Kicked, Beaten Down, Back Up Against the Wall, Now You Have Nothing to Lose

You started a website or blog because you thought it would be an easy way to make lots of money.

Or maybe you knew this would take work, but you now realize your approach was all wrong. You thought you had it all figured out from the beginning.

It’s OK, go ahead and admit it.

There’s no shame. Own up to how naive you were.

You’re not alone. We’ve all been there. And, sadly there are plenty of greedy shysters and assholes out there who are happy to prey on you and everyone else who doesn’t know any better.

They’re assholes and someone should call them out on it. I’ll do that later.

For now, this is about YOU. It’s about realizing what you’ve been through and figuring out how to mend your broken wings so you can fly again.

For some people, building an online business is like an addiction. You have to hit rock bottom before you can start the long climb to building something worthwhile. Rock bottom is the only thing that will wake you the fuck up.

Maybe you’re close to rock bottom.

You’ve worked your ass off only to realize you weren’t working hard enough. How could you possibly work any harder?

You’ve been kicked and beaten down. Your dreams have been crushed more times than you can count. Somehow you’ve bounced back each time, but sometimes just barely.

Now you’ve finally learned that it takes WAY more than a few half-assed blog posts and a couple of affiliate links to make some cash.

You figured out that you want more than cash anyway. You want to build something that actually matters. You want to be an influencer. You want to build a community. You want to help people make positive change in the world.

That’s a start, at least your heart is in the right place now.

You’ve also learned that you have to stand out, you have to create epic shit. You have to work your ass off, and you have to work smarter than you have. You have to care. You have to want your readers and followers to succeed more than you want yourself to.

So you know what you’ve done wrong. You know what this will really take. You haven’t given up yet.

And now your back is against the wall.

It’s go time. Fight or flight. What’s it going to be?

Are you going to give up or are you going to fight back?

Here’s why hitting rock bottom just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to you: you have NOTHING TO LOSE.

Your ego has already been crushed. Your plans have been devastated. Your family and friends have confirmed that your plan was bound for failure.

There’s nothing left to lose. There’s nowhere left to go but up.

This is where it gets interesting.

You take the gloves off because you don’t care what people think anymore. You’re not afraid of putting in the work because you’ve already put in more hours than you thought possible.

You’re done fitting in and copying other people. You know you can do this better than most people. You have it in you, you can feel it.

So you start to say shit that matters. You start to say what you really think. You stop cranking out endless boring lists of garbage you don’t even believe in.

You grow some balls and make a real case for why the world should actually give a shit about what you have to say.

And THAT’s where you finally find the seed of something that matters.

This isn’t about finding an easy path to making a living. This is about making the difference you know you can make.

This is it. Go out and grow your seed.

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    This is very timely. I’ve been having problems with my other web sites right now. I must say, this is indeed the part that gets interesting. This is the part where you test how strong and creative you are. Very inspiring post. Thanks!

    Spatch MErlin

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Spatch, I’d suggest starting by adding a picture of yourself to your comments (go to, and by using your real name instead of that spammy sounding SEO anchor you’re using now.

  • Adam R


    More than once my back has been against the wall. More than once I have sweated over the next bill or that emergency around the corner and how I would manage it. I remember sleepless nights due to stress. Hell I’ll even admit being at a breaking point of tears because I felt like my fiance deserved so much more than I can provide her.

    My saving grace was when my back was against the wall and I no longer had anything to lose she stood behind me, hugged me, and said I will always believe in you. That weekend I decided it had to be more than just about money it had to be about a change in our life and I was ready to do what ever it took.

    I sat down at my desk for two days and wrote an entire website from scratch. I remember watching the sun go down then come back up again. She would go to bed and I was still working on the computer when she woke up. After two days I finally passed out and woke up hours later. I spent the rest of the week tweaking the site and advertising and linking and whatever it took to start upping the traffic. Within a month it had a snowball effect and within 3 months the bills started becoming easier and easier to pay.

    It’s not an easy path and anyone that says it is is either very lucky or a damn liar and I’m going to say it’s often the latter part. So yeah when you got nothing lose your only left with something to gain if you refuse to give in.

    • Corbett Barr

      Congrats on the big desperate push Adam, I’m glad it worked out for you. What’s the new website about?

      • Adam R

        That was just a bit of my past several years ago and how I have been pushed down, knocked around and still managed to slowly climb back up. Sometimes a breaking point can really show someones true potential. Not everything will come easy but if you give in early you already gave up.

