Finding Your Voice Pt. 2 — The Fizzle Show 002

You’ve made our brand new show the #1 business podcast! It get’s even better in part two of the finding your voice conversation.

This episode is the second of a two-part conversation on finding your voice as a writer, video maker, speaker, blogger or anything else.

How can you be yourself and create engaging, memorable and shareable content instead of copying others (and fluffing out boring, tedious ignored work)?

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What We Cover in This Episode

In this second part of the conversation (here’s the first) we explore the topic a bit more before offering a ton of tips and tricks to help you discover your authentic, engaging and easy voice.

A couple interesting tidbits are Chase’s bit on what he calls “chemicals” and how finding your voice is more like eating pie than hitting a baseball. Enticing, isn’t it?

But that’s not even the best part — in this episode you’ll hear Corbett’s killer karaoke skills (and his insane ability to make a late 80’s power woman band land his point for him). Inexcusable. Unmissable.

We also answer a couple great listener questions, one of which inspires an answer from Corbett we all absolutely needed to hear.

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It’s been so awesome hearing what you think of the show. You have encouraged us a bunch through your tweets, comments and reviews.

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  • Joel Zaslofsky

    Hey guys,

    I’ll listen to this episode later today. But here’s one man’s humble opinion about how we access your groovy content.

    Since I don’t like using iTunes (ironic, I know, since I’m a podcaster myself who relies heavily on iTunes for downloads), I rely on RSS feeds or downloading the source audio file directly from the hosting platform. Although you didn’t have a direct download link in your show notes yesterday, you did have a link to the RSS feed from Libsyn. By clicking on that, I could see a page with the source file and could then manually download it to my listening device (my laptop).

    However, in today’s show notes, there was no link to the Libsyn RSS feed or any way to download the episode except iTunes. I was able to download today’s episode by using the Libsyn RSS link from yesterday’s show notes, but I’m concerned that you guys might be losing engagement from people with similar tastes as me. Not me personally, of course, ’cause I’m feelin’ what you’re givin’.

    I assume (and could definitely be wrong) that focusing exclusively on iTunes is part of your launch strategy. I get that. I know the theory behind launching new podcasts and how to structure things so that it rises to the top in iTunes. But keep us non-iTunes users in mind too, please.

    Maybe you could help some folks out with a direct download link in tomorrow’s show notes or links to other platforms where we can get at your awesomeness?

    • Chase Reeves

      Thanks Joel! Feed link added. We’re still figuring out how we’ll do this stuff — launch week has us quite busy. You can anticipate changes in the future to make it better for all listeners. Cheers!

  • Mari Honaa

    Thanks guys, a timely podcast for a lil starter-outer :) Very entertaining, you guys have great chemistry.

    And who can argue with your life wisdom? Sometimes you want to be on top, other times you want to be on the bottom. Word! :)

    Thanks again – look forward to the next episode!

    • Chase Reeves

      :) Thanks, Mari.

  • Iain

    There were so many times when listening to this episode that I had a good laugh although I’m not sure how the people on the bus felt about it.

    The questions you presented to ask yourself to determine if you had found your voice or not were rather interesting.

    I actually asked my girlfriend if she thought I wrote in my own voice, and she said yes. She seems to think that I am using my ‘voice’ ,however, I am not so sure.

    One particular thing that struck me was about when you sit down to write. The question was about whether you wrote a lot of stuff you thought people wanted to hear rather than what you wanted to write.

    It made me think about my writing and what I write about.

    Very thought provoking.

    • Chase Reeves

      Awesome Iain! Thanks, man.

  • Darlene

    My favorite quotes from this episode:

    “don’t F up your steak” – Chase
    “yup” – Corbett

    “find a pie you like and get a little stoned on beer” – Chase
    “yup” – Corbett

    BTW the steak thing at the beginning scared the crap outta me! It was turned up loud in my ear buds at work – I just about peed my pants! LOL

    Did you guys put a “Rated R or X” on the podcast? Chase has potty mouth and you missed beeping a few F-bombs, which I couldn’t care less about cause I have potty mouth too – but other people might want a warning especially if listening at work on speakers. Or maybe the iTunes version is edited to beep them out but the one on here isn’t. Just FYI. I’m cohost on another podcast and that was the case with that one, they had a guest on that swore a lot and it wasn’t edited in the download version on the site but it was in iTunes and they got complaints. Just don’t want you guys to get any issues.

    I can hear Caleb chuckling in the background often. Especially during the chemicals in the body section.

  • Adam Hathaway

    Hi Fizzle Team,

    This podcast episode really resonated with me. I have been half in on my business for the past 6 months and my message has not really resonated with my target audience.

    After listening to this episode I think this is because I was acting as the expert and not being real with my target audience. They don’t need another know it all expert, they want someone they can resonate with.

    I feel that my story for why i started my business is one of the ways I can actually connect with them. For that reason I believe I am starting to find my voice and my next post going up is going to be raw and personal on a level that I have not given my audience yet. It remains to be seen if this is what they are looking for but at least they will now know where I am coming from.

    So what I am trying to say is that you have another fan of your podcast in me. Your style and deliver really works for me.

    Thanks Team!

    Oh yeah, Chase for some reason Ryan Lewis’ appearance reminds me of you and I think Caleb’s infrequent yet profound input is fantastic.

    • Chase Reeves

      Adam, thanks so much for the kind note, man. Awesome to hear it. Cheers!

  • Dee Copeland Patience

    I had to listen to the Finding Your Voice episodes a few times because

    1) I LOVE the show and…
    2) I have the same problem as Caleb, which is that I’m a “muted” version of myself. (That was a great way to describe it, by the way.)

    I think we’re both being “ourselves”, but as introverts, it takes a little while to warm up to being on full blast *aka* Chase Reeves.

    I’m going to use the time in Portland during WDS to think about creative ways to show my personality, so thanks for this episode.

  • Vikas Kajla

    Hi Fizzle show team !!
    I just listened to your episode yesterday (I regret I got late). I am blogging from last one year and didn’t see any good results. I knew something was missing but I figured that out after listening to your episode. I had not found my voice.

    Whatever I wrote was indirect reflection of what my mentor had already written on his blog. And I was not even aware of it. Later I got to know that whatever I read (and I liked) was somehow reflected in my writings. For example I read article from Corbett “Write Epic Shit” and when I was writing I mentioned his ideas in my own article without being aware of it.
    Now I am confused. Should I read stuff from others or not? I also need to improve my knowledge in the field. But my writing expression becomes similar to the source I used for getting that knowledge. If I write anything on improving life and building your own business instead of 9-5 job, my ideas match with what you guys said. Where is my voice then?


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