Here’s an homage to the gall and guts Fizzle members put towards their goals in 2016.

And here’s some of your favorite business resources this year:

SABTM, How to Lose Money Podcast,, the Fizzle show! (of course)

Fizzle Podcast, different business blogs


Social Pros

local mentors

Eric Thomas

work experience

trial by fire

dark night of the soul



definitely I’m impressed by Fizzle, a genuinely great service and I’ll be using them to create and maintain my business, I love the SO easy to follow and thorough step by step approach and the great price point!


Joined Fizzle but not making full use of it. I like ProBlogger too!

Fizzle Podcast, EOonFire Podcast, Joe defranco’s Podcast… basically podcasts and an online course from Awlyn costgrove. (Fitness people)

Fizzle show podcast, Fizzle membership, blog posts by Tara Gentile and about a million various articles - usually written or recommended by Fizzle. :)

Michael Carbone’s courses (Online Course In A Weekend, in particular).


Hub spot and Fizzle

Smart Passive Income

Fizzle, BYS

podcasts, courses

Dreaming books articles

Courses through Udacity.

“Derek Halpern’s - sales page that converts


Fizzle roadmap”

Basically only doing Fizzle stuff at this point and some reading about money coaching (Bari Tessler and others etc.)

“Product to Profit


“The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss courses on MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Squarespace”

Tara Gentile, Create Your Laptop Life, Launch Your Signature Course, Meghan Minns

wow. Peopleware, Rework, Lean Analytics, Sprint, Selling the Wheel, User Stories Applied. I read a lot, here is my book list:

Fizzle, FreedomJournal, Udemy Courses, Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend, books

Fizzle roadmap/podcasts

Fizzle, Live Your Legend, Lifehacker, Dale Carnegie

blogs, courses

Gary V, Fizzle, EOFire, Pat Flynn, Scrum, Google Dev

“Fizzle Show/blog

AskGaryVee Show

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Elegant Themes blog”




EOFIRE podcast, think and grow rich (book) books, lots of books

Learned a lot about finance from Radical Personal Finance. Learned a lot about starting a business from Fizzle.

Fizzle podcast and roadmap. SPI podcast, Social Media Mktg podcast and a lot of other podcasts (which is probably what pushed me beyond “learning” and into “overwhelmed”).

Courses, podcast, articles

Andy Paul’s Sales Podcast

Landmark Worldwide Education and Fizzle and business friends.

school of greatness podcast, daily vee vlogs on facebook and fizzle roadmap

abraham-hicks, EFT

“Dream Year by Ben Arment

Numerous podcasts”

really just at this stage. I’m just getting started again.


Wired Educator Podcast

Podcasts, books, and courses

Fizzle, Zen Courses

“Fizzle (of course!)

I actually have been keeping a list of the people/companies who have influenced me the most:


Frank Bria

Danny Iny

John Nemo

Tom Glover

Zach Crawford”

Niel Patel, Pat flynn

Fizzle, Mixergy, 10 ideas from James Altucher

Your blogging course. Blogger friends I have met.

Customer conversations course. Natural for some, eye opener for others. Powerful.

MASTIN KIPP!!! I did a mastermind with him and it turned my life around!!! I also follow content from Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo and find them helpful and inspiring.

fizzle. one simple idea. tim ferriss podcast and books. ted talks

fizzle, roger james hamilton

Podcasts: Fizzle Show, Writing Excuses.

“1) book retreat with Michael Port and Mike Michalowicz. Gave me more clarity on my message.

2) podcast and business coaches

3) fizzle customer conversations course

4) books- Essentialism, Originals, The Artist Way, Start With Why

5) Seth Godin blog and books”

Melyssa Griffin’s courses


10x Rule (book), Fizzle, Financial Samurai (blog).

Fizzle podcast SPI podcast Kim Garst. Going to Social Media Marketing World

Fizzle podcast, getting encouragement from a coach, Onward Nation podcast, Chalene Johnson Marketing Impact Academy and her podcasts, ProBlogger podcast

Sabtm course

Pat Flynn pod cast, Ellory Wells book Exit Strategy, Fizzle pod casts

Roger James Hamilton,


Copyblogger, Problogger, Unemployable podcasts”

Articles and courses

Fizzle podcast and BABTM masterclass with Chase and Corbett

UTube videos.

“90 Day Year (course)

Theory U (book)



The Podcast Report podcast.

the fizzle show, i mean c’mon.

SPI podcasts, The Success Principles book

tim ferriss podcast

articles and podcasts

Choosing a topic course


Fizzle Show, Smart Passive Income Podcast, Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast

The courses are phenomenal! My favorites: website design, SABTM, telling your story, sharable images (<– this one helped me land a part-time position as an editorial content cutator).

Podcasts, ebooks and pdfs, courses.

Articles and podcast

Fizzle show, smart passive income podcast, Amy porterfield

The fizzle interview with Leo Babauta on writing content was really helpful, as well as so many other courses on fizzle. Also, Zach Luz - coach - gave me a lot of really amazing advice.

Fizzle, Boyce Watkins

I met some new friends who know how to do the things I want to do, so I moved 1000 miles to be near them.


The Art of Work

“Unemployable .com

Be a professional blogger

Comic experience .

All are podcasts”

Robin sharma and lyl

The Fizzle show. Several Fizzle courses: connecting w/anyone-Scott Dinsmore, naming my podcast - can’t remember course name.

Podcasts, books, courses.


Podcasts, articles and books

The world of Tim Ferris


Blinkist, Fizzle podcast (naturally)


Procrastinate on Purpose - Rory Vaden

Deep Work - Cal Newport

Some stuff from Don Miller’s StoryBrand Podcast

Beyond the To Do List Podcast

Fizzle, Pat Flynn’s book,


All things Fizzle! and some other biz podcasts

Podcasts, food photography school online course

fizzle show

Building a blog course is AWESOME


Fizzle, Marie Forleo videos, Wellpreneur podcast

Fizzle, b-school, Pat Flynn will it fly

Instagram posts.

Fizzle, Afford Anything Podcast, Bridechilla Podcast, Book Yourself Solid, Get Bullish Society, & my FB Mastermind group.

Seth godin

The book Essentialism. The Getting Things Done method. The book Better Than Before.

fizzle podcasts, elise gets crafty podcast

Fizzle duh, you tube for mailchimp, 7 day startup and the 4 hour work week. I mainly listen to fizzle podcasts I HAVE to get back to getting online and doing the courses more

fizzle podcast, superfastbusiness (james shramko)content,essentialism book, startup podcast (gimlet media), three simple steps book

Fizzle! Loads of audiobooks valuetainment youtube


Get Paid To Live

Choose yourself

Fizzle forums, Chris Gillebeau’s $100 Startup, Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup, Fizzle’s SABTM cohort, Fizzle’s podcast


fizzle SABTM course, fizzle podcast, Pat Flynn podcast & blog, teachable course, evernote course, nerd fitness blog, Hal Elrod book, good life project book & resources

“Tim ferriss show

The fizzle show

The One Thing

Thinking fast and slow “

Articles and books

Mostly Fizzle, friends, few books

I took a great writing and editing course from Shani Raja. I have paid much more for worse writing courses. I’ve read a few books this year but best was The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday

Fizzle, Seth Godin

James Clear’s newsletter

“ and podcast

Tim Ferriss

Art of Charm

5 Minutes with Jack (Spirko)”

Well Fizzle was the best discovery this year. Love the podcasts. I also listen to a lot of audio books for content ideas. To improve with organization, I started using Wunderlist and Evernote. Great tools.

“Fizzle show and courses

Neil Patel’s blog

Amy Porterfield’s

The art of paid traffic podcast

Inbound Unboxed podcast

Unthinkable podcast

Unbounce blog

AdEspresso blog

Klient boost blog

Ramit Sethi’s blog

James Altucher’s podcast

Chase Jarvis’ podcast “

“Tony Robbins - Personal Power 2 Course

Fizzle podcasts


Fizzle courses (website design, identify customer profile, attitude, philosophy of business) other sites and courses: Ittybiz, 30 x 500, Derek Halpern Socail Triggers, Seth Godwin

Market superheroes, profitable online, Chris Farrell membership and Fizzle

fizzle, fizzle podcast, lots of books

Fizzle, LYL, Project Life Mastery, Matt Furey


Blue Ocean Strategy Book, Fizzle, I Will Teach You To Be Rich Earn 1k course, Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course on Udemy, Tony Robbins Podcast


Michael Hyatt BYE, Ramit Sethi, Fizzle.

Willpower Instinct


Tropical mba, my wife quit her job

Courses, Articles


Podcasts, books, webclass

Fizzle courses/podcast. Gary V podcast, Tim Ferriss podcast.


“The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

Tim Ferriss Podcast, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams, Meditations - Marcus Aurelius, This free web development course -, I’d like to say Fizzle, but I don’t come here enough. :(



Shawn Bolz book, Don Miller articles and videos, Seth Godin podcast, Better Bookkeeping Academy courses, LinkedIn articles

podcast/fizzle :-)/UTube

“Amy Hoy’s writing,

Patrick McKenzie’s example,”



Navid Moazzez’s free PDF download on how to create a virtual summit.

Other than Fizzle of course, the AskGaryVee Show, The Showrunner Podcast, and a few books that I enjoyed like Creativity Inc.. My favorite resource was my own will. I just went for it.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz; Service and posts on pricing at; Patience, and more fucking patience.

articles and courses

Fizzle/Seanwes Podcasts. Focus Course.

Brain Rules by John Medina


ZTL, Serious Bloggers and Fizzle.

“Pencils of Promise

Jonah Berger’s book can’t think of the name



Gina Horkey’s Freelancing Course

Jeff Goins Tribe Writer’s Course”

Fizzle, various folks on twitter in the sports business world

The Seanwes conference


Tim Ferris Show podcast.

Fizzle podcast, fizzle forums, Caleb’s podcast and courses, Skillshare, The War of Art, Steal Like an Artist, Gary V



derek rydal podcasts, Marie Forleo TV videos

Courses, articles


SABTM, podcasts

Fizzle, Tara Gentile’s book and her Creative Live sessions.

Fizzle podcast and membership site, SABTM course, Customer Conversations course,Freelance Transformation podcast, Google Drive, Harvest Time Tracker (and invoicing), “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth

“Podcasts: Entrepreneurs and Coffee, Fizzle show

Books: Grit by Angela Duckworth, The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun”

Entrepreneur leadership group, Benefit Mentors

Fizzle, Live Your Legend, World Domination Summit, Cal Newport, Steven Pressfield

Fizzle show, my wife quit her job podcast, social media examiner, Gary vee canva, alcohol (for creativity of course), and EDM (nice hair mixes - the chainsmokers).

