Grow Your Email List (FS045)

Conversion. List building. Signup forms. Giveaways. Freebies. Conversion. Etc. The best thing about this episode is how much Corbett talks.

If you want to grow your email list, get your notepad out, pour yourself a coffee/tea and press play. This is a good one covering:

  • Which email providers to use (wait, that’s in the first one.)
  • Where to put signup forms.
  • What to offer subscribers.
  • How to figure out which offers are best.
  • Utilizing landing pages.
  • BONUS: the announcement of Caleb’s new podcast, Words With Wojcik. (This is a joke. It’s funny. You’re laughing, see?)

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You Can’t just put “join my newsletter” in the sidebar and expect people to signup.
  or copy + Facebook

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A pretty good example of a landing page.

A pretty good example of a landing page. Click to see more

Show Notes

37 Experts Share Their Best Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs — This is the post that Fizzler David Moazzez put together using the SABTM expert roundup email trick.

How to Email Important People (5 Tips You Need to Know)

8 Reasons Why BuzzFeed’s Emails Could Change Everything“Could your newsletter do with a bit of BuzzFeed’s stickiness? We asked Dan Oshinsky, their Newsletter Editor to share with us their secret sauce.”

How I Tripled My Email Subscription Rate“Last month I even signed up 172 new subscribers in a single day because of this strategy.”

How I Increased My Conversion Rate by Over 3,000%“Are you frustrated that your email list is growing at a snail’s pace? Do you find traffic coming to your site, but few visitors turning into subscribers?”

Inside Intercom — This is one of the blogs Corbett mentions. Honestly, it’s excellent.

Simple Green Smoothies — These lovely ladies have a 30 day green smoothie challenge that has absolutely blown up the past year.

Apple’s iBooks Author — This thing is incredible. I used it to make the Gumroad Quick Start… powerful, fast, easy, free. Get that thing out of you and into internet!

Fizzle’s Facebook and Pinterest pages — What a treat for the quote and image hungry makers and shapers out there!

Pretty Cool Pinterest Page

Pretty Cool Pinterest Page

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  • kimanzi constable

    If you want to have a real business online, you have to be building your list. Thanks for the amazing content in this one, I’ve got some homework to do. That’s my “love bite” Chase :)

  •!/kmadhav Sourabh Rana

    creating email list is one of the top parameters or signs of success of your marketing efforts for long term. This list always helps to survive the business from all fluctations in search engines. Good article

    kindly give me twitter love

  • Preston Lee

    Hey guys, great episode! I remember subscribing to ThinkTraffic and accessing the toolkit. Wondering if you could offer us a refresher on what kinds of things specifically you put in there? Thanks!

    • Caleb Wojcik

      PDF’s, videos, worksheets, checklists, audio interviews, etc.

      • Preston Lee

        Thanks, Caleb.

  • Tom Southern

    One thing which puts me off joining email lists is the barrage of links to people’s blog posts. I want fresh ideas. Helpful advice. So, when I set up my email list that’s what I hope my small but perfectly formed band of list members get from me.

    Serving your audience could mean you need to set up different lists pin-pointing different “wants”. You might not need to send too many different emails to each group if you did this. Just focus enough emails at what each member group wanted, e.g. if one group wants to know how to train puppies then you’d focus emails on training puppies. If another group wanted to know how to breed puppies, you’d focus your emails on breeding puppies, etc.

  • Paul Potter

    Hey guys, great episode again. I loved the tip right at the end where Corbet shares about where to go to attract the type of visitor you want to your site by guest posting. Then in your bio provide a specific landing page link for that visitor. The light bulb turned on for me on that one. Thanks

  • Naomi Goodlet

    Thankyou for affirming that pop-ups suck! I hate them. I’m in a lot of masterminds that are hardcore about the “more is better” approach to email lists who say that a pop-up is essential! I just can’t bring myself to do it, so thankyou for reminding me that it’s ok to trust my gut on this.

  • John Corcoran

    I really enjoyed this episode. And it’s not just because I got a shout out. (But thanks for that!). It demonstrates how much there is to learn about the right ways and wrong ways to do this online thing. Also it was very candid of you to talk about some of the ways you’ve struggled with it.

    I had noticed that you hadn’t really pushed email signups since the transition from Think Traffic to The Sparkline, and I figured it was because you were busy running Fizzle and once Sparkline got established, you’d worry about optimizing for email signups with some kind of freebie. It will be interesting for me to see what you come up with. And of course, I imagine you’ll test to see what converts (without you losing your souls.)

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks John! And yeah, the optimization is yet to come. But things are going great all around, and there’s plenty of competing interests to focus on.

  • Joe Garecht

    Great tips! I wanted to caution everyone, though, about the Apple iBooks Author software that you recommend. I looked into it the last time you mentioned it, and while it looks like an easy to use app, it turns out that using it severely restricts what you can do with your book.

    According to the iBook Author TOS, books that are created using it can only be sold through Apple (free books are currently exempted, but who knows if that will change? And if you want to sell your book, it must be through iBooks, you can’t then use what you have created for Kindle, Nook, or to sell on your own site).

    The licensing also states that once you create your book using the app, Apple is free to reject the book and refuse to sell it, meaning that you could create your book, agree to sell it only through iBooks, and Apple could tell you that they are rejecting the book, and you’d be out of luck and have to start over with different software.

    According to Dan Wineman,

    “Apple, in this EULA, is claiming a right not just to its software,
    but to its software’s output. It’s akin to Microsoft trying
    to restrict what people can do with Word documents, or Adobe
    declaring that if you use Photoshop to export a JPEG, you can’t
    freely sell it to Getty. As far as I know, in the consumer
    software industry, this practice is unprecedented.”

    Be careful if you use this software, because you are very restricted in what you can do with your end product.

    • Chase Reeves

      Wild stuff. Thanks, Joe!

    • Juha Liikala

      @joegarecht:disqus, I think that part of the EULA was actually changed later on. See:

      So it still is true that if you create a book with iBooks Author AND plan to sell it in .iBooks format – you can only do so through iBooks.

      However, if you create a .PDF version of that end product, you can sell it where ever you like.

      At least, that’s what I’ve read lately. Please correct me if I’m on the wrong track with this! :)

  • Matt Hotze

    Feature boxes are mentioned many times in this podcast. Any resources on how to create these for a site? I need to add something “above the fold” on my site, but I have not put it together yet.

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