        Now that things are different for me, I am working on a project that hopefully will help others. It won’t solve financial turmoil but it might offer a glimmer of hope that harnessing ones own creativity can lead to a positive change in their financial outlook.

  • Scott Hampton

    Your blog post this morning was more potent than caffeine, more eye-opening than the psychological snippets that friends post on my Facebook wall. Congratulations on providing a useful blog post!

    Nowhere was this post more useful than where you said “You stop cranking out endless boring lists of garbage you don’t even believe in.” I am so glad you said that. I purchased a book about blogging a few years ago that claimed to teach you how to make six figures blogging. The world has marveled after the author and he continues to make millions, unfortunately because people believe the soap box rhetoric. He is famous for advocating “lists” and now the web is littered with lists of everything one can imagine.

    I’ve already begun my path to my new destination and will keep an eye on you as I go. Thank you, again, for the boost!

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey “Paternal Candor” (what’s your real name?), the important part isn’t the structure of the post, it’s the CONTENT. Lists can be fine, but most of the time people focus on the structure and fill it with empty garbage thinking that’s all they need to do to write viral content.

      • Scott Hampton

        Yes, I understand. There are so many lists now that it’s outrageous: “The Top 482 Reasons Why You Can’t…”, “212 Ways to Increase PageViews”, “The 19 Last WordPress Plugins You’ll Ever Need” and posts like that :)

        I like really useful lists, though. I’m not totally against lists.

        I’ve been focussing on legitimacy in the content these days and making a decent effort to posting something that I really like.

        I’m Scott. I have about 6 different blogs that I write on and tend to simplify comments by putting the blog name instead of mine. Can you edit the previous post?

        • Corbett Barr

          Sure thing Scott, just updated it. Nice to know who we’re talking to :)

          • Scott Hampton

            My pleasure!

  • Scott Dudley

    Great post and so true. Too many people expect to make five figures in their second month and then realise that it is much harder than that.

    You to believe in the content you are writing about and show a bit of passions. There is so much competition in the internet marketing industry that you have to work hard and create something really special to make it.

    And it has to be based on helping other people, not just lining your own pockets.

    • Corbett Barr

      Yeah, there’s so much competition in every industry, not just internet marketing.

    • Scott Hampton

      I heard about the possibility to make a fortune when I first started blogging and it did catch my attention. I’ve scaled back tremendously as of last year or so and prefer to concentrate on the writing. Income will come organically for me :)

  • Sheyi

    Another epic shit here Corbett.
    It’s painful at times when after writing great blog post and there is no one coming over to read or drop comment. I still believe if you press forward, then you are going to really make the money you wanna make online. Writing how you fail and selling it can even make you a big money too

    • Corbett Barr

      If no one is coming over, how do you know the post was so great?

  • Daniel Roach

    Anyone struggling today needs to read this post. I’m off to share the crap out of this.

    Excellent sentiments, Corbett.

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Daniel!

  • Steve Roy

    I think many of us feel this way about our blogs/online businesses and very few will actually do the things we need to in order to make ourselves stand out and crush it.
    This post reminded me a lot of Ash Ambirge’s stuff, which is great because she is a huge motivator!

    It’s good to see some real passion from you and I hope you wake some people up and save them from falling into the black hole of averageness…

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Steve. I love the “black hole of averageness” idea.

      Saving individuals is a start. Better than that, I’d love to see the entire average raised up, but I’m afraid it’s going the other direction.

  • Mark

    Yes to all of it.

    Yes to the back against the wall.

    Yes to the boring posts.

    Yes to being down and out.

    Yes to pulling yourself the fuck up and doing something that matters.


    • Corbett Barr

      Cheers Mark!

  • Cristina Ansbjerg


    This post is pure INSPIRATION (yes, with capital letters).

    • Corbett Barr

      I’ve found myself using capital letters a lot lately :)

  • Rodrigo @ The Brave Man Blog

    This is a nice reminder, I’m creating my first online business right now, and it’s taking some time because I want it to be valuable for all people, every now and then I feel lazy and do something half assed, then I wake up and I erase that so that way I have to create something good :)

    Posts like this are the ones that reminds me to keep walking the right path, I’m still a noob, but I will do my best all the way up

    • Corbett Barr

      Awesome Rodrigo, I hope you get it right the first time. But if you don’t, at least remember to enjoy the journey. It can be quite fun if you like what you’re doing, regardless of the outcome.

