Insights About Customer Service That Will Change The Products You Make (FS067)

Customer service isn’t an afterthought for you. If it is, you’re already well on your way to being an uninteresting, middling, forgotten business.

If, on the other hand, you have a deep understanding of the people you serve, that reality will be visible in so many delightful and visible moments in your customers’ interactions with you.

In this conversation we share what we’ve learned about how customer service and the deeper philosophy we can all have about customers in general can revolutionize the way we build our business.

Note: if you haven’t yet listened to the previous episode, you’d better do that first. It’s an amazing interview with the co-owner of one of the world’s best restaurants, and it’s deeply changing the way we look at these questions. Listen here: How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business.

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Some insights about customer service that will change the products you make.
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Show Notes

How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business (FS066) “The way they tell their stories, the things they choose to invest time and money into, their “reasons why,” have changed the way I look at my own story, my own investments, my own reasons. These changes are adding up to a much bigger, much more human, much more vital vision of what my business is.”

Seven steps to remarkable customer service – Joel on Software “Here are seven things we learned about providing remarkable customer service.”

Seth’s Blog: Who is your customer? “Nike, on the other hand, doesn’t care very much at all about the people who buy the shoes, or even the retailers…”

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  • Michelle Bondesio

    “Your customers aren’t there to serve your needs” Yes, such a good reminder. And that’s a novel idea about business tips in graphic novel format :)
    Hilarious and useful info, again, thanks guys.
    BTW, your link to podcast 66 in the body of your post (not the show notes) is not working.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Michelle! Let us know when the graphic novel comes out :)

  • kimanzi constable

    Great episode as always guys. If we could just master that concept of service first…

  • Bree Brouwer

    First of all, really appreciate the genuine discussion about what customer service (or customer focus) should look like. Also, there’s another business making kick-ass, unique grilled cheese called Chedd’s. :)

    Finally, the bit about uppity bartenders reminded me of this quote from Red. Vs. Blue: “I hate the bands that you like!”

  • Barrett Brooks

    Haha. He won’t go quietly ;)

  • Wayne Allen

    All well and good, but what if you’re in a market where your customer doesn’t want to engage with you? Commodity products spring to mind.

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How The Hospitality Mindset Revolutionized My Business (FS066)

See that building up there? That’s the architecture of one of the best restaurants in the world. It’s family run, and this family’s perspective on business is contagious and jarring.

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