Fizzle, Melissa Griffin, Paper and Oats: Etsy on Autopilot, Paper and Oats: InDesign Field Guide, Pat Flynn podcasts

Story Brand online workshop, Best Year Ever, Platform University, Fizzle membership, SCORRE training, The War of Art, Essentialism, The ONE thing.

Podcasts and courses, though they were also the problem. They consumed too much time.

Facebook groups, articles and podcasts


Books and courses. I bought the Sam ovens consulting course , I have you guys on fizzle and I’m reading books from grant Cardone.

“the Fizzle Start a Blog that Matters course w/ mentoring

Fizzle forum



Coaching session with Corbett on chosing a topic; podcast with Chase on finding your audience; and I just love listening in to anything Steph does.

Who will cry when you die, ALOHAF course at Coursera

Bootstrapped web. Fizzle show.

Jeff Walker PLF, Stu Mclaren for vision. SPI and Fizzle podcasts for ideas, motivation and mental stimulation

fizzle podcast!

“Fizzle, fo sho.

Magic lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert

Jason Zook’s Action Army Podcast and “Buy My Future” products.

Fizzle, duh.

ArtBiz coach, asana, Neu wall calendar, artwork archives, fizzle start a blog that matters, Brainard Carey and Praxis, Richard Rohr’s daily contemplations, spirituality and practice gratitude quotes, increasing my yoga practice, walking being on the board of a nonprofit, hiring a cpa, Freshbooks, reading Teilhard de Chardin,making connections in my home town enddd up with an exhibit in the oyster bay historical society building!


Work Clean (book)

Fizzle blogging course

Sabem course, Amy Porterfield podcast, Neil Patel podcast

Fizzle Show, Artist’s Way, Alex Beadon’s snapchat, Reinventing Organizations, Podcast Movement 2016

The book, “Grit.” Fizzle courses. Smart Passive Income.

The fizzle show, fizzle forums, my ability to solve problems.

“Fizzle Podcast

Mastermind group

Close Friends”,, 4 hour work week book, UPW

Fizzle Show is great. Gary Vee


masterminds, skype and facebook groups

Fizzle Courses have been very useful, also some Digital Marketer stuff (though it feels super-sleazy). I am half way through reading the Pro-Blogger book too..

GIICT, Pat Flynn, Udemy, Skillshare

30 day just ship it challenge, nerdfitness redesign video, eben pagan’s courses

Melyssa Griffin, Fizzle,

working 1x1 with a coach and attending paid training seminars

Fizzle, Mixergy, Pat Flynn,

Rebecca Lutz, Visionary Business School, byRegina, Fizzle

Podcasts and convertkit

Fizzle Show, Dotcom Secrets book

Fizzle, of course - particularly the podcasts and the BYS course. The Prosperous Coach (book). Brene Brown. Uncage Your Life (website/services). Calm app.

Fizzle, SPI


“Fizzle (podcast/courses)

Cortex podcast


Podcasts, courses, and Pinterest as a source for great blogs and articles.

Fizzle. Tara Mohr. Being boss podcast. Seth Gordon books, podcasts. OpEd Project course.

articles, courses

My mentor. Book-Succeed.


Smart passive income

Start a blog that matters

Fizzle show

“Makercast, Making it, How I built this - Podcasts - Bootstrapping side projects talk”

Fizzle, my business coach


“Team Treehouse videos

Podcasts are great resources”

Fizzle show. It keeps me going. Headspace is also very good.

Blue ocean strategy, startups for the rest of us, fizzle, hiten shah’s startup chat and saas weekly

Mind Your Business Podcast (James Wedmore)

Developer on fire, Amy Hoy and Fizzle

powerprofit pursuit by Tara Gentile, Fizzle by you guys,Creativelive by Tara gentile,BreanNE Dyck of Mnib CONSULTING AND MARIA FORLEO

Industry conferences. The book Hooked.


Smart Passive Income, Entrepreneur On Fire, Fizzle, E-Myth Revisited, 1000 True Fans, $100 Startup

Gregg Braden, Rob Williams, Bruce Lipton

Fizzle (by a longshot), The Fizzle Show, James Altucher books and podcast, SETH GODIN (everything he does), Marie Forleo (MarieTV), Jonathan Mead, Freedom Journal (JLD), Pat Flynn’s podcast and guides, (found my book editor here), Tony Robbins (again).

Instagram Ads Intensive course, SumoMe Blog, Fizzle Courses

Facebook groups for makers, fizzle

fizzle actually, TGIM, shopify

ZTL course from Ramit Sethi, Scott Barlow’s podcast and mastermind, Fizzle podcast and John Lee Dumas’ podcast.

Fizzle, the book The One Thing, Chris Brogan, John Lee dumas


By far my confidence coach and mastermind group I developed while participating in the SABTM course. Wouldn’t have done it without them and fizzle of course.

“Mightybell platform

Fizzle assortment of…things

Smart Passive Income podcast

EOFire podcast

Problogger podcast

Google Docs”

Fizzle, tim ferris podcast, big magic -e. Gilbert, everything by Brene brown, hidden brain podcast, Ted talks, the alchemist -Paulo coello

Harvard Business Review, Smartpassiveincome, Fizzle

The prosperous coach, the Emerson Suite, guy kawasaki, LinkedIn, my uncle Richard, supercoach, guerrilla marketing for coaches


“School of Greatness and Good Life Project Podcast

Numerous books and articles”

Blog courses starting a. Lov that matters and the first 10 k one

Fizzle podcast, Tony Robbins Unleash Power Within,

Books about small businesses (100$ startup, …), Podcasts

Learn enough to be dangerous, fizzle, pen markers, post its, paper, design + code, google, Code4Startup, scrivener, pagico, lean startups for social change

james altucher, you guys, friends doing similar work

amy porterfields podcast, stu mclarens tribe build up, melanie duncans business class,

Case Studies

””“Smart Women”” Thrasher and Smid

“”Make Your Mark”” seminar, Colin Sprake

joined Live Your Legend

Marie Forleo podcasts - Many

“”Just Banking”” course MIT

“”Mother Earth News”” Summit podcasts


“Pricing Design - Dan Mall

Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Creative Hustlers Newsletter - Luis Vazquez

Paul Jarvis (everything)

Fizzle roadmap”

Webinars, fizzle courses

You guys and gal, problogger, Gary V, in general though this year I needed to get it if there resources and get into worker bee mode.

New plugins for my site (wp ultimate recipes) and fizzle! Also money to start hiring out like video and design elements

“Fizzle, OMG fizzle


Accountability partner”

Sprint, Justin Jackson’s MegaMaker podcast article on digital job hunting, Lizzie Davies on freelance writing, Ryan Rhoten on personal branding

Fizzle (of course) and The War of Art

Fizzle, the Member Site Academy

zero to one (peter thiel). e-myth revisited (michael gerber). U (obviously). skillshare (design and marketing… 3 months free atm).

Fizzle show, XY Planning Network, Start (book),

“ subscription and podcast

Got rid of everything else which was causing serious distraction”

FIZZLE and your podcast

All things Fizzle (love you guys), customer conversation course by steph, MM group, Copyblogger

WDS; Fizzle; Charlie Gilkie; Nathan Allotey; Liz Gilbert; Facebook/Slack/Whatsapp groups around travel & women’s stuff

you guys, definitely. Pat Flynn’s site, branding specialist Lisa Haggis (I took one of her courses, and it really helped); listening to a lot of podcasts to hear how people did it.

Tim Ferriss’ Podcast, Fizzle Podcast, Fizzle Roadmap, learning how to reach out to people through the attempt to start a podcast

Fizzle show, Fizzle community and courses. Especially the customer conversations and SABTM, and the email course. Also pat Flynn’s book will it fly.

Podcasts like Fizzle Show, SPI, Problogger. Fizzle video courses.

Buffer, Wave, No BS Marketing (et al),

Amy porterfield podcast, fizzle of course, ask method book,

Fizzle, Productive flourishing, Instagram

1) Internal sources, such as drawing from the base of my own voracious previous learning and building constructs based on a perceived validated model of concept handling capable of juggling very broad and deep/complex themes and issues; 2) external sources, such as podcasts, articles, books, courses

Podcast, Fizzle, blogs

Podcasts: Fizzle, Side Hustle Show, Smart Passive Income, Internet Business Mastery, ProBlogger, The Blog Millionaire, Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson…


Daniel Pink’s work, 360 Branding Course, still taking in material/resources as I have been really doing this work for about 5 months

Fizzle Podcast, Millionaire Fast lane Audiobook

Fizzle podcast (for reals), Miracle Morning, Grant Cardone 10x Rule

“Enjoy Tim Ferriss’ podcast. It’s the inspiration I need.

Still enjoy Eben Pagan’s two premium courses: “”Get Altitude”” and “”Guru Masterclass”“… also have found a lot of value from Jay Abraham’s premium seminar “”Abraham Factor”“”

Masterminds are my favorite


storybrand podcast”

Fizzle, Happy Black Woman, cove (my co-working space in DC)

Everything by Ryan Stewart at Webris. The Roadmap for sure. Free stuff from Glen at Viperchill. EVERYTHING from Justin Jackson, Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook. I bought Jason Zook’s future (such a cool concept) and it totally changed the course of my life and business. Hands down, it was the best part of my year.

Fizzle podcast, Profitable Online Store

My Mastermind group, “Capture Clients, Close Deals” by Steve Napalatan, “Keynote Mastery” by Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Fizzle (wink wink), “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries

Fizzle. Neville. Neil Patel. Jon Morrow. Authority Hacker.



Creative Market

Divi (from Elegant Themes)

Health Coach Institute

Leoni Dawson

Caroline White

James Wedmore”

Pat Flynn’s podcast, Fizzle


Certification organizations, right brain business plan, mastermind group

Big Magic; The Pumpkin Plan; 12 week year for books; Mixergy podcast gives such great ideas, even for non-SaaS based businesses..and of course the Fizzle show - my favorite podcast to run to.