  • Conni

    Man, Corbett, yes!
    There is so much blabla out there, especially in the Personal Development niche, I find. No real opinions or attitudes. No questioning, no criticism. It’s so freakin boring. Maybe your post will provide a few people with a kick to actually and really and truly say the things they believe in.

    Just one thing:
    “Why do people say “grow some balls?” Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.” -Betty White

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Conni, great point. I guess I didn’t have the balls to say “grow a vagina” ;) Now I know better.

      • Conni

        Haha you make me laugh Corbett :D

  • Kev Kaye

    Conformity is a principle quietly engrained in us at an early age. “Don’t be different, you’ll be rejected!”

    It is no surprise when we venture off to try and create something valuable, we try to duplicate what has worked. We do it to reduce our fear and uncertainty. In our mind, by modeling something that has worked before, our chances of success increase. What people lose when they imitate and conform is the development of their individuality. That individuality comes over time with practice, but taking that first step can be scary. (What if I’m rejected!?!?)

    You make good points here Corbett. Nicely done.


    P.S. Calling people out in the comments is ultra non-conformist, and I dig it :)

    • Corbett Barr

      Thank you Kev for the insightful comment. You get it. So few people really do.

  • Yocheved

    This post is SO what I needed to read right now. Glad to have finally found your blog!

    • Corbett Barr

      Glad to have you.

  • Joe Wong

    Nice said Corbett, I am sure the vast majority of us have been in this situation. In my case I think I was close to rock bottom a few weeks ago when I realized that I need to keep fighting for it and work even harder to accomplish it. Your 2 blogs have been giving me a lot of inspiration…

    • Corbett Barr

      Thanks Joe, I hope this helps. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Sean Davis

    Corbett, you are on fire lately. I can feel the passion through the damn screen. I love this post just like I love the latest one on

    I swear I had all of this figured out, man. I learned everything I needed to know and I was just going to come in a kill shit. Too easy, right?


    I’ve been slapped around a few times now. Especially when a really good post brought over 1200 people to my blog in one day (huge for me) and not one of those MFers subscribed. If that wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

    This shit’s not easy. It takes work. If anybody says any different, they’re a damn liar.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

    • Corbett Barr

      We’ve always said, it’s not about the quantity of visitors, it’s about the impact you have, the connection you make and trust you build with each one.

      I know you’ve been working your ass off Sean. That’s half the battle.

    • Dave Doolin

      Dude, I know that feeling!

  • Vijay

    Pretty timely post. Going to refer this again and again.

    Learnt some of the same lessons.

    There is only one way available -> forward

    The main thing I learnt which you referred in a beautiful way is
    “You have to care. You have to want your readers and followers to succeed more than you want yourself to.”

    This is what keeps me moving forward.

    I have noticed that only a very tiny percentage(1%) of bloggers/entrepreneurs can do this and almost all of them are highly successful(Seth Godin, Chris Guillebeau etc.) Tough to get this. Not sure if this trait can be cultivated by everyone.

    • Corbett Barr

      I don’t think everyone can cultivate this trait you’re referring to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

  • Matt Bylett

    A man who speaks my language… Great article… Thanks for sharing :)

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  • Erick

    Dude, you constantly light it up. Your commitment to quality advice comes through loud and clear. What I like the most is your unique combination of authenticity, passion and excellence. Nicely done.

    • Corbett Barr

      Cheers Erick, thanks. I hope it inspires you to do something huge.

  • Sergio Felix

    Hey Corbett,

    Another fantastic article dude, for one second I thought I was reading your personal blog.

    I wonder how many people are actually going to do something extra besides saying how much they ‘needed’ to read this, so to not fall into that category I’m off already to do that ‘extra’ today.


    PS. I really can’t believe I actually wrote this phrase on my blog (“There’s nowhere left to go but up”) a few days ago! ;-))

  • Trevor Drinen


    Thanks for opening a can of whoop ass on me!

    As I read your post I’ve been reminded that I can be my own worst enemy and that I’ve been… and can be that uncaring “asshole”….

    It’s from that honest no BS self evaluation that I’m reminded of Gondi’s words, “be the change you desire to see.”



    1. Notice

    2. Choose

    3. Act

    Now to live it out……

    CRAP! Sometimes, I feel so defeated before I’ve even began! An old prophet once said, “the heart is deceptive & deceitful.”

