Tips To Make The Most of Conferences (FS032)

Big things happen at conferences — business partners find each other, ideas get born and developed, people find encouragement and insights and sometimes good, ol’ fashioned friendships begin.

It’s true for me; that’s how Corbett and I met and what led to us becoming partners and building Fizzle together.

You should be going to conferences — there’s just too much to gain if you do it right.

But conferences can be absolutely harrowing. I’ve never felt more isolated, lonely and afraid of reaching out to people. We’ve got some tips for that.

In this episode we give you our best tips to help you meet people and build friendships that comingle honesty, shared experience and humble ambition.

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“Everyone looks like a douche online… but they’re awesome in person.” How to conference well.
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Big things come out of conferences if you treat them like an investment in your career. Here’s how ==>
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Conferences We Mentioned

New Media Expo 2014 – Las Vegas It’s a big conference but there are tons of great people and connections. Use FIZZLE20 for 20% off.

World Domination Summit (WDS) A great conference by a great dude in a great city.

SXSW 2014 An incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity

Big Omaha 2014 Building community, starting conversation, and providing inspiration for the creative class.

MicroConf – The Conference for Self-funded Startups and Single Founders A two-day conference focused on self-funded startups and single founder software companies.

Financial Bloggers Conference A peer conference for personal finance media.

Misfit Conf: Fargo A tiny conference about making a huge dent in the universe.

Chris Ducker’s “Tropical Think Tank” – Cebu, Philippines, 2014 hang out, learn lots, network and party your ass off with other awesome entrepreneurs.

XOXO Festival for geeks and internetters who disrupt things (without ever using the word “disrupt”).

Show Notes

How to Make Your Next Conference an Insanely Useful Experience | Think Traffic“Your next in-person conference could be a life- or business-changing experience.”

The Third Tier “The Reeves Tier Theory™ reminds me to dig in, think more human and ask if anyone needs another drink before I go get mine.”

Make WDS (or any conference) better next year “Here’s a few things I learned at the lovely and fabulous WDS conference in 2012.

Chase’s work station This is the desk setup Corbett so viciously slanders me for. I think it’s adorable.

How to Create a Compelling Elevator Pitch (FS018) “From now until you die, how many times will you be asked, “what do you do for a living?” Here’s how to make your response exceptional.”

Wellness Pill This is the pill I use when I feel i’m getting sick. 3 in the morning, 3 at night. If you’re prone to colds the way I am this is a life saver.

Don Miller WDS 2013 Talk This is a talk from WDS 2013 wherein my friend Don absolutely kills it. Great job, Don.

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  • Nick Loper

    Sweet! Perfect pre-NMX listening. Great work guys, and hope to see you there!

    • Caleb Wojcik

      So you there Nick!

  • Jason Bellomy

    Hey Guys!

    Just a heads up. I get your show on my Android through The dates for the episodes are always in the past. Today’s episode shows up as Nov 26th. I sort my episode list by date, newest first. And while I should know it’s Fizzle Friday, when I opened BeyondPod and see SPI and bunch of other of my Starting Lineup shows first, squirrel syndrome takes over and it’s not until Monday or Tuesday that I get around to listening.

    Not a big deal as I will be listening eventually, but new or casual listeners may never get around to.

    • Adrianne Laconi

      Had the same problem with Itunes. I was refreshing and refreshing and not seeing it. This post also doesnt show up unless you click through from email. Thanks for helping to sort me out Jason.

    • Caleb Wojcik

      Thanks for the heads-up Jason. We’ve fixed it for this episode and hopefully for the rest going forward.

  • Justin

    Wow. That Donald Miller video just rocked my world.

  • Dean Bocari

    Dude. You guys are freakin’ hilarious! listening to the conferencing podcast right now. Keep it up fellas.

    • Chase Reeves

      Thanks, Dean. Much obliged.

  • Karol K

    Great podcast, guys! By the way, you can still build a standing desk for less than $150. Here’s the one I’m using now:

    • Chase Reeves

      Oh, man… that’s awesome!

  • Dee Copeland Patience

    Hopefully get to see you all at NMX and I’ll also be at SXSW here in Austin, TX.

    Just came back from the Lean Startup Conference, which was almost like World Domination Summit (WDS) but for tech startups. Very cool people.

  • Omar Zenhom

    Don Miller slayed that public speaking dragon in one sharp blow. Loved that vid. Looking forward to see you guys at NMX. Thanks for all the pre-conference advice.

    • Chase Reeves


  • Paul Turner

    Great show! Thanks for leveling the playing field.

  • Tom Ross

    As a creative I just signed up for Big Omaha. I wish we had more of these in the UK!

  • Lisa B. Marshall

    I interviewed Diane Hildebrandt today and she told me about your site. This episode is my first exposure to Fizzle. I’m a speaker at NMX too…I’d love to meet you both.

    Also, if you’re interested, I’d be happy to join you on the episode on how to give a better talk and getting a speaking gig.

    P.S. Hey, Caleb, who should I meet? ; )

  • Dan McDaniel

    Wow. This is exactly what I needed. I feel like I just got an insider’s glimpse into WDS, SXSW, XOXO, and NMX. I’ll be using these tips to connect with people on a human level for years to come. Despite the following cliche, I think this show is slowly changing my life!

    dan at extremehonesty dot com

  • Andrew Gertig

    “I had way more close friends before I was a bestselling author than I did after.” That is some hard truth.

  • David Vogt

    Wow…Don Miller what a speech! Listening to the podcasts in reverse order while flipping houses. Had to stop what I was doing and watch the video. This guy gets right to the bones of reality. Such a great talk. Thanks Chase for adding this one in. On the waiting list for WDS. If I can’t get a ticket would love to have a fizzle meet up and spend a few days and share a drink with everyone in Portland.

  • Gil Michelini

    Thanks for this podcast. I am signed up for a conference at the end of July and have not been looking forward to going. The triple C advice in this has helped me to better understand the value of conference.
    I may be the only one, but I am glad Chase has calmed down a little since this podcast.

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