Fizzle’s webinar on Website Desing

Fizzle’s podcast on WordPress vs. SquareSpace

Amy Porterfield’s multiple podcasts on Facebook Ads”

Fizzle, Social Triggers, Let GOD Out


Podcasts and webinars

Fiverr , audible , podcasts

The Fizzle Show and Digital Marketer Labs

Subtle Disruptors podcast

“Podcasts: Unmistakable Creative, Tim Ferriss, Paul Jarvis, Hidden Brain, James Altucher, Self Publishing Podcast, and of course, Fizzle

Blogs: Mark Manson, Derek Sivers, Copyblogger, Evonomics, Wait But Why, Brain Pickings

Books: Fooled By Randomness, The Millionaire Fastlane, Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth “

Jonathan Fields Camp Good Life (attended for the first time) and his podcast Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic book. Duolingo (working on Spanish fluency). Asana and Evernote.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, Fizzle, Being Boss, Stephen Pressfield, Eat that Frog

Fizzle podcast, Deep Work book, Coaching.

Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Fizzle, Middle Finger Project

Believe it or not, I was becoming overwhelmed with too many resources and too much consumption of media, so I stopped. The day I started listening to music again, instead of podcasts and audiobooks, was the day I started creating again. It feels amazing and was the best thing I did to move forward. Nothing wrong with the resources, but I had to put them down, turn them off and start creating instead of consuming. Allowing yourself to be fully creative very momentum-building, fun and addictive!

Fizzle show, Sprouting Photographer podcast, Being Boss podcast, talking to a local business advisor, making more friends in the industry, re-reading Book Yourself Solid, Kristen Kalp’s Go Your Own Way ebook and Healthy Hustle e-course, reading 113 Million Markets of One, and definitely joining the Fizzle community!

SABTM course - the live interaction component and having a cohort working through it at the same time were both very helpful and motivating. A variety of Creativelive classes on practical stuff like photography (for blog, website and product photography).

Fizzle was number one! Also Elle and Company blog, Jeff Goins podcast, Big Magic by Liz Gilbert

“ecom crew podcast

ecommerce fuel podcast

mywifequitherjob podcast/site

reddit FBA”

The Fizzle Show (duh) but also Hubspot Content Marketing Course and Inbound Marketing Course, and books Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff, and Systems Thinking for Social Change., pluralsight, lynda, book: “content inc” , blog course on fizzle (didn’t get to complete with group)

Tim Ferriss show & the SABTM coaching cohort. Biggest, most game changing resources I’ve ever had in my life!

The Fizzle Show; Interviews with Derek Sivers; Corbett’s newsletter; Fizzle courses: [Essentials of Web design for Business builders], [Start a blog that matters], [Winning insights with customer converstations], [Connect with Anyone] and [The Fizzle Mindset] *again. These are the major ones.

Fizzle Show, $100 startup, 4 hour work week, SPI podcast, YouTube videos about WordPress

“Fizzle - but there’s so much content it’s a bit overwhelming

The Member Site Academy

The Recording Revolution


All things Fizzle, Andre Chaperone, SPI podcast

Sam Carpenter - Work the System

Fizzle, Fizzle Show, Femtrepreneur podcast, Chris Brogan


tutorials/courses, entrepreneur websites, blogs/articles


Tim ferriss podcast, lifestyle business weekly, anything related to Ruby on Rails

Business By Design (Jame Wedmore course), Local Video Academy (Brandon Lucero)

Fizzle, rich dad poor dad book

“Your podcast

Your blogging course and other fizzle courses

Book Yourself Solid Illustrated by Michael Port

Anything by Seth Godin

Anything by James Clear

Book - Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Old book - The Magic of Thinking Big - Schwartz

Bullet journaling

Book - Interior Design + Brand”

Word Press Course


melyssa griffin’s pinfinite growth, navid moazzez’s list building school, mariah coz’s info about using webinars to launch courses, meera kothand’s opt-in blueprint

“Tara Gentile’s The Lab

Breanne Dyck “”Beyond Satisfaction”” and The Master Course

Leadpages Interactive Offer Course”

Gtd, confluence

Podcast and books


a ton of podcasts, some ebooks on writing, CreativeClass course by Paul Jarvis, all the Seth Godin audio and video recordings I could find

“BOOKS: Small Giants, People Over Profit, Show Your Work, The Obstacle is the Way

COURSES: Fizzle (Blog That Matters, Customer Conversations)”

Fizzle Podcast, Start a Blog that Matters weekly video meetup, Essentialism (book), Born for This (book), Seth Godin’s Blog


fizzle, books, courses, other people

Workshops, a book or two, a couple of blogs and several online courses. Not a fan of podcasts - I can’t keep my attention on them. Reading is much better - and usually much quicker.

Online courses, mastermind groups, podcasts, webinars

Fizzle, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and the online teaching aids at Facebook, Square Space, and Mailchimp

people who understand (Tribe); Happy Startup Summer Camp; technical websites; fizzle podcast

Screw the 9 to 5 podcasts.

Fizzle, HBR Top 10 Articles on Strategy, the books Traction and EMyth

“Rick Mulready


Member Site Academy

Crucial Conversations

Will it Fly?

Whiskey, Fernet & Coke… hey, don’t judge, they get my creative juices flowing! (Chase understands)”


Building my creative network

Collaborating with others” and his “Buy My Future” product.

Fizzle, Julia Zaslow, Teachable

My favorite business resources this year were Fizzle, Harvard Business Review, my AMAZING mastermind group, $100 Startup, and WDS.

“Fizzle Show & SABTM

“”Born for This”” by Chris Guillebeau

“”Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”“

by Greg McKeown

“”Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business”” by Charles Duhigg

“”The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?”” by Seth Godin

“”The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph”” by Ryan Holiday”

Fizzle roadmap and courses (podcasts are a bit geared towards people in a different place than myself), Asian Efficiency podcast, Pat Flynn podcasts.

Pinterest course, Facebook course

Playbook to profits

build a blog that matters coaching group, your podcast

good life project course with Johnathan Field, hired a branding company to help with that, course on cartooning and whiteboard, designed an online course using Ruzuku platform. Many books/blog, i.e. seth godin Leap, LYL free stuff at the moment, zen habits etc.

slight edge, clickfunnels

“17 Hats

Rainmaker Platform

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

my Facebook Mastermind group”

“I listen to podcasts a lot since i commute over 2 hours/day, so although not all podcasts are always beneficial, i like the occasional nuggets i can gather even from podcasts that are just otherwise bleh. I like “”Under the influence”” as an entertaining podcast about marketing.

I also like Hubspot, and which tend to reference interesting articles.”

Fizzle Show, Road map.

Fizzle(!), podcasts, my imac and my journal.

“Fizzle (of course). Local networking groups. Mastermind activity.

I’m also part of a community that provides templates for how to get crap done. Step by step, exact language that can be tweaked for personal fit. That reduces a lot of stress “”What the hell do I do? How do I do it? What do I say?”“

They also have weekly membership calls where they address a specific aspect of their program (like one of the templates). Someone is in the hot seat for 45 minutes and then we practice with another member for 45 minutes.”

Fizzle, Jeff Walker vids, Mariah Coz, Pat Flynn, Aaron Fletcher

“I started using, which has helped tremendously.

I need to use Fizzle more, but that’s been one.

No books have jumped out, but many podcasts (Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield, etc.)”

“Carson Tate Book Work Simply

David Allen book GTD

The Productive Woman podcast

Futurist Craig Rispin’s mentoring groups. “

“The Fizzle Show

Live Your Legend Community

Book Yourself Solid

The James Altucher Show


Making Ideas Happen

Fizzle’s podcasts, Sue Bryce’s membership website and Jeremy Cowart’s membership site - oh and Joy of Marketing year-long workshop


online articles and courses

“fizzle! The books “”Essentialism”” and “”Messy.”” Evernote. MindBody studio software. Things related to my field — which is teaching yoga and finding inspiration through the arts — include starting classes in Gaga (a modern dance technique ) and Feldenkrais (a somatic movement technique), reading Patty Smith’s Book “”M Train”” (made a big impression) and becoming a regular reader of the blog Brain Pickings.

(FYI, not sure if by asking this question you’re trying to learn more about ME, or wanting to be turned onto new business resources — apologies for oversharing, if that’s the case.)”

“My mastermind group has been the single greatest resource this year.

I went through Productivity Essentials course again. Everything I was struggling with (like getting my CEO the hell out of my worker bee mode) was in there, and I just forgot it.

Books? I mostly just read The War of Art over and over again. I guess I treat it like Aurelious’ Meditations, or the Book of Proverbs. “

Fizzle Show Podcast, Audible Books,

Fizzle, Ayahuasca, processwork,

Dotcom Secrets, Unlimited Power, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Gallup Strengths assessment, Big Magic. Surrounding myself with peeps who dream and act big.

Facebook Groups, The Amazing Seller podcast, Fizzle

“Copy writing guide

Squarespace vs. Wordpress Article

Josh Shipp Founder Story

Start a blog that matters course (version 2)”

medium articles, Jeffery Zeldman’s facebook posts, other misc articles

Fizzle Show. The e-myth revisited (terribly written, great premise). Hiring - and learning from - freelancers.


books - Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Probably the podcast library I have subscribed to, including fizzle, problogger, video creators, social media marketing.

Not to blow smoke, but the Fizzle podcast was seriously helpful. The Fizzle forum connected me with Tim Paige, who recommended some resources that helped me move my VO biz forward. Outside of Fizzle, systems thinking and planning podcasts were great, a few VO biz books, and Marie Forleo/Tim Ferriss et al. were a big help, too. Mindset was as crucial an area as biz practices.

“Gary Vaynerchuk’s Daily Vee and AskGaryVee shows

Fizzle podcast”

Halley Gray’s Be Booked Out program

Fizzle, Smart Passive Income, Ask Pat, Professional Trainer Society

Fizzle courses

Scrum by Jeff Sutherland, Customer Conversations course from Fizzle, one-on-one business coaching, Ellechat from Lauren Hooker (Elle & Co), Deep Work by Cal Newport, SABTM course from Fizzle


Podcasts (Fizzle big time), books, courses, articles

Books, audio courses,seminars, AMA marketing

Unfuckwithable girlfriends, copyblogger, fizzle ;), your podcast on newsletters,, all travel blogging conferences

Audio books, Podcasts, Fizzle Hangouts, coaching & courses.

Well, Fizzle. Duh! I really liked the book Happy Money because it’s helped me frame financial decisions for people a little differently. Mastermind groups have been enormously valuable. I’ve really enjoyed Tim Ferris’ podcast as well. It’s not really a business podcast but it’s helped me think differently in some ways.



Fizzle roadmap & podcast (really)

“Fizzle courses have been great.