    Sometimes I don’t need to follow my heart I need to guard against its emotional betrayal; while, other times I need to harness it optimistic fuel, fill up, and soar in the limitless bounties of potential.

    Bottom line: Corbett thanks for your post!

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  • Trevor Drinen

    Hmmmm…. Continued thoughts…. I guess it’s not about the quantity of people one appears to have around them (Facebook friends. Etc)….. …… But about the impact we as individuals are having on the person right in front of us!

    Here’s to believing in others and trying to live a somewhat selfless life – here’s to not just being another posssssser!

  • Raymond Parker

    It seems totally irrational to me that people without writing or marketing experience would believe that they can start a blog and immediately rake in the big bucks.

    No one starting another kind of business would expect that kind of instant success.

    It’s far easier to take an existing business online. An established writer, for instance, with existing talents might understandably expect to make money online.

    After 5 years, I don’t expect to retire on the proceeds of my site any time soon. I plug along, building content that I hope helps and entertains my readers.

    I think that selling a product is the only reliable way of monetizing a site.

  • Matthew Setter


    were you sitting in my lounge room 2 days ago mate? I think you must have been sitting right beside me because that was when I hit rock bottom. I’m unashamed to say that I was ready to throw in the towel, but whether it was luck or rational thought instead talked it over with a friend and experienced blogger who gave me some great advice.

    I greatly appreciated his wise counsel and very much appreciate yours too. Thanks for helping me let myself be able to hit that lowest point and instead of quitting, reset and get back in the game.

    “And THAT’s where you finally find the seed of something that matters.” That’s going over my desk in big bold type!

    many thanks (once again),


  • Michael Shook

    Thank you Corbett for this post. I have been struggling along trying to figure out what it was that I really cared about enough to write passionately about. After reading this yesterday I decided that even though my new site was not entirely finished (in my mind anyway), I would write anyway. So I did. I was quite astounded to find when I was finished that I had written about 2000 words.

    And even more astonished to realize that what I thought originally was going to be a 500 word post covering 5 distinct ideas briefly, that my 2000 words had only taken care of one of my original 5 ideas.

    Thank you again.

    • Corbett Barr

      Hell yeah! That’s what I like to hear Michael. Congrats on taking some meaningful ACTION. Here’s to doing it again very soon!

      • Michael Shook

        As a matter of fact, that is the order of business of the day. More ACTION.

        Thank you again.

  • Astro Gremlin

    Corbett, I’ve been writing pretty good stuff since day one. I had no illusions going in, but the money to work ratio is pretty tiny. One of the few things that keeps me going is being able to express myself creatively and try experiments. BTW I think the shysters are worse than the assholes.

  • Brian Kwong

    This is a GREAT post Corbett!! I resonate with this post on so many levels.

    I admit and owned up to what didn’t work in the past. I want to build something that matters, a community and something that would make a difference for people.

    I JUST created that by launching a project on Kickstarter about supporting and educating independent writers and other creatives to raise the funding they need to self publish a book that they love by using Kickstarter.

    Now I am back up against the wall again (Its a familiar place! =)) with 27 days and 94% to go of my funding goal.

    So here I am, taking action to reach out to you and other awesome, like minded people, who could be interested in self publishing a non-fiction (how-to) book to check out my project.

    I put a lot of work in it and it took me two years to get here and its the best stuff that I had created so far.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to hear your feedback =)

    • Corbett Barr

      Hey Brian, thanks for the note. Glad you liked the post.

      You’re at 94% with 27 days left? What do you have to worry about? Sounds like a sure thing to me.

      • Brian Kwong

        No no no, Corbett, I have 94% TO GO lol

        So I am at 6% of my funding goal!
        Not really back against the wall if I am at 94% with 27 days to go =)

        With that said, 27 days is still a good amount of time and I will continue to take action till the end.

        I am just a regular guy starting from scratch, without a big network.
        If anybody is interested in raising funds to self publish a Non-Fiction book. It will make a big difference if you can take 3 minutes to check out the intro video.

        If you think it provides value for you, please support and share =)

        Thanks Corbett and everyone else who is reading this!

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  • Anshul

    Love it Corbett and my first time to comment on your blog (thanks Chris Ducker!) I do have to say that luckily taking action has never really been a big problem for me but I do occasionally struggle with having the patience to see through the end result….or giving up too early.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on how you deal with patience and perseverance.

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  • Mathew Day

    Damn!! this post is exactly what I’m going through right now.

