Getting To The First Sale (FS026)

That moment when you get the first email about a successful transaction… someone found your thing and then liked it enough to buy it… that moment changes you forever.

But how do you get there? What are the steps to making a thing that’s sellable? What roadblocks will you absolutely collide with and how can you hurdle over them?

We discuss the meat and potatoes live with a special guest, Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent. Enjoy!

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There are people who know more than you. That’s fine. Get over it and make your thing.
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Show Notes

Effortless Gent — dress better — This is our guest’s site. Excellent stuff for the guy who wants to look good. Check out his killer style guides.

Webstock ‘11: Frank Chimero – The Digital Campfire on Vimeo — A really, really great discussion about the things we make.

Is It Too Late? (FS025) — The Fizzle Show“Last week Corbett had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it’s too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a living from it. Maybe you could do it in 2007, or 2009, but not now.”

Steve Jobs at the D: All Things Digital Conference (Video) by D: All Things Digital” far, the largest trove of video of the legendary innovator candidly answering unrehearsed questions and explaining his views on technology and business…”

Design Course in Fizzle — for $1 you get in and can take the Essentials of Web Design for Business Builders course we mention in the show. Here’s a sample.

Gumroad – sell directly to your audience“Selling with Gumroad was so easy that it immediately made me want to sell more products. Gumroad is the best option available.”

Stripe“Web and mobile payments, built for developers”

Blue Like Jazz – DVD/Blu-Ray Available Now — Check out the awesome about page stories.

stickK − Change Starts Now“show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals.”

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  • Amal Rafeeq

    I still remember the first moment when I got the first Email for the Successful Transaction. I danced in joy and tried to make it 2 on that day itself. But it turned out into 5 conversions on that very first day.
    One of the happiest day ever.

    Cheers :)

  • Ben Henschke

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to drop by to let you know that The Fizzle Show has become a highlight of my week. I used to pale at the thought of “marketing” my work, but your authenticity has taught me that it’s possible to do my thing online without making myself feel dirty.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Chase Reeves

      F’k yea. Thanks for the note, Ben.

  • Lucka Mantra

    Great show! I am definitively in the procrastination stage, but partly because I don’t know where/how to actually create my e-book. Where do I start writing a sexy looking e-book? Suggestions?

    • Chase Reeves

      Do it one step at a time. Write the book. Then make it sexy. Break a leg!

  • Ryan

    This episode was awesome.

    Getting that first sale is something like getting that first email subscriber. You have it now, and do not know what to do with it, but it makes you happy! And it feels rewarding too, because you’ve been working so hard on your blob, content, product, service, marketing, web development etc. I’m just glad that this stuff becomes more real everyday. The work doesn’t seem lost and I enjoy it. Just to keep going and see it through.

    Good show guys, always make me laugh!


  • Arbaz

    I remember the very first email I got about a successful sale!
    It is a moment that I won’t forget ever in my life. It was a really great moment for me.
    BTW, good show guys. Keep up the good work you are doing :)

  • Katie

    Great episode so far! I’m listening to it now. It’s interesting how Google Adsense used to be a more effective way to make a blog profitable but now it just doesn’t work.

  • Yusri Big

    Linkedin is the network for professionals and their careers. If we startup idea has them as the target customer (say marketers or executives), then an alternative to the high maintenance of Linkedin Groups can be to run ads. Linkedin also has a partner network for a lot of business content sites which can further the reach.

  • Bryan Bartley

    A few weeks ago I had the first successful response to a tutoring service I launched. Although it’s not quite the same as a product, it was exhilarating to get that first student, to find that someone values my experience enough to pay me for lessons. I’ll be working on an e-book soon, and I look forward to feeling it all over again!

  • Amber

    Chase, you said Katy Perry “has this one line!”. I was sooo hoping it would be included in the show notes. You left us hanging man. Now I have to know. I enjoy when the show notes include links to explore your ridiculous tangents. I also want to compliment you on the awesome and incredibly comprehensive* show notes you compile. They make the prudcrast a much fuller experience and don’t go unnoticed.

    Great episode as usual guys.

    *ahem, except this time. Dude. Tell us the line! Better yet, sing it in a future episode. And eloquently relate it to the entrepreneurial journey, as only you can. I know you’ve got it in you Reeves.

  • Rex Williams

    In this show (and #27) you guys really juiced me up to make my thing.

    I fall into the procrastinator camp where life just gets busy – 4 kids in busy teenager and annoying little brother stages, and a full time job – but I know that’s just an excuse. Since I have no real due date, it’s too easy to put off. But now I can see that I’m just putting off the joy of the first sale. And all the lost sales that I haven’t been making since then.

    Your hilarious episodes have given me a boost to finish ‘the thing’ I started a while ago and make the first sale. I just need to get curious enough to make it happen. (Which ironically is what my ‘thing’ is about.)

    Thanks for putting yourself out there and being goofy, entertaining, and educational. It’s like you’re having too much fun making money. Is that allowed?

    (probably required ;)

  • Jeff Jones

    Hi Guys,

    Like a lot of fizzlers, I’ve been bitten by the procrastination bug. Like now! I can’t hear enough how important it is to just solve a problem and get the thing up that does this.

    Thanks to all of you for bringing this up again because it is a HUGE mental gap between success and failure that doesn’t have to be.


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Last week Corbett had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it's too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a living from it. Maybe you could do it in 2007, or 2009, but not now.”

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