How Do You Grow Up an Adolescent Business? (FS064)

You get to a point in your business where you can either stagnate — and find yourself in 5 years doing the same damn things you’re doing today — or push forward to the next stage.

Some listeners wrote in with questions about that struggle and, in this episode, we dig into some answers. We also debrief from the World Domination Summit conference. Enjoy!

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How do you grow up an adolescent business?
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Show Notes

Video: Product Strategy in 7 minutes – Inside Intercom Intercom’s Des Traynor at Business of Software Conference 2013 talking about why Product strategy is mostly about saying no. Funny, thought provoking and actionable.

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  • Sunday

    Getting the right tip to grown an adolescent business should be the preoccupation of many marketers today. This podcast seems to have addressed the facts we all all should know! I am taking my time listening to this Fizzle show and would gladly share by opinions hereafter!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

  • Chase Reeves

    Awesome, Shayna!

  • Caroline

    I prefer to think my business is in the “terrible two’s.” I have achieved enough success that I want to call the shots. But the reality is–I have a lot to learn from clients who are biotech companies and startups. What they suffer to build their business makes my consulting shop look like preschool.

    Humor aside, I do need to pivot, as I’m overworked and unamused by my 9 to 9, 7-day-a-week work schedule. The Fizzle podcast came at the perfect time. It’s Tuesday and I have lots of admin work to do.

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