Launch Lessons: How To Launch Your Thing (& How We Did It) (FS029)

The launch of your thing can bring a bunch of buzz, eyeballs and potential customers to your business. It can also bring harrowing unnecessary stress. In this episode we share the strategy and story behind our launch a few days ago.

In case you aren’t aware, a couple days ago we merged a very successful blog with a new venture and launched The Sparkline. If you haven’t yet, check out the launch post — it’s got some good stuff in it about the mission and story.

Here’s a short list of some of the things we cover in this episode:

  • Why we made this big change, what we wanted to accomplish and what actually happened.
  • Some utterly practical advice on what your “brand” can actually do for you.
  • How to get a squatted twitter handle.
  • How to absolutely screw up and accidentally send about 300k emails to your audience. (We are SO sorry).
  • How to NOT fiddle with unnecessary code the night before your launch.
  • How to move blog posts from one site to another keeping all comments and publish date stuff in-tact.
  • What we’re doing with from here on… and why.

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These guys sent me a bunch of spam a few days ago. It was an accident. I’m giving them a second chance.
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Lessons learned from launching The Sparkline… also @chase_reeves’ thoughts on shoe tying.
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What Do You Think?

Were you around for the launch day festivities? What did you think? Any stories of your own launch or tips to share?

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    LOVE the ‘Almighty PROFIT/PROPHET’ classic…. PLUS I learned how to tie my shoes properly, well sorta… that could have been flushed out more ;) FYI… I’m still waiting for the 11th email that explains the other 10 were ‘accidental’… Very scary Twitter switch, but great tips! Thanks for another entertaining learning experience… Love the community, the show and the 3 C’s Guidance to Entrepreneurial Success!

  • Daniel Williams

    Chase, did you get your shoelace-tying technique from this all-time classic site? – Ian’s Shoelace Site – Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces.

    The Ian Knot is unbeatable.

    • Chase Reeves

      What a resource!

  • Vanita Cyril

    Hot Damn! You guys reaffirmed two things I’ve been saving the past year, 1. Mailchimp rocks. 2. Double knotting is not the way. :-D

    And is truly awesome.

  • Josh Medeski

    Trying to get out of the scarcity mindset is really hard. I’ve found that surrounding myself with people ahead of me (like the 3 Cs and my mastermind group) really help. I’m in that existential mindset right now and hopefully a few more years of pushing through, trying, learning, failing, and trying again will get me to that next thing (until everything starts over again, haha). Thanks for this prodcast, it’s always great to get the behind-the-scenes stuff.

    p.s. This is how I tie my shoes:

  • Helen Martin

    Great show. Great Song. Great tips. Great way to wind down at the end of the week – the 3 C’s, a glass of the red stuff and a good giggle. Now off to find your info on Mailchimp…….. Well done on your new launch.

  • Curtis

    I LOVE that guys went through the pains of merging everything into 1 brand. Easier for you, easier for us!

    I recently moved from Aweber to Mailchimp because even after Aweber’s UI redesign this year, I still prefer the look, feel, fluid website design, responsive capabilities of Mailchimp.

    I know you all had problems making Mailchimp work with your Think Traffic Toolbox (to oversimplify it here). And I know a lot of other bloggers with massive lists are moving on to Office Autopilot that can do a lot more complex tracking.

    Are you all, like me, just won over by Mailchimp’s UI and responsive emails and that’s why you went back to them?

    • Chase Reeves

      That’s where it started for me, Curtis. But it ended in: I just really like the company. Mailchimp is smart, forward thinking, supportive of the internet community, etc. I want our company to stand for those kinds of things too.

      • Brad_Zomick

        In the podcast, you mentioned there was more on why you switched to Mailchimp in the show notes. Where are those?

        • Rich Dietz

          Hey Chase, Any more info on the switch back to MailChimp? I actually signed up with Aweber based on the article I read about the advantages, like the toolbox issues mentioned, so VERY curious about all the reasons for the move back.
          I am a fan of mailchimp, and still have my account there, so would love to hear more about your thought process and reasons.
          Thanks guys!

      • Jason Love

        Mailchimp is what I use because they just look cooler, good design, and policies that keep out those trying to abuse mailing lists… Not that they are perfect, but I am happy using Mailchimp.

  • Roger Williams

    This episode was really good. There were three solutions offered to things I have been struggling with.
    One of them is involves my 5 year old son. Can you guess which one?

  • Paul Brodie

    “Yeah, I got no falsetto, guys.”
    Brilliant. Chase Reeves is my Chase Reeves’ Merlin Mann

  • Chase Reeves

    Anthony: see below response to Curtis’ comment. cheers!

  • Jason Love

    Speaking of relaunching and Graphic Novels, I have been having a hard time re-launching a Kickstarter Campaign for my Comic Book… The issue I am having is that I didn’t put the effort this second launch needed and now I am tempted to pull the plug for a re-launch.

    I know this is a little different, but if The Sparkline release wasn’t what you expected, is it okay to pull it and re-launch?

  • prophototutor
  • Sofia Garcês

    Great episode! Just for fun there is actually a Spammy Cakes brand :P

  • Heidi Thompson

    Hey guys – I have a course that sells for $497 and is a pretty in depth 12 week course and I’m also starting a membership site that is focused on community, support & ongoing training. I would like for the members to go through the course but I can’t rationalize combining the two at $20 per month. What do you think? Is there another way to do this? Maybe a discount for members? Or doing a bundle at another price point?

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