    Thanks man, you’ve inspired so much through this one post, and I can’t wait to read some more.

    First timer ever to your blog, heard about it on Viper chill’s latest podcast, so props to Glen because this blog is the shiiit, for sure!

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  • Bojan

    Love this article. Goes to my inspirational folder :)

  • A.J. Steel

    Fucking awesome! I love what your writing. It really speaks to me. I’ve been struggling with this and how to use it help get my music out there. Rock bottom, I know it well, but the future is wide open.

    Thanks man!

    A.J. Steel

    • admin

      Cheers A.J., glad this was helpful :)

  • Kim

    God what a relief to read this. So I guess rather than going off to kill myself this morning I’ll just get down to writing, a much cleaner way to spend a Sunday.
    thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Much cleaner, whew.

  • Kari

    Hi Corbett

    Another inspiring post. Thanks! You and your posts just like this one are the reasons why I finally took the plunge to start my own blog. I recognize this place very well. If I want to leave my job as soon as I do, I need to push my blog to a new level… hard! Have you got space to be my mentor?

  • Maarit

    Great post once again and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’m just starting my online adventures and the main thing I’ve considered lately has been: do I have to “polish” myself to something more commonly acceptable or not? After this post the decision is easy: I’ll just be me, like it or not. Faking it is so last season ;).

    • admin

      Don’t just be yourself, be your “best” self. There is an important difference.

  • Janeen Violante

    You crack me up—I love your posts..I’m actually at a point..where I look forward to them. This post absolutely resonates

    • admin

      Perfect, my evil plan is working ;)

  • Jean

    Great post, Corbett. Tweeting/FB-ing it!

    • admin

      Always appreciated! Thanks Jean.

  • Pascale

    Thanks for the reminder. article saved on delicious. It’s bang on time as I am quitting my old blog that wasn’t quite centered on the audience enough and too much on me, trying to scarp pennies via amazon links and similar affiliates programms.

    Just starting a new one where I focus on my “right people” and stop thinking about the small ways of getting money in and more of writing good content, offering a product and see if people are actually ready to pay for it once they got to know me through the blog. fingers crossed my content will be epic enough. :)

  • Ryan James

    Once again, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. My first attempts at blogging went down in flames, but once I got to the point of saying “screw it, I will write from the heart”, things got good. Thanks for your honesty.

    • admin

      Thanks for sharing, congrats on the progress Ryan.

  • Shaun @ Training Outcomes

    I think that one of the hardest things I’ve done has been to use my own name and own image to show people who I am. Personally I think it is a step in the right direction, because you then have nothing to hide behind – it forces you to produce quality because your name is associated with it.

    Thanks for starting the week off with a bang Corbett.

  • Nick Moody

    Thanks for the kick in the butt, Corbett! I always look forward to your sunday emails. :)

  • Joel Warby

    Hi Corbett.

    I am loving these Sunday morning posts!

    I am a big believer that most people only actually do something when it really matters, they when they really need to. I think at some stage most people have been at ‘rock bottom’ and from this have learnt the template for success. I actually wrote about this exact topic in my last blog post!

    Keep them coming Corbett!

  • Ani

    I really love your tone of voice! Not artificially inspiring, not making you feel dumb and so honest and real :)
    Nice post – gonna share:)

  • TJ Hale

    Hey Corbett,

    The “Starting Out” thing resonates with me, but I don’t have any illusions about sucking at it for a while before success comes. I just wanted to thank you teaching people to stand out from the crowd.


  • Sonia

    Hell yeah! I loved this. I was in a “funk” for months. Sick of reading the same posts with the same views. I wanted to say something more and talk about what I went through when I started blogging. Others might have experienced the same and how I could make a different and say s— that others only wish they would say.

    Whether it means something to the masses, makes no difference to me. I am trying to help new bloggers that don’t know any better and tired of being frustrated. Or bloggers that are stuck trying to be someone else when they should blaze their own trail and make it happen.

  • Angie Schaffer

    I think rock bottom for me was when I began to get a decent amount of traffic for a new blog, and then BOOM. I was admitted into the hospital and had to have emergency surgery. I didn’t even look at my blog for weeks because I did not feel like sitting upright long enough to write. My traffic tanked and the small handful of subscribers I had packed up and left.

    It almost made me want to give it up completely. Last week I began posting the “I don’t give a shit” posts about some pretty controversial topics and suddenly the traffic started coming back. Hmm. lol

  • Johnn Four

    Great post. I started approaching this through a similar angle this year.

