The Creative Balance: How Chase Reeves Built ???? (FS004)

As a business builder you absolutely have to learn to balance the creative stuff with the business stuff.

This is something Chase Reeves is well versed in. He’s one of the hosts of the show and we get to know him in part 2 of the Meet Your Hosts series.

In this entertaining episode he shares some lessons learned as he navigated his career through media and project management stuff to reading for 10 hours a day to newborns and lay-offs and start-ups, oh my!

There’s much to glean from his colorful way of looking at these things. (five finger shoes, anyone?)

We also answer a listener question about how to keep the growth of a membership site from stalling (one particular metric is incredibly important).

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Show Notes

Chase & Mellisa Reeves Music | We once made music. Now we make babies.

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

Saddleback Leather Co.

Paleo Plan | Making the Paleo Diet Easier

Rick Turoczy (turoczy) on Twitter

Enterprise Web Archiving Service – Iterasi

Pete Grillo on Twitter

DIYthemes – Run a Killer Website with the Thesis WordPress Theme

Chris Pearson on Twitter

Derek Halpern on Twitter

Intercom | Product | Intercom is the best way to get users actually using your product | Live user lists, rich user profiles, automated messaging, realtime communications.

A Podcast & Why I’m So Excited About It (this is the post where Chase talks about being a lone gunman).

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  • Luke

    I really enjoyed this episode you guys! Getting to hear about Chase’s story and being a young father myself I can totally relate. Wanting the most for my kids and my family and feeling likei need to provide for them, while also wanting the most for my life and not spending doing things I don’t enjoy.

    I would like to know, what if any ways you include your family in what you do everyday?

    A big part of my vision is to be able to work from anywhere work together with my wife Kaela and spend time with our family. We just recently made some changes in our life to help make that more of a reality everyday. Kinda like Corbetts story of crossing the border into Mexico, it seemed like a big deal but once we jumped and made it happen – its all okay :)

    Thanks for your show, I really enjoy it and will continue to listen and support what you guys are doing!

    All my best,


  • Darlene

    Corbett is the Andy that Chase mentions the guy that drove us back to our rooms after karaoke last year at WDS? That Andy?

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