Top 5 Tips for Building a Business (& Other Questions) (FS031)

Fizzle Show listeners are asking questions! We’ve received a ton and in this episode we go deep on a few of them answering questions like:

  • Moving domains: why you’d want to do it, how to do it without losing search engine placement, and what the most important part of the move should be.
  • Content ideas: how to come up with ideas for things to write and how to decide what bits go where if you have more than one publishing outpost (blog, ebook, podcast, video, etc).
  • Top 5 advice(s): what five pieces of advice we’d give to someone we care about (like a family member) who wanted to start an online business.

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(A big thanks to our listener questioners in this episode: Preston, Jared and Mike — we love you guys).

Show Notes

How to Move WordPress To Another Domain“There may come a day when you need to switch domains. (And perhaps today is that day.)”

BackupBuddy – the premiere WordPress backup plugin to backup, restore and move WordPress“If you are worried about messing things up or that you don’t have the technical skills to do it, we recommend that you use the WordPress plugin BackupBuddy, which automates much of this process.”

Awesome quote from Steven Pressfield’s first mentor — I’d quote a bit from it but then you probably wouldn’t click and read. Do it. Do it!

Marco Arment’s XOXO talk: Why podcasting is awesome“One of the best parts of independence is choosing what you work on, and Marco’s clearing his plate for something brand new…”

A Walk Through Making Your First Product in 7 Steps (FS027)“Can you get over the psychological roadblocks and self sabotaging tendencies and create something valuable enough for people to buy?”

The Guilt Free Mama (Chase’s wife’s site) — A great example of what you can do with Squarespace even if (especially if) you don’t know how to code or design. She did this all by herself!

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  • JS

    You guys are definitely doing a great job.
    I love your podcast.
    I first listened to podcast #24 and then just did not stop.
    My music player is full of your episodes.
    Keep on producing such great stuff.
    Cheers !

    • Chase Reeves

      Thanks, JS!

  • Preston Lee

    YOU GUYS! Seriously, thank you for taking time to answer my question. Amazing insights and guidance. And thanks just for the general words of encouragement. Sometimes that’s all you need as an entrepreneur is someone to say “keep it up, it looks like you’re on the right path.”

    So thank you.

    Also, which is worse? Using “solopreneur” or “jazzapella” in a sentence?
    Well, in any case, this solopreneur thinks your guys’ jazzapella was just smashing. :)

    • Chase Reeves

      HA HA!! “jazzapella!?”


  • Best SEO Company

    Interesting article! I’ll do more research into it.

  • Dan McDaniel

    Wow!! This show is genius! The advice about having a high-quality photo of yourself above the fold is really helpful. Also, choosing a niche that you really care about is key. Thanks, guys :)

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