How To Find Next Year’s Plan in Last Year’s Review (FS034)

In this episode we’ve got resources and tips for conducting an annual review and creating solid plans for next year.

We’re all learning on our feet in this one and you get to hear us conduct some of our own annual review right in this episode.

What gets measured gets improved. Here’s our best tips to improve your plans for next year by looking at how you did this past year.

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What gets measured gets improved. Tips to improve next year’s plans by looking back first.
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Yearly Planning & Review Resources

The Art of Non-Conformity » How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review“The idea is to create a road map for the year ahead – not a rigid daily schedule, but an overall outline of what matters to me and what I hope to achieve in the next year.”

Storyline Productivity Schedule“For years professionals have tried to manage their time, but what they really needed to manage was their mental energy.”

Free Planners – Productive Flourishing“After years of struggling with the planners designed for and by office workers, I figured out that it wasn’t me that was the problem: it was the design of the planners.”

How I Plan My Week (My 5-Step Process + free workbook download) | Live Your Legend“Below is the process I go through every Monday morning – I’ve made a couple modifications over the years.”

The Productivity Course

Fizzle’s Essentials of Productivity course with Chase ReevesWe talked a bit about my Essentials of Productivity course within Fizzle. It goes in deep on hard-fought tips like the ViNO method, the AAAC list and the CEO vs. Worker Bee stuff we mention in this episode.

I encourage you to checkout the course if you haven’t yet. If you’re not a Fizzler, this is just one of the loads of courses you get access to at your own pace. (And it only costs a buck to try out).

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  • Roger Williams

    I SO needed to see Chase with a diamond stud in his ear in that photo.

  • Roger Williams
    • Chase Reeves

      HA HA HA!! Good work, Roger.

      • Roger Williams

        I kid, I kid. I kid – because I love.

  • Chase Reeves

    Oh man, I was so sick and hopped up on cold meds when we recorded this…

    • Dave Stuart

      Chase, what’s the story behind the move back to Portland? You’re like a superhero with holes in his backstory now. Actually, all you guys are. More autobiographical tangents!

  • Joyce M Washington

    Chase has a Chris crush (but I do too so I can totally relate. I’m still working on my 10/10/10). Cheers. Happy holidays & happy new year.

  • Stephanie Arsoska

    I can testify to the genius of the productivity course! Loved this and loved your special message the other day. Happy holidays, 2014 will be bigger and better for you all I have no doubt.

  • Kaloyan Banev

    I’ve spend almost a month in planning, so I hope this year will achieve all goals that were set. Last year, was nearly a disaster, due to lack of organized plan.

  • Jason Love

    This has been on of my favorite Fizzle episodes.
    Thanks for the great resources. I am working on my Annual Review from The Art of Non-Conformity over the next few days. I am making some tweaks to make the process fit my personality better, but the article gives me a great foundation to get started.

    Thanks again guys, I’m headed to i-tunes to finally give you the 5 star rating you deserve.

  • Samir

    I use the todoist app and its been very useful so far.

  • Rachel Wynn

    There is some definite value to planning, but I see some huge drawbacks to the level of planning in the examples above. Too much measuring, planning, etc. can just be a lump of make-work and get in the way of the actual work that needs to be done. I find myself getting stuck in this trap sometimes and hyperfocusing on planning details that don’t matter in the long run.

  • Sofia Garcês

    Great epesido guys! A note on planning the year check out The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte it has really changed everything for me and gave me a way to reach my goals guilt free.

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