About Fizzle

About Fizzle

Running your own business takes grit. Whether you already support yourself or if you’re just starting to plan building your own thing, you know it’s hard work.

Creating and running a business is also exciting. It’s your freedom, your livelihood, the work of your hands. It’s cool as shit.

Here at Fizzle we help indie entrepreneurs make weekly progress on their business because it’s tough to build your thing and we all need help.

Luke Skywalker had Yoda;
Cinderella had a fairy godmother;
Jesse Pinkman had Walter White;
and you’ve got us. :)

Chase Reeves
Creative Director, Fizzle.co

What we make

Courses & Community
Just-in-time courses for every step of your indie business. It’s like Lynda.com but better because it’s focused just on independent businesses and we’ve built the community right into the learning — this is where people are finding support, accountability, mastermind groups and more. Get your training »

Weekly Articles
Over 2 million people have read our popular business blog. We publish articles every Tuesday on everything from content creation, marketing, product making, social media and more. Browse popular articles »

Weekly Podcast
“Never laughed so hard while being totally enlightened!” is a common response to our podcast. (Check any of our 450+ global reviews and you’ll see that sentiment a lot). If you crave irreverence, honesty and insights, you’re going to love this show. (Also, the head of marketing will get mad at me if I don’t tell you it’s a #1 rated business show.) Subscribe to the podcast »

Small Business Guides
We make short and meaty guides to help you earn a living doing something you care about. We release new guides occasionally, so get on the email list to be notified (below). Download your guides »

Who we are

Corbett Barr, CEO Fizzle.coCorbett Barr is Fizzle’s fearless leader and CEO. After a decade of venture-backed startups, Fortune 500 consulting and bootstrapped blogs he cofounded Fizzle, bringing his experience to new founders everywhere. He splits his time between (rainy!) Portland, and the (sunny!) beaches of Mexico.

Chase Reeves, Creative Director of Fizzle.coChase Reeves is Fizzle’s Creative Director. After a decade of designing and developing some of the biggest blogs on the web he cofounded Fizzle with Corbett. He lives in Portland, OR, where the espresso literally makes his brain break.

Steph Crowder, Head of Member Success at Fizzle.coSteph Crowder is Fizzle’s Head of Member Success. When she’s not in the Fizzle community helping people build their thing, she’s hanging with Rudy (dog) and John (husband) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Top 10 mistakes in online business

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