Joining masterminds with coaches to get interaction and to ask questions

I did a lot of webinars and summits this year - urgh! Some were worthwhile, others I can’t even remember and won’t get my time back. Topics were around list building, authoring books, starting up business etc

Finding comparison lists for software and tools to start my business and how it all works together.”


Will It Fly - Pat Flynn

The One Thing - Gary Keller

The Millionaire Fastlane - MJ DeMarco

askgaryvee - Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Triggers

Tai Lopez

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey”

Harvard business review, Rescue Time,

hubspot, fizzle, T. Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard

onion juice podcast, spi, Gary V

“Live Your Legend. Simon Sinek’s “”Start with why”“.

And you guys! “

Trello, EO Fire, Success is Not an Accident (book),, Dotcom Secrets (book), Funnel Hacker Radio ( and of course Fizzle :)

Fizzle, Sue Bryce Education, Lewis Howes podcast

A mentor and podcasts


The fizzle show!, Choose yourself…

Fizzle Show, my mastermind, coaching class

podcasts, online courses

Fizzle membership, Digital Marketer, Food Blogger Pro podcast, Being Boss podcast, Smart Passive Income (podcast, etc), David Siteman Garland’s course course, Melissa Lanz, Tara Gentile

Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Todd Herman, Screw the 9 to 5 community, and definitely Fizzle though it’s still very new to me!

new co-workers, courses, articles

Fizzle, BizChix, Amy Porterfield, Bryan …

Fizzle show, Fizzle blogging course, The war of art, Tim ferris show, Seth Godin newsletter

Fizzle, Authority Hacker podcast/website, Patrick Bet- David

fizzle ;-), CitizenCircle (Germany), AwesomePeopleConference (Germany)

“Neil Patel

Tim Ferris

Mariah Coz

my mastermind”

“Ben Settle’s Email Players Newsletter

John Carlton’s Copywriting course”

My mentor (property)

local growth accelerator mentor, lots of business podcasts

Podcasts: Yours, Smart Passive Income, Being Boss, Paul Jarvis

ConvertKit, Fizzle Show, Customer Conversations, Trello+Asana, Ulysses app

“Lynda, to learn InDesign

CreativePenn, to learn how to publish on Create Space

Rick Mulready, to learn FB ads

Whoever it was that told me to stop hoovering up resources that might come in handy one day and only consume exactly what I need next”

Podcasts (The Fizzle Show, The Tony Robbins Podcast, The #AskGaryVee Show, Social Media Zoom Factor with Pam Moore, The School of Greatness, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, The Tai Lopez “Book Of The Day” Show, and The Art of Paid Traffic.)

Skillshare, Pinterest, library books (I read 50), entrepreneurs I follow on twitter

Landmark, you guys

“Fizzle- of course :)

Being Boss Podcast

Danielle Greason’s course for virtual assistants (I’m a new virtual assistant)

Location Indie

Paul Jarvis Freelancer Podcast”

Podcasts. Seeing how others have done it

On Writing by Stephen King. Paul Jarvis, countless medium posts, The Icarus Deception.

Podcasts, courses

Fizzle podcast, Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, Trello, Intuit Small Business, Square, Squarespace, Headspace.


Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink & Leif Babin, Jocko Podcast, Fizzle Podcast,


“12 week year (book)

a few courses and seminars on copyblogger/authority/rainmaker

fizzle podcast “

(Besides Fizzle podcast): Hacking the Entrepreneur podcast, Building a story brand podcast, how to use Pinterest course

Medium for articles to read about startup life and life in general, Twitter for finding some interesting folks & businesses to connect with, Fizzle for listening to podcasts, ReSET a social enterprise center for entrepreneurs to find out more about how others do it and to get me out of the house and off the computer now and then!

Fizzle, SmartPassiveIncome, EOFire, MyWifeQuitHerJob, ProBlogger


Ask’ by Ryan L.; Tim Ferris podcast; Barrett Brooks coaching 🤓

Baron Fig notebooks, The Go-Giver, The Four Agreements, Ego is the Enemy, Farnam Street blog, ConvertKit.

Fizzle, Justin Jackson, DHH

The Personal MBA by Josh Kauffman; StartUp by Gimlet Media; Business Model Generation;

Can’t think of anything specific that stands out

Listening to Podcasts like Fizzle, EOFire, Tim Ferriss, and School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. Audiobooks of all sorts. Going over notes from past Tony Robbins seminars.


Fizzle, 90-day year

Listening to Podcasts have been a big thing along with using Fizzle videos and attending Problogger here in Australia


Plf, fizzle, Facebook group.

“Fizzle Podcast

Sean Wes Podcast

fizzle podcast, Solopreneur Hour, Tim Ferriss Show, Obstacle is the Way, Ask, the One Thing, Smart Passive Income, Online Marketing Made Easy.

Thinkific webinars

Fizzle, Moo, CoSchedule, HubSpot, Amy Porterfield, Vishen Lakshani [sic], Martha Beck, Tim Ferriss

Jocko Podcast, The E-Myth, Coaching, Surveys

definitely Fizzle, my local Tuesday’s Together group, Facebook groups, a few podcasts

podcasts and youtube

Podcasts - yours, Mind Your Own Business, EOFire. Have also used a couple of different business coaches which has been great.

podcasts, courses, how to videos, books, making time for myself

Fizzle, definitely. Also Shawn Blanc’s Focus Course.


Strategic coach

fizzle podcast”

Smart Passive Income podcast, Fizzle podcast, Tim Ferris podcast, Double Your Freelancing podcast

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, not a business resource but it was incredibly helpful, I also learn alot by reading things that aren’t helpful, like the book One Thing, really, that needed to be a book?

social media marketing course

Fizzle. Clickfunnels. AOPT. MIYC.

“2 Books: The J-Curve, SPRINT

Resource Website: Stanford Social Innovation Review

Personal Contact with prior CEO of a large local 501c3”

Fizzle, Eofire, market Like a Nerd and CobbesMedia

“Flipped Lifestyle

Podcast Movement”

Books, podcasts, virtually endless free and substantive resources from various online businesses. Lynda courses. Skillshare courses. Fizzle. Local startup accelerator.

Teachable Summit, Melissa Cassera’s Obsessed, Being Boss Podcasts, Fizzle,, Alexandra Franzen’s newsletter, Stella Orange, and way too much to keep going.

Podcasts, books, conferences and the online courses

my mastermind, Top Gun course for Maine businesses, Smart Passive Income podcast, Call to Action podcast, The Growth Show podcast, numerous blogs I follow (can’t remember their names)

The one page marketing plan by Alan Dib. Anything you want by Derek Sievers

Fizzle! Seriously. I’ve been listening for years. Since before I had the guts to stop practicing law, rent a van, go pick up two cows, and throw caution to the wind. I listened to you guys while I was miserably staring at client financials, and now I listen to you while I joyfully hand feed my handicapped chickens. Seriously awesome stuff. This from a recovering corporate lawyer who has also taken the Kauffman Foundation Fasttrac course. (Which I also found very valuable.) I utilize a lot of industry-specific magazines and workshops. (Farming)

Fizzle, Digital Marketer, Dotcom Secrets, Wealthy Affiliate, Teachable, Mixergy, Ramit Sethi

Articles, Books, Courses, Mastermind, Coach

“Smart Passive Income (where I found you guys)

Tim Ferriss

All the Lean Startup books

Various YouTube videos

Thinkertoys - Michalko

Pre-Suasion - Cialdini

Talking to Humans

Breaking the Time Barrier”

None that have really made a difference were from this year.

Software courses, webinars, awesome social media PDF how-to’s

Wealthy Affiliate, anything Pat Flynn wrote, the website InsideQuest,

The Jim Henson Biography

786,044 Podcast Downloads

Holy crap we love you guys!

Our Most Popular Episodes This Year:

And finally, here's some accomplishments in your own words:

Got more focused

I launched a podcast and hit over 10,000 downloads total in the first 3 months, launched my website and my business, made my first dollar via advertisers and learned what it takes to make this work

I started! I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t perfect. But I started and I’m making it work

i created my own website. I feel so accomplished cos thats a first step

I built a physical product from scratch…and sold it!

Getting restarted…at least that’s something.

My wife and I started trying to have kids. This sounds like a strange thing to share, but it has been a slow confidence building year (with the help of Fizzle) that has allowed me to step out and pursue a meaningful business without sacrificing family or personal goals.

I’ve matched entrepreneurs into more than 100 four-person peer-led mastermind groups!

We finally purchased a new home that also has enough space to hold our camp, so we were able to stop renting!

I started a weekly English language podcast with my buddy - episode 24 already!

Pivoted 3 times!

Launched the website

I’m one step closer to launching, which considering I’ve been “trying to launch” for three years. I think I might actually do it in the next few months!

Made my first dollar in voiceover, and recently landed a regular spot with an audiobook services company as a narrator!

I wrote my first book on nutrition! Woohoo! This was the first big step towards moving away from one on one client work, which ties me to a calendar, and more towards passive income, plus speaking and teaching.

This is the year I want to pivot and move in a different direction.

I quit my job and am running my business full time (and it’s actually going really well) - this is something I’ve dreamed about for over 10 years, and I’m finally there!

Put together a community of 241 iPhone photography enthusiasts (including at least one influencer) with about 10% truly engaged in seven months.

got a book deal!

“I’ve moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia from Chelyabinsk. Even though I had a pretty good understanding on how the world and IT industry works, I’m very appalled at how everything’s different in a bigger city, how people around me are cooler, smarter, more effective than I’m accustomed to.

That gives me the spark that there’re possibilities around us than we realize. And that dreams are reality if you not dreaming but working towards them.”

Solidified my offer and reached out to people I know in real life (not just strangers online) about it.

“Launched our new one-on-one mentoring service this week, and have booked two students already!

My wife - who was hit by a car 3 years ago, which screwed our business, health and let’s be honest, our lives - got one of our golden retrievers passed as an official therapy dog :) They now cheer people up by volunteering at hospitals and old people’s homes every fortnight. This is a big deal because before the accident my wife was a very successful, talented and well-travelled photographer and educator who spent a lot of time helping others through her photography. Since the accident, she can’t shoot or travel. So, the therapy dog thing is a HUGE deal! Same with the mentoring - students can come to us, or meet online.

Fizzle came along at the right time for us when we were both healthy enough to start thinking about changing direction and restarting our business.”

