chase kind of hinted at that.

    • The Real Casey Choate

      I love that Carolyn! I am always thinking about that, but never applied to email. Now, I’m also thinking about other things like social media. So cool :-)

  • Jeff Jones

    Still catching up guys! I’m already working on my unsubscribes. Way too many times lately I’ve gotten to the end of the day and asked myself what I’ve created. Nothing. Consumed and maybe took action on it but too many distractions. Unfortunately, it’s really not about the quality of the content usually. It has to do with simple bandwidth.

    Any entrepreneur needs to look back at their last week and ask themselves which of the people emailing them has really changed their lot in that week. All others need to be unsubscribed from-PERIOD!

    Finally, it really does my heart good to see Chase is meditating. I hope you’re still doing it. I loved your Ice To The Brim video because meditation needs to be demystified. It’s not something for monks only. Nor does it need to be bogged down with technique. Follow the breath in, follow it out. Rinse. Repeat. Go off on thought? Come back and welcome yourself back without judgement.


  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    Hey guys what if you sell something just using PayPal and not Ejunkie? The way I do it now I just send them to a sign up page after the transaction is completed but sometimes they close it and then they email me cause that’s how I get them the password to access the material.

    Would it be simpler to just send them that on their receipt? How can I put them on a list automatically?

  • Terry

    Hey guys thanks for the show! But I couldn’t help notice that one of you mentioned that you are suffering from “exertion headaches”. I have been studying and using herbs for over 20 years and I would like to offer a possible remedy to those headaches if you care to try it. If so here it is: Your blood vessels are not pliable or flexible to handle the sudden influx of blood flow when you begin to exert yourself – hence you feel pain. So I would suggest you take a safe supplement called Grape Seed Extract. It is a bioflavonoid and helps tone the blood vessels and make them supple and pliable. Once a day for 2 weeks ought to do it. It is safe, I use it myself with good results. Cut down on the cheese and dairy, increase your green vegetables, drink filtered water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, and I bet you will feel a marked improvement in that time. Oh, and you might want to cut back on your coffee intake if you have more than 3 cups a day. You’ve nothing to loose except your headaches. Give it a shot. You can purchase it from Clark’s Nutrition Center, they have a web site (that’s where I buy it). You guys have helped me just listing to you; I am happy to return the favor if I can. God Bless!

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