How Much “You” Should Be in Your Business? (FS012)

You’re here because you want to create a business that supports you. You want to build something that earns and affords you the life you aim for.

But there's a heavy tension you've probably experienced between a). doing something you care about, b). doing something you're good at, and c). doing something others find valuable.

The dream is to find the balance between those three points.

You may quit something others find really valuable… because you're bored by it (or worse: you hate it).

Or you may have to quit something you absolutely love… because nobody else thinks it's valuable.

Or you may never get the idea off the ground because, though it's both valuable and something you care about, you're simply not good at it (yet).

Corbett, Caleb and I have felt this tension. At some points intensely (my first failed business comes to mind).

And that's why this conversation ends up being so good. We explore this tension and share some personal stories of discovery.

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Show Notes:

The Masters of Podcasting™ we mention are Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick and Dan Benjamin. If you made an image of all three in super hero costumes… it'd be amazing.

33 Things I’ve Never Told You (or, How to Re-Introduce Yourself and Kick Your Watered-Down Self in the Ass) — Think Traffic

Unless I Hear Differently — Work Good & Fast With Clients & Teams

"The present letter is a very long one, simply because I had no leisure to make it shorter." ~ Blaise Pascal

PC 015: Gary Vaynerchuk on Hustling, Work Life Balance & How It Is Never Too Late to Start [Podcast] | Pocket Changed

Peter Dinklage – Wikipedia. Also of note is this amazing picture of Dinklage with George R.R. Martin.

Our thanks to Fizzlers Nick and Barrett A. Brooks for the questions they submitted.

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  • Gotch

    Thanks for the great podcast! Figuring out what your strengths are, and finding a weakness in the market is definitely the key to success.

    And then throw in your passion and it’s the ultimate combination =)

    Thanks guys!
    - Gotch

    • Iain

      I hear you Gotch.

      Sometimes finding your strengths is one of the most important things you can do. It’s amazing to think that many people still don’t know what they are good at.

      I suppose there are always hidden strengths.

  • Emily Brown

    I LOVE this show! I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to listen in on one. You guys are so lively and engaging. If it did exist, I’d definitely vote for you three to grace the poster of The Masters of Podcasting. :-) Seriously, though, I agree with your remarks. It’s so important to tap into what your listeners really want to hear, what they value, and what their worry points are. That’s the way you connect with people, and that’s something that I’m learning to do better. It’s definitely important to strike that balance, as well as learning what people will actually buy. Thanks for your insight and tips!

    • Corbett Barr

      Aww, thanks for the nomination Emily :)

  • Kraig – Young Cheap Living

    Hey Guys,

    Great episode. I’m living a lot of this right now. I’m right where Corbett was when he said he took a step back and said, “wait, I’m not an expert at this lifestyle design/entrepreneurial stuff yet, but I am pretty darn good at building traffic, so I’ll stick to that.”

    I’m trying to figure the same thing out, the niche to pick that’s at the intersection of something I love and something that I can get paid for.

    Again, great show. Keep up the good work!

  • Amal Rafeeq

    Hey Chase,
    Now that’s one of the best Business strategies I’ve heard. I totally agree with you.
    Thanks a lot for that Great Podcast. Allow me to share it :)


  • Jose

    Thanks for all the great content. You have convinced me with ongoing great content. I am going to join the Fizzle next month. Tank you for sharing.

  • Christopher

    The layout/feel of this show is so fun & easy to listen to. Love it. Honestly, this has become the only show I actually listen to regularly besides my own, which I only listen to when I’m speaking it anyways haha.

    • Corbett Barr

      Ha! Thanks Chris. Glad to have made your very short list.

  • Omar Zenhom

    Very interesting guys..One one of my favorites.

    And that quote about “not enough time to write a shorter letter” has been said by many, including our very own Abe Lincoln (very own because he was a tall fellow, of course) but Blaise Pascal was first to be quoted…

    ” I would not have made this letter so long except that I do not have the
    leisure to make it shorter.”

    I remember reading the quote in that oh so popular book “Damn Good Advice” but was compelled to Google who first said it when you mentioned it on the show…OK, back to work now…

  • Robert Harper

    What an entertaining and educational show. I know you were talking about how to keep less of your personality in the show but please reconsider. Your show is amazing and would hate to see it change.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Robert. We were talking specifically about a couple of episodes that got “off the rails” and were never aired. The current format we’ve been using for the 12 published episodes will definitely continue close to as you hear it now.

  • aryannatimothy

    Very worth the read. If something is not right, you can feel it in your guts. I think that if you are happy to what you’re doing, then you are probably doing it right :)

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