“Visited my farm in Costa Rica and decided to relocate there next year

Got certified as a Holistic Health Coach

Built my own website and proud of it

Attended BNI Chapter meetings to promote my business

Started listening to Tim Ferriss podcasts

got my first product idea licensed and have been collecting royalty checks all year

Not yet, working on it

Getting others off their asses to create habitat

Development of expertise/professionalism

Started booking weddings for 2017 to give more predictable and stable income (but this is not what I want to focus on)

I scheduled my first partnership with an outside organization that I initiated. I will be teaching a course on public speaking in the first of the year at my co-working space. A year ago, I had no clue it existed and a year ago, I didn’t have the courage or the space to quit my job and move back cross-country, to be closer to my friends, family and good seafood. Yet, this space has provided not only a wonderful place for me to work, but now I have a few new friends and this business opportunity! Second biggest achievment was the cross-country move and making it work in DC. Third was selling a roll of wrapping paper on my pattern-making site.

Broke into six figures.

I actually published my website (even though I’m out of my publishing schedule). Just doing SOMETHING was tough, but now that I’ve started, it’s just a matter of doing one more thing to move forward. Momentum is HUGE.

My husband and I both spent the entire year working together as self employed people. We’re happier, healthier and made more money than past years. It’s pretty rad. Tiring and hard but wouldn’t change it for the world. (Which is something people used to say and I’d never understand, but now I totally get it.)

Improved my craft. Stepped out of my comfort zone more. Became more comfortable talking to “strangers.” Became more organized database. Communicated more with past clients. Increased my client base.

“I raised $4600 for a local charity.

I started cycling to work and have been (mostly) doing it for 7 months. Today was the first ride with snow on the ground–yesterday was the first day riding at a temp of -12C (10F).”

still on the long long way…

I designed & coded my first website for a paying client this year!

Stopped trying to create a business that “seemed like a good idea” and just followed by heart, built one I care about, and connected with an audience that I love to help

I’m just stepping so far outside my comfort zone right now so that’s something accomplished

I moved on from a business I didn’t love and learned I’d never grow to love. Building a business that matters is super important to me, but that starts with being able to provide for my family. I am betting on my strengths and I’m way better at building ‘real’ businesses than being solely in the business of teaching ‘online business.’

Launched the Craft Bartender Summit and a bar tools business on Amazon, and had a baby! (W00t)

I didn’t give up! stab stab inner critic stab stab

I nailed my growth/income goal!!!! It wasn’t easy, but I did it! I set out for a 68% increase and with a month to go in the year I have increased 75%.

Doing well in the day job but wanting to kick on

I opened my new Bed & Breakfast in Niagara Falls despite an unbelievable amount of obstacles including the city and neighbors fighting me over it, hiring and firing contractors, my grandfather passing away, delayed opening and going massively over-budget.

I actually got some work done with three kids and while going to school.

I think… maybe (just maybe) i can make this thing work, on the side, while i work full time, while i get married…

I know some of the biggest challenges new entrepreneurs face is buying resources and programs and then doing nothing with them or doubting themselves so much that they don’t put anything out there. I am putting things out there despite my fear and I am using every resource I purchased. I use all the things I learned to inspire me and keep me moving forward. Now if I could only make some money!

Did my first big J/V launch.

Found Fizzle! Thank god. I would have no clue where to start or where to make it go or HOW to make it go.

Figured out a business I enjoy and have started making money with it. I realized I wasn’t stuck being a bartender with a art history degree. I can do so much more!

Added 100 subscribers to my email list this year even though my blog was down for nearly 4 months.

I convinced my husband to quit his very secure day job so that I could launch my second business.

Settled on an archetype, got 1100 LinkedIn connections, published 11 posts

In August I was a struggling, unemployed geophysicist, desperately trying to recover from the oil-crisis by seeking similar jobs as the one I used to have. Then I found Scott Dinsmore’s TEDx talk and everything changed. I saw that I never really liked neither geophysics nor oil, that this path had just sort of happened… Now I want to do something that will have an impact to society and help people. I like the idea of social entrepreneurship and seek to find a hybrid between that and the stuff you can teach me :-) The sky’s the limit!

I moved to the city, got a place just for me, with the goal of having a strong foundation to my business before the lease is up. Only 9 months left……

Relaunched my blog

Made progress on businesses that will last for years - being proactive verses reactive in business, even though this takes longer to see a return.

Just sticking to it and grinding even though I haven’t made money…Yet!

Wrote an article!

nearly finished the development of the IT for our new online resource, started building content and started building the founding community. And that’s all ontop of the day job of running a retreat centre.

Business has become profitable

Launched my online course “A Course To Deepen Your Therapy” with the help of Fizzler Janelle Allen. Learned so much. Grew so much. Relaunching in January.

I went from selling 1 trip in 2015 to selling out 7 in 2016 with a big waiting list. For 2017 I already have twice as many clients as I can handle.

You guys have given me the support and confidence I need to keep going

I have significantly grown in my photography skills. I’ve pushed myself so hard in learning my business. I have so far to go, but I know I’ve made strides.

I moved cross-country in my car!

I became an Evernote certified consultant which will be a piece of offering. Secondly, i took a step back and then really recommitted myself. Lastly i culled together about 50 pages of written content that I believe will be a product or book at some point.

I have learned a lot about social media. I has not proven to give back as much as I have put into it. We need more 1 on 1 for our cosmetic business.

I launched an Ecommerce business which is totally content driven. I am 100% focused on being of value to my customers, of being first and foremost a great resource. Selling comes second. It works. And I learnt everything I know from the Fizzle Show!

“I accomplished discovering that running an online business/businesses is what I really want to do and something I am seriously excited about.

I also discovered a great way of using my skills serve an audience and that I can make money from it.”

Private Labeled a product which has BSR under 4000 and is on page one

Built my website. Wrote opeds. Gave a few talks.

I published my first book.

Published my first book

Nothing spectacular. More work required:)

“I have focussed this year on figuring out ways to streamline, simplify and automize (is that a word?) my yoga studio business.

After meeting with consultants, looking for advice on the internet, crunching numbers, exploring different models, I have identified where the bulk of my energy (unnecessarily) goes, and what aspect of my business brings in the most profit.

I learned how to maximize automation thru my studio business software (MindBody). Now I am in the middle of most of my other initiatives, which include 1) overhauling my studio website so that it is simpler to navigate and requires less time to maintain, 2) re-branding to better communicate our message and reduce time spent doing promotion and 3) consolidating programming efforts.

The other part of my business is ME, my work as a teacher outside of my yoga studio. I had two big accomplishments, 1) took a group of students to Cuba, and 2) completed production of an online Teacher Training program.”

I earned an additional $6,000 in income this year with an online coaching program I started. That’s the first money I ever earned as an entrepreneur not as an employee.

Guest blogger on Elephant Journal! Finished my first manuscript! Launched my personal website! Monthly traffic now in the thousands to my blog!

Figured out a way to blend my (mountain) of existing content into a way my members can use, so I no longer have to create weekly content

I’m just about finished with my website. I’ve learning how to find designers and others to assist me in my business.

At 23 years old, 100% deep-down, honest, genuine, and profound realization that your twenties are the perfect period for taking massive risk and executing your dreams. Everyone hears that, but the overwhelming majority do not truly understand what that actually means. It’s a remarkably pivotal moment in your life when you break that barrier and experience the paradigm shift that becomes the beginning of the rest of your life.

I wish i had accomplished something big, but i would say that i have been mostly “cruising” at the same speed, without any huge increase in traffic/revenue/exposure/etc. as i kept tweaking left and right and trying to implement various strategies with limited effectiveness

I launched a live event and got 20 people to come, and they loved it!

I sold my first product that I built for a couple hundred bucks

Yes, just (as I mentioned to Steph a couple of days ago) that the content I am working on is extremely volatile and potentially viral, that in the beginning (final pre-launch step) I need to share that content and the starting online business structure and strategy with a targeted handful of trusted advisors, and that I certainly plan to include the Fizzle Team (you four) among the highly selected content and launch advising specialists whose take on it I’d like to consider before exposing myself to the global audience.

Not yet this year, hopefully next year!



This a year of psychological purging. Kicking to the curb outdated and no longer useful beliefs. Ironically, this did not start inside my business. I learned that by protecting my space and enforcing my boundaries, I’m able to say BIG YES to other things - such as my business.

I built my own website on rainmaker

Came up with an idea for a business and Mntaking steps to make it happen.

I’ve started making semi- regular sales and am slowly but steadily building a social media following (which seems from analytics to be leading people to my website) - it’s starting to feel like slow but steady progress

I actually have a plan, and I’m moving forward with it!

I got picked by a prestigious and very well known gift retailer in the U.K. to partner with them in selling my sewing kits and toys.

Experimenting with a subscription course + box concept.

Wife and I surpassed our combined previous incomes in the old jobs we left back at the end of 2011. Finally!

Get great feedback

“Launched my online course, Living Well When Unwell, and had 9 people thru FB-outreach, not even an ad. Received excellent testimonials and results for those who took it. Attracted a contract to make a custom, private to their staff online course for a large company. I launched my newly branded website and continue to blog regularly, and 2 large sites now publish and request my writing (The Mighty, and Disability Horizons, the later just asked).

I am aware I need to redo the front landing part of my website to bring a different type of blog forward and add video to promote engagement.”

Made a decent income

Recovered from a head injury

Saved enough money to quit my job. Found balance. Landed both clients I pitched.

I finally started publishing articles on my blog and started promoting it. Still working on it. I finished a PDF with my methodology. It is the basis of all the stuff I am writing and an offer to get people to sign up on my list

Hit 60,000 YouTube subscribers and decided to make board games as my product(s)

I wish I felt more proud of what I’ve accomplished. I still feel like I’ve got the “imposter syndrome” going. I’m proud that I joined Fizzle and multiple in-person meetup groups, though! And I developed and pilot tested a 4-week program with great feedback.

I started my own coaching business, and have/had paying clients. I feel really confident about my ability to provide my services. (Next up - confidence in marketing.)

Put together a website with no prior experience

I feel I have learnt a lot over the past 6-12 months though I dont feel I have achieved a great deal (yet)

Replaced my desk job’s income! Working on replacing husband’s income

Blazed past resistance and into consistent progress

Went from no clear idea niche or website to almost 1K subcribers in the last 8 months!

not yet

I finally started getting people on my email list and finally have a doable course layout just need to record the video

I made a profit!

I managed to get a US bank account opened from abroad. It was one of the hardest things I’ve accomplished, believe it or not. None of my digital nomad friends or even 2nd degree connections had been able to do it. I spent way too much time calling banks, trying and failing. But I managed to get into Stripe Atlas, which then meant SVB would give me an account and shortly after Amazon gave me 20k in AWS credits. It was a huge win.

