The Essentials of Book Yourself Solid… Now in Fizzle

The Essentials of Book Yourself Solid… Now in Fizzle

Nothing had a bigger effect on my business when I was getting started than Book Yourself Solid. Nothing.

I literally went from doing a handful of small projects for boring clients to being completely booked up months in advance with spectacular clients at rates that were 10x higher than I started with.

The tagline for the Book Yourself Solid system is “The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling,” and that seems modest given my experience with it.

I recommend BYS over and over on The Fizzle Show and to Fizzle members.

Which is why I am absolutely thrilled to announce our latest Fizzle course, The Essentials of Book Yourself Solid.

We partnered directly with Michael Port, best selling author of Book Yourself Solid, and his team to bring this incredible resource to Fizzle. It’s available now to all Fizzle members, and you can join Fizzle and get started with Book Yourself Solid for just $1 for your first month.

Get The Course for Just $1 »

A huge thanks to Jason Billows, our instructor for this course. Jason is an Elite Certified Book Yourself Solid coach, trained personally by NY Times Bestselling Author, Michael Port and hand-selected by Michael and his team to teach Book Yourself Solid to Fizzle members.

Ok, now check out the course (and Chase’s killer landing page).

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  • Jason Billows

    Thrilled to bring BYS to Fizzlers.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Jason! We’re so happy to bring this to the Fizzle community, and we are lucky to have landed you as the instructor. You’re really great at this :)

  • Bryan Harris

    This looks killer! I think it’s finally time to do the ole’ $1 signup :)

  • Faith Watson

    WOW! I’d like to congratulate the guys at Fizzle for bringing this stellar piece of work together. BYS changed my trajectory just recently, and I was just about to re-read and go through all my notes to put more into action. HOORAY for this; it might be the most valuable thing ever about my membership, which I already adore. Thank you!

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Faith! I can’t wait to hear what you think about this format vs. the book. It should be a great compliment to the written book.

  • Jessica

    Yay! The best sales book with such a great, relatable teacher. Thanks dudes.

  • Paul Potter

    Hey C3, BYS put it all together for me. I’m excited to participate and benefit. Kudos for getting the killer course together for us. Thanks!

  • Danielle Thomas

    This is perfect timing guys! I’m halfway through ‘Book Yourself Solid’ as per Corbett’s recommendation on the podcast. AND I was just telling my mastermind group last night about how much I’m getting out of it so far.

    I’ve always looked forward to taking a new Fizzle course, but this one has me ‘fist pump in the air’ excited!

  • Mel Dawn

    Would this be suitable for someone making the leap from casual freelancer to her own full-time business? I know I’m lacking in selling skills. I’ve been getting the occasional job but need help!

    • Corbett Barr

      Oh yeah, it’s perfect for that Mel!

  • kimanzi constable

    Nice! Been reading the book and really getting value!

  • Mia Sherwood Landau

    I’m taking another BYS course now, but signing up for the course here, too, because it’s SO AWESOME AND ACTIONABLE that I never want to be disconnected BYS is a client-generating and maintaining lifeline, for real.

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