    I noticed the same people emailing me after posting. The same people buying my ebooks. The same people sharing my stuff.

    So, I’ve started writing just for them. Because they seem to be getting real benefits from my ramblings and taking action on my advice.

    I want to serve those great people most.

    And I’ve started not trying to please everybody, just my true fans.

  • rob

    Thanks for this. I can’t tell you how much this resonates with me. I had a blog I used to part daily to in hopes to make thousands. The best I ever did was $400 a month. Then Google changed their algorithms, deviant art dropped their affiliates and the site tanked.

    It wouldn’t be until recently I have started working on it again. This time I am avoiding those craptastic link bait articles and working on it because I love to. I have even removed all my affiliate ads.

    This just reassures me to keep doing what I am doing now. Thank you.

  • Iris Barzen

    Thanks. This describes where I’m at right now.

    I’ve stopped caring about what I should be writing about or doing with my business exactly two weeks back. I started writing in my own voice, about the things that inspire me and that I actually give a shit about. I talk about my story, but ALWAYS with a lesson learned for the reader.

    Unhappiness 101, the first post I’ve written that way was one of the most vulnerable pieces I’ve written and also one of the most inspiring according to reader feedback. I think the seed is growing. :)

  • Mike Routen


    I’m a little late to the game here, but THANK YOU for this post!

    After a year of working my ass off trying to get some traction on my blog, I finally had to take a break and recouperate. I have hit rock bottom. At the same time my family and I walked away from our house and my job, bought a small sailboat and moved aboard.

    I now have nothing to lose. I can see now that all of the hard work I put into the website didn’t get traction because I was playing it safe. I wanted to be encouraging without offending anyone. I was standing in the middle of the road.

    Well that has to end. I no longer have the option to “play” blogger. The clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time before I run out of money. I HAVE to make this work. I have to help others succeed.

    Thank you for the kick in the pants and reminding me on why I started this journey in the first place.

  • Mridu Parikh

    Great post — way to keep it real. I’m constantly striving to avoid mediocrity and be my best unique self…but definitely needs reminding and reinforcement. Love your words.

  • Mark Ferguson

    Epic shit really does work. I am able to gain views and visitors by doing the normal marketing, but my goal to purchase 100 rentals has blown up. 1. Because it is epic and for sure gets people’s attention.

  • Dawn Marcotte

    As always a great post. I have to say that since I have started following your advise to write epic posts I have started getting a lot more targeted traffic. It has only been 30 days and I already see a difference in the number of sign ups and requests to join my Facebook group. Thanks again for telling it like it is and keeping me motivated to create something worthwhile!

    • Corbett Barr

      Fantastic Dawn, congrats! Keep going, it gets easier and easier.

  • Jason B

    Hell of a post. This was great timing for me. I am experimenting with my blog. I just have to continue to put in the work and it will be a success.

  • Robert Mishovski

    Thanks Corbett,

    Now I feel worst that before! :) But at least I confronted my fears and I feel kinda inspired to do more…. Great fucking post! Give us some more shit next time :)

  • Liton Biswas

    Good work corbett, sounds inspiring. Keep going.

  • Jessica Raymond

    Thanks for the pep talk Corbett! Persistence and passion will pay off. I really appreciate the material you put out and one day I hope to meet you in person once my online business has taken off and say thank you.

  • Yuheng

    Thanks for this inspirational post! It is truly timely even though I only read it now. Got to know about this post from your email newsletter.

    I have been facing 0 page views for my blog for the past few days. It can’t get any lower than this. So this shall be the rock bottom from which I shall climb back up again.

    Thanks, Corbett!

  • Jessica Raymond

    Thanks for the pep talk Corbett! Persistence and passion will pay off in the end. I appreciate all the great content you deliver on a consistent basis. I hope to meet you in person one day when my online business is making money and thank you for being an inspirational mentor.

  • Megan Pangan

    Corbett, I’ve been feeling this crappy feeling much more lately, I started a website thinking it was going to be about the weddings, then law of attraction, then relationships, now entrepreneurship and relationships. I feel that the niching down process is so painful, because it wasn’t without some real cash put down did I go through this process. Webdesign, logo design, color themes, and buying info products to help me with my start up online presence has been so de-motivating because of the money spent. But then I say, well, It’s part of the journey. Is that normal? To spending seemingly needlessly to niche down? I feel like I’m changing my mind too much versus niching down. Is this a case of a scatter brain and no drive to see things through. I feel like I may know the answer to that question and then perhaps, I think again and say you have no freakin’ clue girl. It’s like, when do you know when you’ve found your niche and persona (website, colors, branding)?