Going from zero horse experience to persuading a feisty Icelandic stallion that I’m the boss. Part of my anti-depression treatment. It brought me some confidence for the first time in decades. Absolutely essential for my business ambitions.

I chose a topic

I created a pilot episode of a Webseries and start production on a feature film…

I got started.

almost finished becoming credentialed as a yoga therapist

Made consistent progress, maintained focus one only one project

Mvi and launched a new side business

Launched my first membership site and it is going well.

I got a new job that will give me space to make this dream I have start to take shape. It was the biggest risk I’ve taken but also has given me so much inspiration and energy to put behind this thing!

Complete life revamp using difficult circumstances to create a new business project.

I launched my site largely because of the SABTM course. I wouldn’t have applied myself in the same way without you all and the cohort.

Quit my day job, travelled to Bali to write a book, broke through all my fear patterns, signed up for life coach training and ended a relationship that wasn’t working. Also sold my houses and all my stuff and am now on the road with a backpack and a dream <3

yeah - but its a hard life lesson - how to start over

I doubled my income from 2015 and worked less!

I now have six major universities using my database website. I want to have MANY more…and am still trying to figure out the best way to make that happen.

Doubled my revenue!

I am a web designer + dev, and I had my first $10K project this year and recently landed a 35-40K project!!! Crazy town. I also decided to drop all hourly billing and and moving recurring clients to move to book me for a day or a half day to complete changes or small WP/design tasks. I just sent an email about that a few weeks ago and will switch everyone by Jan 1 - so we’ll see how that goes! ;)

Crossed the “will this work” barrier - and its accompanying mental shift!

Was recognized at a conference by voice because of our podcast. We also launched a free course to get people interested in the full course.

Finally, with the help of Storybrand and Fizzle, I’ve made some significant steps towards launching my business (I know where I’m going, and can take the steps to get there!)

Succeeded in selling our relatively new mobile service & digital product to existing client who has acquired the management of a new hotel & restaurant in New Orleans!

I became a Huffington Post blogger!

“I got my web site launched, made my first video under the new company name, registered my business with the state, started a mailing list (and got my first subscribers!), interviewed ideal customers, and learned a ton about starting a business.

All in four months.

Not too shabby.”

I did my first photo shoot for a business at the beginning of the year, and that led into doing a few videos for them. Doing those projects completely gave me a new entrepreneurial direction and has allowed me to find the right niche for me.

Successfully worked with my husband/business partner with ZERO arguments! NONE!

I got Aldermanic support for our affordable leed-platinum housing pilot project. Yay!

nothing spectacular

Too much for this space.


I stepped out of my own way and created a painting course. It not perfect, but I learned a ton doing it and it’s mine :)

Signed up for a space in an expo. Baby step, but still intimidating.

Cemented a morning meditation habit. I used to meditate on pretty much only weekdays but now even on weekends.

Ugh- despite working really really hard, we haven’t accomplished any of our major goals. Jan 2017 is looking great though!

I designed some really cool character I’d love to market as merchandise Hello Kitty style, but I have no clue how to do that.

I got started on my business plan

I made a full-time income as a freelancer

Started the ball rolling

launched a new product line i deeply believe in

Just happy I have made a start and joined a mastermind group with other students from the SABTM course which has been awesome, happy I completed some courses


That I really rocked Healing Stories. One client’s stories will be published in a hefty and compelling book that I helped him write. I created a beautiful website, cards, logo but interestingly blog only one per month right now.

Is it bad that despite many starts and stops, in the end I have little to nothing.

Launched a new website (, refocused my previous site (, and released my third book (

I started my blog in February and committed to writing every week (which I’ve maintained). I also reached out to a mentor who’s helping me and a fellow blogger (who has over 100k subscribers) and I now guest post for him every month. I also started writing my book two months ago and should have the manuscript finished within 4-6 weeks.


Not yet

Told people about my dreams and goals rather than keeping them to myself

Decided on my niche!

Sadly, no

I decided that I didn’t want to be a coach anymore and instead focus all my attention on blogging/writing.

Quitting my day job was huge

Organize myself!!

I started surveying potential clients

“I completed the master franchise I bought 8 years ago. Never found a way to properly market the training and workshop. It drowned all my energy, self-confidence and self-belief. And I went completely broke.

I hired a coach! Best decision ever. Worked on my rapport to money. Self confidence is back, doing stuf almost everyday. Long and rewarding path.”

Finally got the message nailed

Best financial year - beating my last employed salary (a few years ago). Have won projects for & been approached about more ‘ideal clients’ than ever before which is something I was hoping to do.

Launched first group coaching programme which was successful

Had successful work recording a famous musician, started a new podcast-business, took positive steps towards accomplishing big-picture goals…

“On launch in November, my beginner’s photography book, A Year With My Camera, went to #1 bestseller in the digital photography section on Amazon and has stayed in the top 20 ever since.

I’ve seen what the next question is, so I’m expanding on it here because 1 word isn’t enough. I picked my word because I joined Fizzle for the forums, just like the last time I joined. I’m looking for a community of like-minded entrepreneurs rather than the lessons. I love your podcast and I paid for the year because I’ve had that much value out of your podcasts alone. I’m the wrong fit for Fizzle, and that’s why I chose the word I did. This isn’t a whine or a rant, just an objective observation. I did my best to engage in the forums - for every question I posted I answered 3 or 4 others. I took 3 months at least off while I was writing my book, so that might have affected my standing in the group. If I could help out, I did. But my questions dropped like stones in a pond. Some got a couple of answers, but none of the conversations I was hoping for. Even if someone answers a question and you reply, it can be a week before they reply back. I’m just contrasting this with the immediacy you get in groups that are run on Facebook, including paid ones. The final straw was when I posted my #1 Amazon book success and got crickets. I think maybe I’m too old and at a different stage of my online journey for this particular community. Absolutely no hard feelings though, and I’ll sign my daughter up as soon as she’s ready. I just want you to be successful because you are the most honest of all the internet biz places online.

I’m explaining this because I would love it if my own audience gave me this much detail when they left one of my courses - I want you to know I’m not complaining. I can perfectly see that I am not the right audience for; I’m at the wrong stage in my business, and looking for different things.”

I redid my website, figured out my avatar more.

“After months of struggling with tech, I found an online course platform that really works for me. I was super excited when I received the first notification that someone purchased my course!

I have been blogging regularly and producing content I feel good about.”

I landed my first few clients through referrals - it’s amazing how many people send work your way when they actually KNOW what you’re up to ;) For a while there I was able to cover my rent each month. I just lost a client, but I’ll get back there soon! :)

I have built a pretty loyal audience. When my list hit 1,000 people, I released a course priced at about $45. I only told my list twice and it was only open for registration for two weeks. I sold almost 200 courses. Disregarding my lackluster performance as a marketing strategist, that felt good. At least I think I am moving in the right direction.

Not enough… maybe next year!

I made huge strides shifting my mindset from “make enough right now” to, “how can I turn this into something that can be bigger than myself?”

“I passed my medical boards to finalize becoming a doctor

I had (well, my wife had) our second child”

Talked about the future of podcasting at a conference.

Being hugged by so many of my clients. A bizarre thing to happen to an accountant. One that never happened in 16 years of working for the Big 4. Tells me I’m doing something right!!

Hell, just getting a site up and posting every week while being a single working mom!

In one year I’ve created my website, established myself as an authority, and built an audience of over 3,000 subscribers. I now make consistent sales, if not a lot of money.

“new freelancing client

launched 8 new courses”

I decided to start my online business and moved to another city. Two big steps towards build the life of my dreams with my wife and daughter


After 10 years of non stop working and changing thousands of lives through my business, i decided to take 12 months out focusing on the creative dreams that fulfill and inspire me. 2017 is about being brave enough to pursue my wildest dreams

Clarity on the direction of my business

Started a blog

Committed to leaving the day j.o.b. early next year. Whether my business is there or not.

Signed a second client for a similar web site build that I’m now working on making into a productized service

After 19 years I finally had “the talk” with my boss and my bosses boss and have committed to EXITING early next year.

We moved the business out of the house and into a large studio space. We launched two new product lines that were successful. We started to hire help. And we reached a financially stable place.

Super excited about my idea and my interviews are all coming back positive. Really hopeful I can launch this thing!

I launched and redid this website:


I wish

Still a month to go!

I launched my website and joined Fizzle and I am on my way to freedom!!!!

I led a 5 day nature sketching retreat in Honduras!

I do write down my most important tasks each night, I do journal at the end of each night. I think I got that here.

Two decent websites. Gonna turn them into two great websites.

Quitting my job was a big step.

I chose a freakin topic and I’m in love!

Between my wife’s business and mine, we are now combining to comfortably make more than we spend each month and have some left over to save.

Paid off a bunch of debt.

I landed a long-term paying gig with a client I am proud of having

Made money teaching sewing and proving my concept

I did the 30 product challenge but I didn’t think the content creation would take as long as it did. Ended up rushing it (in my view) at the end and didn’t get any buyers.

I quit my job!

Launched web site

I co-founded an organization and helped organize an innovative two-day conference attended by people from five continents and fifteen countries. This has lead to the interest in creating an on-line learning platform to build on that experience.

I started the year thinking this is it! But I got nowhere with my business plans. I did manage to save money, my goal is to be able to give myself time to create the business.

Refined a vague blogging idea to a specific blogging idea

Started an engaged Facebook group which I am growinh

Launched my podcast.

Lauched my website and started blogging

I will let you know when the website is launched next year!

I took the step to creat a wove workshop. Advertised it and the date is 1 week and 1 day away.

I didn’t fire myself as boss.

Launched an email newsletter

Emotional healing

Online conferences/summits are the real deal. I’ve been working at this blogging thing for a few years. For the past 18 months or so I’ve been focused on a topic. Wrote a book about it, no sales. Wrote blog posts about it, little traffic. Free min-course, ten subscribers. All changed with a conference. $20,000 in sales and 4,300 email subscribers with event. Took about 3 months of work (part-time, but hustling). It would be great to help other Fizzlers give this route a try.

Maybe not accomplishment per se but realising the need to gentle to my self and seeing my business as a dance instead of a run (with a finish line) - Thanks Chase, you played a good part in this, and we don’t even know each other ;)!

Changed my mindset and make steady steps towards my goal

I set up and followed through on a campaign to put a book on the USA Today list, and I succeeded.

