Is It Too Late? (FS025)

Last week Corbett had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it’s too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a living from it. Maybe you could do it in 2007, or 2009, but not now.”

Really? I think you’re thinking about this all wrong,” Corbett said.

And that conversation rolled into this episode of the Fizzle Show where we get into some damn good (and colorful) answers to the question.

Is it too late? Listen to this episode to find out what we think, and why this might not even be the right question to ask yourself.

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‘Is it too late for my idea to work? Did I miss the chance for this opportunity to be successful?’
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Show Notes

The Great Discontent: Frank Chimero — fabulous interview with one of my favorite designers.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs — “dude, I invented the friggen iPhone. Have you heard of it?”

Marco Arment, Developer/Writer – XOXO Festival (2013) — great talk from an insanely bright guy (#2 at tumblr, created instapaper).

BatDad – YouTube

Ghost – Just a blogging platform“Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing. It’s beautifully designed, completely customisable and completely Open Source.” – Corbett’s Ghost Site“The Ghost blogging platform finally launched! I’m writing this post on the platform and it’s an incredible experience so far.”

Fred Wilson on Bitcoin“We are quite taken with the idea of a currency that is not controlled by governments and central bankers and that is based on faith in an algorithm and a network instead of the “full faith and credit” of a country.”

Minaal – Tools for efficient travel — could this be the one bag to rule them all!? I’m hoping so.

Rickshaw Bags Reviews and Coupon Code — Father Apprentice — here’s a couple bag review videos I did for Rickshaw. I tell the story about how this happened in the episode above. This is how the internet should work.

Studio Neat — these guys are the example of bootstrapped and profitable physical thing making. Their stuff is amazing.

Picasso Painting – YouTube — I love watching this. He’s done the work. Can you do the work for the next 25 years so you can look this cool and in command when you work?

Steven Pressfield: Is Money Necessary?“So you’ve published one novel. I congratulate you. I salute you. You have done what hundreds of thousands have tried to do and failed. How many points do you think the publishing of one novel has earned you?”

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  • Amal Rafeeq

    Yippeee! Just another podcast on Think Traffic. Downloading it as I type.
    Can’t wait to find out what’s special this time.

    Thanks a lot Chase! How are you doing BTW?

  • Scott Fussell

    Is it to late…to get so blocked in the comments ? Nice Woj bomb…

    • Caleb Wojcik

      HA! #Boom

  • Jotpreet Singh

    It can’t be specified whether it’s late or not. It depends on YOU. If YOU work hard and do your work honestly, it’s never too late.
    And, thanks for the podcast.

  • Arbaz K

    Great! Another podcast is out and I am on my way to download it right this instant.
    Thanks a lot for the amazing work :)

  • Adam from The Green Microgym

    It’s never going to be “too late” for great stuff. Here’s an example: started blogging just a couple years ago. Her facebook page is already at 130k likes. She did a kick starter for a book, then self published on amazon to great reviews.

    She did a lot of things right, but probably not on purpose. But people love (or hate) her, and she delivers consistently epic shit every day.

  • Nathan Collier

    Can we just come out and say that starting a blog probably isn’t an instant escape hatch from your sh*tty job? It MIGHT turn into that over a few years, but almost certainly no time soon. I feel like this is the way it goes for 99% of people.

    If that’s the case, the question is: is putting yourself out there worth it anyway?

    Unequivocally, I say yes.

    I publicly launched my personal blog on Sunday night two weeks ago. This was timed with a conference I attended two days later.

    Added to the blog, I used the “Connect with Anyone” strategies from Scott Dinsmore’s Fizzle course, and I blew up Twitter while I was at the conference.

    I’m an introvert. I suck at traditional networking. And yet, I’ve met more people in my industry in the past two weeks than I have in my entire career. One of the presenters even found my conference wrap up post and wrote me a note to thank me for it.

    I’m happily employed, but if you hate your job and want out, the fastest way is to find new employment or to start your own service business. Either way, a blog is THE BEST NETWORKING TOOL EVER.

    Maybe one day I’ll have a blog that pays some of the bills. But even if I never make a buck, what I’ve learned and who I’ve met (in just 2 weeks!) make the effort more than worth it.

    You may not launch zenhabits, but it’s never too late to make new connections.

  • Jim

    You guys have moved up to #1 on my podcast list. I look forward to Friday a little more just because I know you have another episode coming out. The psychological persepective you guys provide is really helpful. My biggest struggles are between my ears and you are helping me with that.