    • Dan Gamito

      Hey Megan,

      What you are going through is perfectly normal, but it will drive you into the ground unless you take some massive steps to correct it.

      All of the effort & cash you’ve put in wasn’t in vain, and niching down is absolutely necessary and can be very painful if you are too attached to whatever it is you think your brand needs to be.

      I can’t speak for Corbett, but I think he’d agree that focusing on your website, colors, branding, and concept is kind of a dumb thing to do right now.

      Instead of “starting a website thinking it’s going to be about x, y, or z”, try to shift your mindset to “I’m building a website to help Sarah the 57 year old professional woman feel better through menopause” or “I’m going to self-publish a book to help new college graduates deal with their share of the trillions of dollars in student loans they owe.”

      Being passionate about a subject isn’t good enough. You have to be passionate about helping people get through shit/achieve their ambitious goals AND have the AUDACITY to believe that you are the one who can deliver the solution better than anybody else.

      Websites, colors, logos, and custom email addresses are easy. Understanding a problem shared by a group of people and then delivering a viable, absurdly valuable solution is the hard part.

      Are you ready to work on the hard stuff?

  • Dan Gamito

    Hey Corbett,

    This post is badass, and conveys that you’ve definitely been through deep shit a few times to get to where you are now, which is admirable as hell.

    I recently ended a three-year, strangulating co-dependent relationship that left me penniless and with very few resources at my disposal.

    This post inspires me to staple my testicles back on and really put a little fire into my new brand.

    Thanks man.

  • Jason

    Totally agreed! I just started my blog and it’s damn hard. Anyway, once you create the momentum, it helps you to keep you afloat and survive even how rough the wave might try to submerge your spirit.

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  • King Hao

    This resonates with me so much, Corbett. I’m currently reviewing what’s important and what’s not in terms of setting up my blog while balancing it with other commitments.

    (I took your online blog course and it has set a framework for me to follow.)

  • Monique

    Thanks for this post! I’ve been transitioning from a website slump to getting back in the ring, and this post is just what I need to continue to push myself! This post is now saved on my computer.

  • Jen

    I’m late to this conversation, but with all due respect to Corbett for your helpful blog posts, I feel the passionate need to respond to this one by pointing out that financial success online in the form of a blog is not just about personal qualities of belief, clarity and perseverance.

    Bloggers are a version of self-published author. Take a look at the average income of self-published authors for a sense of what most are likely to make from self-publishing, whether it be print books, ebooks, or blogs.

    And I don’t mean the average income of the handful of break-through self-published authors in the how-to-make-money genre, in which Corbett, as cool and helpful as you are, appears to be included.

    Rather, take the average income of indie writers who do what they do because they “care” and have a “passion” and are expressing those wildly truthful things everyone else isn’t saying. I don’t know the number, but I live it everyday, and it ain’t no millions (or even thousands.)

    The other side of this equation is the cold hard reality of capitalism. Sometimes the reason no one is saying those wildly truthful things you want to say is because there is no crowd of people who want to hear it big enough to support your dedicated caring self in putting it into words.

    So I would add to this post, that if you are feeling kicked and beaten, if it’s gotten that bad, then don’t just look within — take a good cold look at the world around you. Are there enough people out there valuing your topic and point of view enough for you to generate an income in return for what you’re giving?

    As an aspiring self-publishing author, and a copywriter by trade, I am constantly made aware of how little our culture values the production of the thoughtfully written word. When the general collective rule is that “anybody can do it” (Anyone Can Publish a Blog and Become a Millionaire: Just Write List Posts!), it’s a very red blinking neon sign in our faces that what we do – write, blog, publish – is not highly valued.

    When a thing is not highly valued in the mass marketplace, you simply can’t expect income to stream easily and plentifully from it, if at all.

    Make sure you keep (or get) a day job.

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  • Adam from the green microgym

    Thanks for this. This is the type of info I relay to my staff at the gyms. It’s tough to get to rock bottom, and sucks to be there, but it is necessary for most of us to do a great job.

    Your post here translates very well in the brick and mortar world, where rock bottom usually means impending bankruptcy for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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