Birthing my site in 2 days after 22 months of incubation process was an ecstatic experience. The first two conversations with people from my audience were epic! I was afraid of doing it for too long. [Being friends with Derek Sivers] dream is coming true! Fizzle is the major influencer of my 2016 successes.

getting my first few emails from readers

Made my first dollar (actually $5, woo-hoo!)

I’ve spent the entire year reassessing everything (well, nearly everything) about how my life’s going. This wasn’t really the aim of 2016 but it just turned out like that. Worked casually as a teacher, but was fairly miserable and so when the call for teaching availability came up, I just didn’t put my hand up, thinking ‘I’ll get back to it later in the year’. But I never did! I’m supporting myself doing odd casual jobs and spending almost all my left over time building this business. It’s a lot of hours (but I’m still exercising, seeing friends/family) but it just feels like the right thing to do. Lots of unknowns, but I’m pretty sure I’m on my right path and that is a major accomplishment for this jack of all trades!

I launched a new site & a podcast, built some following on Twitter, and just finishing up a 30 day free challenge that has a paid upgrade to it :)

we launched and starting to see traffic

Became a two time Amazon best-selling author with the launch of my second book

I kicked off my business - well will officially in the next week.

Went back to university and began a masters in Coaching and Mentoring (at 43), now taking a year out after year one to work on the business. I’ve also adapted the 10 day leadership course I run, so I can take individuals through it over 6 days, one-to-one. Got my first 2 clients! Yay!

Gained a lot more clarity, now I just need to push forward and do the work.

Mistakes have been made and steps taken to correct, but it’s been a hard year financially, creatively and emotionally. Looking forward to 2017 to apply my knew knowledge.

jumped into ecommerce with no clue what i was doing, launched a brand and will do just under $100k in revenue with a good base for growth in 2017

“Launched a site in Feb. Nailed the audience so I started immediately getting a lot of attention in the niche. People started approaching me to work with me.

Flirted with a course, flirted with selling marketing services, flirted with coaching… Decided that the coaching fit my personality and skill set the best. So, I have gone all in on that and made $30k in the past 6 months on that.”

I got signed by two agents, positioned myself to deliver fully professional audio, art directed a logo design and completed a new demo, and booked and completed my first major home-studio live-client session (performing and engineering).

My second month on the job with almost no experience I was told to crowdfund $250K and managed to succeed in the campaign.

Sure! I’ve been creating a resource for my fellow nutrition professionals to use in building their practices, and I’ve grown the membership into 17 countries this year, which has been cool, but more importantly I’ve partnered with a nutrition institution I greatly admire, and they are now using my resource as a resource for their students/alumni :)

This year I got over myself. For a long time i didnt want to have products because i didnt want to ruin the vibe. I just launched a tshirt that fits my ethic and vibe and i have a book deal. Products without compromise. Who knew.

not really, thanks

My subscription service recently turned 1 year old!

I began blogging this year for the first time in my life.

I sold some prints at a art/comic convention early this year.

Just getting focused and ready to launch into 2017 as a force.

Helped my father pass away in a loving space.

I have a lot more confidence that I can succeed after my work this year on my business!

Established an awesome partnership with Apple. Offering classes with them.

Launched the podcast, after a couple of years procrastination and after people have been asking for the information we give in an auditory format.

Traveled around the world

Three biggest contracts I’ve ever gotten! And a record setting revenue year.

I did get some guest posts published and collected about 750 subscribers to my list.

I was asked to teach a non-credit hour course at our local college= massive free advertising!! I sold 2 speaking engagemnts/trainings for $1000!

I moved into a van. A bread van. I live in it. Work out of it and I’m trying to build a business/lifestyle around being creative.

This has been a good year! I have started to grow my mailing list, also the Ad revenue from my blog and I did one sponsored post. Most of all, I have started to change my mentality from oppressed to positive and proactive.

“Backstory: I operate as a split personality which is a bit of a no no in small business but I’m a rebel like that. I’m a freelance digital marketer and Qoya teacher (great techie/woo woo combo).

This year, I was made redundant in July and I was able to manage that transition quickly by becoming a freelancer. It’s bumpy and money is patchy but it is still working.

And the other thing is I become a fully-fledge Qoya teacher in Australia (one of the first) as well as got Qoya recognised as an official movement practice for insurance companies in Australia, US, UK and Europe. AND I started teaching regular Qoya class…to people… who pay me and everything.”

No, it was a tough year personally, putting my side-gig on the back burner. This year I’ll decide if its still something I want to do. (I believe it is, but my needs have evolved so my plan may need to as well.)

Survived in spite of a crappy year personally

Not yet

launched my blog and its doing pretty well’

I finally got my first course ready (to be launched in February)

Can not call my blog a business. Have never made one dime from it but have followed the advice of social media marketers and spent more money then I have made. Blog is becoming just a hobby that i feel is going no where but cannot afford to invest anymore. Feel disappointed did not reach more people and have had lackluster success after following others rules

I realized a needed a product to build everything around so I focused on completing that

Finished writing my sci-fi novel!

Spent $300 to talk to Neil Patel (bought a bunch of his books) and the advice he gave is literally worth millions over the next decade or so. Decent ROI ;)

Launched my blog and people like it!

Even though it was probono service to test my business,I helped a lady who has become my friend set up her business and gain atleast 25 more clients.I hope to take the lessons learnt and improve on it to also grow my own business.

Grew memberships by 40% in the last quarter of the year. Spoke at a big conference for my industry. Accepted a contract to license my content to a fortune 100 company.

i started a “scratch that itch!” blog to get the ball rolling. proud owner of a notebook of semi-viable business ideas.

I had a successful client experience I’m proud of. We were able to create a strategic content marketing plan as well as an opt-in, which launched on schedule. She experienced an immediate spike in leads and in a couple months we’ll know if she’s on her way to meeting her targets. I am quite inspired from this and hope to apply her motivation and success to my own business.

I finally realized I can do this. I come from a very traditional family. Get a job, keep it for as long as possible, and by no means take big risks. The moment I realized there is less risk in doing your own thing than there is working for a large company that views you as a figure on a profit and loss statement. Working for myself I can see when things get bad and work to improve it.


started reaching out to my friends and family individually to join my email newsletter

Did a near-six figure launch of a product update back in March, hired a part-time VA, launched a new business that’s already profitable.

I lost 120 pounds and decided to help others do the same.


I split my core business into three specialties making it possible to help people in a granular way.

I’ve only just begun. But at least I have started

My writing and blog presentation is improved

0 -> 240+ podcast episodes


Won a commendation for a training program we ran. Never done that before.

Yep, launched product after 2 years development (not in isolation - working with customers of previous version via “preview” builds). Quit my contact job to focus full time.

Started outsourcing membership content to influencers

Simplified my focus dramatically and finally really believe my idea will succeed if I stay with it.

I took the income from my business, used it to buy a property and developed it. The result that one time business income is now a permanent 75k per year cashflow stream.

Of a couple dozen business ideas, I decided on the one that I want to execute on. I feel like I can now plan out the rest of the year in a way that’s exciting and is in line with my values and where I would like to end up.

Broke into the high fashion industry & being able to play a large part in a couple high fashion companies.

Completed Phase I, created a “fizzle partnership”, and got clear on the business target/strategy -> audience focused blog, Midwest Moms, relevant content, customer conversation - LOVE IT

Kept at it even when I felt confused or disappointed

I’ve had a business that is not web based for 5 years and we had our best year ever. Looking to translate that success to a new business online

Clarity on my offer and personal value. Bam!

I feel I learned a lot from your podcast while cleaning or getting random tasks done at my gym. I think it has really improve my mindset!

Make enough to quit my job.

I created my first online course, but haven’t had the courage to promote it online.

I topped 6 figures for the first time.

I’m launching The Big Chew Podcast as soon as I hear back from iTunes (I submitted on Saturday). It’s about the new cosmology–getting our meaning from being part of an evolving universe instead of from consuming stuff or from religious stories that doesn’t jive with what we know from science. Tag line is, “How do we live on Earth without the stupid?” I’m contacting everyone I know (who’s not religious) to ask them to listen, download, etc. We’ll see what happens…

Graduated school, moved to Ecuador and applied absolutely nothing that I learned. Haha

Officially started a business and traveled out of the country for the first time. Two very big accomplishments that I wanted to achieve long ago but late is better than never.

I published another EBook, I have updated all of my blogs and in doing this found that they were rating very high on google. I am receiving a great deal more engagement with my Social media audience.

Relaunched business with hyper focus on addressing needs of market, not what I think market needs

I’m happy

I found the balls to go part time in a well paid and respected job in order to make time to work on my business. Big leap for me!

Finding the courage to go at it alone. I was in a partnership that fell apart after 15 years. My partner got a job and I decided to keep going alone.

Finish the site design, create inspiring training videos, launch, create better presenters

So very much. It was a very big year. I basically started my business. Technically, I started at the end of 2015 when I picked up my cows. But at that point, we were just a girl, two heifers, and a dream. I took the plunge. Now I have two leased properties, over 100 animals, a mint condition 1941 Massey Harris tractor, numerous structures that I built myself, and instagram posts from nearly everyday for at least the last 6 months. I sold my first product. Yes, it was just eggs. But they’re awesome eggs. And I plan to hold my first major event in the spring, to finally appease all the folks begging to come out to the farm. From there, I plan to host regular events, and make a majority of the farm’s income from there, to start. I hope to also begin some online things…finish my website, put out a short ebook based on questions my instagram followers ask me, and try my hand at podcasting. And I truly feel I can do it all, thanks to help from Fizzle. Oh - and some of my animals already made their way into a National Geographic book proposal, and I’ve been scouted numerous times to be the subject of an episode of next season’s Homestead Rescue. (Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed about that one.) The money is just now starting to come in from business activities, because there were so many things to take care of on the ground for the farm, first. Although this occasionally gets me nervous, when I look back at all that has been accomplished, I know that I’m setting myself up to seriously do it! Have a business and life I love, that supports me and all my animals. Thanks for all your guidance and inspiration, through the courses and the Fizzle Show. I pls5n to get more involved in the forums as I move forward, as well. I’ll sign off at that, but hope to stay in touch and perhaps even chat with you guys on a Fizzle Friday. Also, please excuse any typos. I am typing this on my phone in a 35 degree barn, while tucking my animals in for the night…and loving it!