    As far as today’s topic, I felt a lot better about my efforts at my site ( when I decided if it does not work out as a business, I will still use it to force and document my own learning in my field (four season garden design and creation).

    I am forcing myself to get better so my writing gets better and am at the same time making myself better for what ever I do in this field (employee, contractor, designer, etc.)


  • John

    This was my favorite of your podcasts (crudcast sp?). It resonated with me. I started a blog this year and kind of felt I was too late, too old…but I did it anyway for the love of it. I got so excited when I hit my 100th visitor, I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I never would have felt that if I had given in to self-doubt.

    You young whipper-snappers make me laugh.

    PS. while listening I received an email from Esquire on their top 20 Bags right when Chase was talking about his bad fetish. Here’s the link. Hope I’m not an enabler (enbagler).

    • Chase Reeves

      ENBAGLER! (works because I love bagels too). Thanks, John!

  • Ryan

    This is kind of an important message is absolutely timeless, and should be tirelessly retold! I think if you just re-loaded this podcast every week from now on, it would reach people at different moments and synchronize. All that is required to succeed is achieving results, taking action, and rinse then repeat until you’re in fact the mastery of your craft!


  • http://www, Jeff Lafferty

    Awesome show guys!

  • Joel

    I always enjoy this show and I think the part that resonated the most was about not thinking about the big numbers (thousands of visitors), but focusing on a small group like people you know. Solving their problem and focusing on them and thinking small will get you out of the mindset of thinking of your visitors in “volumes”.

    That touches on authenticity and reminds me of how I started my blog to share theme park tips and just list my favorites so that I could share it with people I knew. Kind of like Chase and his community at FatherApprentice. The difficult part is to think that way while we’re also thinking of growing a business which inevitably means thinking about the “big numbers” and “volumes”.

    Another great episode guys!

    • Chase Reeves

      I hear you, Joel. Thanks, man!

  • Brandon

    Great post — I’ve been debating this for a while now. You know… it’s really daunting to try to succeed from blogging/internet marketing etc. Until you start making serious money it’s not fun, I mean the journey is fun… but it isn’t like you make millions from day one.

  • Alex

    Great debate this week. Here’s my tuppence worth.

    Is it too late?
    It’s never too late. I remember talking to a friend who was an aspiring screen writer. He had been trying to find a unique idea for a story. He was on the verge of giving up because he felt that any idea he came up with had already been explored. He felt it was too late.

    What he didn’t understand was while it’s difficult to come up with a truly unique idea, it is the personal spin that you put on the story that makes it different. That’s why we get awesome shows like Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory and Boardwalk Empire.

    The same is true here. Sure there are lots of blogs about the same thing but it’s the unique personality, writing and ideas that can win you fans no matter when you start.

    Is it easy?
    On this I have to agree with Caleb. It’s easier now because you can see what works and what doesn’t. People are used to consuming info on the platforms and the technology is sound as a pound and can only get better.

    Can you make money?
    There’s a fairly universal curve that applies to all endeavors. Whether you’re a screen writer, a sportsperson, a poker player or a investment banker.

    There are those that will find limited success and those that will find massive success. Then there’s everyone else in the middle that will find varying degrees of success along the curve.

    Where you ultimately find yourself on the curve will be dependent on a great many things. Luck, skill, timing, passion, etc.

    What’s likely is that on average people will be able to make a decent income. It may not be millions but enough that it is a fair career choice. It won’t be for everyone but then what is.

    And like any other career, it’s neither easy or hard. It’s what you make it.

  • Auratus

    I was listening to someone’s speech. He said something like

    “If you think it is too late to start this. Let me ask you, in such a world where there are 7 billions people and many problems. If a baby born today. Would you said to him that it is too late to birth?”

  • Darlene

    Ok Chase!

    I was just making a packing list of things to do to get ready for my trip to Australia and I wrote this exactly:

    “download Fizzle prudcasts!”

    You’re contagious! Corbett is there anti-venom for a Chase bite? medicine?

    • Chase Reeves

      Common Chase venom recipe: open the prudcrast pill, crush in a bowl, add apple cider vinegar and mix until bubbles go away, pour it on your hair (do NOT get it in your eyes), run a mile, pray a prayer, give an angel her wings back, fart (JUST a little one), write a book, get 9 hours of sleep and you should be fine.

    • Darlene

      Okay I’ll try that!

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  • Micah

    Great topic. I battle with this idea often. I think one of the biggest issues is our inability to be original. We are limited by what we see and if we see it then it has already been done! Success comes from either being a pioneer and lucky or hard work over a long period of time while perfecting your craft until you are better then the rest.

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