We have a great list! We have people trying to give us more money, but we don’t have enough products and courses to sell. It’s a great problem to have if you have the time to make your art AND create more programs. If you don’t have more hours in the day or energy, it’s tough. What we discovered is that we just have to focus on one task at a time, keep moving forward, say “no” to anything that doesn’t keep us moving forward on the tasks at hand.

Building traffic has been the main achievement, especially through social media

Created a whole new workshop I’m selling B2B, created an online course based on the workshop that will launch in January, started public speaking and landing some good gigs at trade conferences, created a new website, created a new e-book, landed some great new clients (in my other business), made some amazing new friends.

Nothing major

Get started haha

After months of burn out I was able to get myself moving more consistently. I have been trying to finish a sales page to capture leads for my new software so I can build this one based off what the market wants rather then my past attempts and going after what they think they want. I have been in a mastermind throughout most of this year and it’s helped a lot.

got my daughter to Interlochen Academy of Arts (we live in the UK), helped my daughter with ME (she has come home to get better), completed a playwriting course at the UK’s National Theatre, London, and started up the follow on group, approached a friend of mine who has recently left a job with a view to co-venturing, said No when I needed to, facilitated the creation of a new microphone and development of acoustic panels, began to market a book on choral singing and achieved some sales

Launched the Digital Revenue Engine training program

“Tons of accomplishments family, friends and personal-wise!

Some huge things I’ve learned and relearned are:

p>Your fans will tell you what they want. Even if you don’t ask, you’ll know if you listen. “

Beat the record for highest value contract won. A single website to the value of £4,500gbp when my previous highest was around the £2k mark.

Nailed a job interview

I launched my website!

Took the blogging course.

Starting my podcast has been an amazing adventure (still requires lots of work though and not making money with it).

“I successfully navigated the shark-infested waters of my day job, while keeping my content schedule and quality up. Including 3 org changes and a toxic political situation.

I grew as a podcaster, really coming into my own this year.

I kept going, even though I didn’t see real numbers growth.

I outlined a book.”

Knowing myself better. I know my shortcomings as well as my strengths better, and can make decisions better by slowing down, being mindful and not as reactionary.

Rebranded business & started writing a book

Sticking with your idea/product matters. Constant learning and adjustment matters. Being aware of your own bias’ and not assuming anything.

This year I moved to Mexico city, got our development team hitting its milestones for our funded start-up just in time to watch it implode, got certified as a scrum product owner, and turned down a job at Alibaba as a UX designer to become a partner and chief of product at a social good start-up. Its been a good fucking year.

I created a website,, that, although not my business per se, is something that has shown me that storytelling involving stories of resilience resonates with people. This realization is fueling my actual business, which I haven’t formally launched yet.

Didn’t quit :)

I have successfully completed several courses on what I want in life, introduced a new programme at work and taken a break from travel.

Focused on health while running a business and mental wellness

Quit one of my jobs so I actually have a second to build my business! Quitting a very negative job made everything in my life more positive. I’m now the optimist I used to be.

Narrowed down a general topic.

Made my About Page

Launched my first 3 online products

I gave myself a year off of working for other people. During that time, I realized that I don’t want to be freelance (at least not now), and that I don’t want to be a full-time coder. I want a remote position doing the work I already know how to do (content strategy) with a little code-tweaking thrown in.

I’ve come a long way. Still not where I want it though. But I’ll get there.

I thought I had about thirty drawing writing journals over the years. I felt I had not been consistent in doing them every day. When moving for a renovation, I discovered 139 journals and realized that I had underestimated my commitment! I now have a treasure of primary source material that is a window to my past work and s door to my future work. I am so grateful!i feel affirmed in my quest to reach my fullest potential as an artist as I continue to grow richer spiritually ,and intellectually . Thank you for your guidance and suggestions.

Completed my first Half-Ironman distance triathlon and finished in the top half of my age group!

A made more progress than I have in a long time, but still not nearly enough.

Raving commendation from a Fortune 100 business we’ve didn’t yeasts developing relationship with

I learned to stand up to the man.

I made a decision to do things that I have some interest rather than chasing things that may make me rich

For me, it was the year when I finally calibrated my mindset and spanked some limiting beliefs like they were 4-year-olds in Walmart.

We’re a week away from opening a new studio for my wife’s business - awesome. I’m as far as ever from writing my first online course - less awesome :-)

I started what I believe will be my “forever” business.

My podcast hasn’t fizzled out! Yay!

I learned a lot about validating an idea, building a prototype and demoing it to the potential customers.

Got clarity on my brand - me and where my business fits in

Added a third division of income stream

I started

Got a new job that put a damper on starting a side business. The new job is a significant raise in salary and time outside of work (must less stressful).

Got back on the horse.

I went from not wanting to even write a blog because I was afraid to creating a whole website. It’s growing slowly but steadily, and I’m so excited to be making something I believe in!


I got professional help with a mental health struggle that had me deciding I was too overwhelmed to keep going with the podcast and the support of my wife (mainly) and mastermind group are the reason I kept at it. I’m now within a month or so of launching and it means the world to me that I’m going to make it. I accomplished getting healthy, which will be the reason I accomplish a podcast launch. I tried in many ways to do this alone and was about to throw in the towel. I was amazed at how much motivation and energy returned when I realized I should never have tried to do this alone in the first place and how valuable, caring and good the people in my life truly are (way too personal I know, but this was huge for me). Thank you for all you do to encourage Fizzlers…I’ve listened to the podcast for well over a year and love it.

Better writing

I started a blog

Juggling parenting three super boys and running my consultancy business, we made our new house inhabitable and I started a new business/movement to improve digital family life.


Well it’s kind of dull but despite my considerable efforts to protect my systems.. I got infected with something really nasty (and I know tech quite well). In the end I restored customer images from a backup and fresh system and amazingly it all worked perfectly. A crisis that could have been a disaster.

Locked down my money, will be out of £5000 of debt end of this month

Made my first $1,000 in one month (but then it plunged down to $500 the next month)

Got to minimum viable income two months running.

Spoke to an important contact on a project idea and they liked it and agreed to advise me on it.

Got my personal website up and running and joined a coworking space

I took $100 investment and made $7500 this year with it teaching swim lessons.

I learned how to make videos to communicate my content.

Refined my business idea and I now have a clear path I want to travel to achieve the different goals I now have set

Learned How to build A word press site. Learned how to get help through Upwork

I’m currently averaging 1-2 email subscribers per day and it is awesome! Now I’m trying to figure out ways to increase that to 4+ per day.

I bought my business license and landed my first client

Consistently making 300-400 bucks a month. Now I can see that with the right time and effort this thing becoming my full-time gig is imminent and that feels amazing.

Working on ebook and online course

building my team

We created a day of dog sports competition for autistic kids and teens, and fundraised over $10K!

I have received more positive comments and feedback about my business this year, but I’m still not making a living or working hard enough. I still believe the concept is strong, but I have a long way to go.

I obtained a really fantastic “anchor client” as a consultant, am loving the work with them, and will be working with them at least through 2017

I gave myself a PhD in online business models, marketing, funnels…became a total student in this new approach (yep, still very new to me). Launched a website, held a live webinar, starting a list. It’s all just baby steps but I started!

I shut down my consulting business (already was full time on my own) and am now the Entrepreneur in Residence in a real business accelerator. It’s freaking awesome. I am full time, the other EiR is part time and is also a venture capitalist. It is freaking awesome!

Recorded various lessons

It became very clear what I didn’t want to do

To commit more time to my business

I stepped onto a new path this year, albeit with very shaky legs, and finding a better road motivated me to take some time to explore this new place to see where I fit in. I know there is a lot for me to do and I am excited about what that might mean.

Increased teaching revenue by 40%, added new features to my course plans, read 20+ books again, gained 10 pounds of good weight, improved my productivity system, spent 2nd full year living abroad and being location-independent, moved in with an amazing Hungarian in Budapest

“I ran a half marathon.

I started an Amazon FBA business.”

yes leaving my day job! committing to starting my business and clearing out my whole house (Marie Kondo, Life Changing Magic of Tidying!) ready to go gangbusters next year!

Bigger sales

I pushed myself to get out of my own way (yay!) and to consistently create weekly content (videos) for my audience.

Started sharing my knowledge with short You Tube videos

Launched my first course

“I have learned a lot from your team! Thx!

Have I added the online content marketing and product development to my freelancing business?

Not yet.

It does make me feel a bit like an imposter and lurker in fizzle but I am moving forward (slowly).

I need to build my freelance business up for more needed income this year, get a daughter off to college and another daughter who is seriously ill to more specialists across the country.

Thank you for teaching me so I can be ready as soon as I can commit to a consistent editorial calendar. You all are much appreciated!”

I started blogging and have been at it now for about 4 months running, posting just about once a week as per schedule!

Launched website and made multiple sales

Committment to keep going

I moved a thousand miles, which I’ve needed to do for at least half a dozen years. Kinda makes me wish I hadn’t paid for a whole year of Fizzle and not used it, but I’m glad to have moved.

I launched my blog

I had my first coaching client. Went really well and we both enjoyed the experience. But I think more importantly I decided to relax on some of the pressures I put on myself making my side hustle that’s supposed to be fun actually enjoyable again.

Sold out a photography tour to Morocco in 4 days (12 spots). Sold out Cuba and Nicaragua tours also.

Still knowing I can do it again. After 40 years being an entrepreneur.

Make the decision to quit my job

I found a potential partner for running retreats related to my on-line business proposal.

Well, I launched my own business which I am pretty excited about, and its something that challenges me, that provides meaning, and makes me want to get out of bed in the morning which I never thought would happen.

“Published my first resource guide and hosted my first webinar, all in preparation for the bigger program I’m launching in the new year.

Focused my business on my customers (rather than relying on a company)”

In two meet-ups, I made connections with about 10 people who make up the bones of my REI team (why didn’t I do that sooner?)

I took on my first “client”! It’s not a paid relationship, but I’m getting terrific experience and knowledge from it, and we bartered our respective services to help each other out. The testimonial from her will be well worth it.

As soon as I quit my job and started my own business, I managed to gain regular income…whilst paying for my own wedding.

I have the potential to enter my first licensing partnership to distribute my course to a broader audience.

First sale

I made a video for my dream client. A website I’ve been following for about 5 years and dreamed of doing work for. I also get to dictate how I spend most of my time, which to me, is the ultimate accomplishment.

I’ve done a lot of growing up (business head wise) for a 30 yr old!

We have so loved serving you in 2016 and we’ve already got plans for an amazing 2017 with you gutsy, creative and brave business builders!

Talk to you next Fizzle friday :)