At Fizzle, our mission is clear: to help you earn a living independently doing something you care about.

Now more than ever, it's possible for individual people like us to strike out on our own, building a small, sustainable, independent business around something we love.

Our tools are modern (blogging, podcasting, social media, videos, email, websites), but our fundamentals are proven: make something people want and are willing to pay for.

The formula is clear, but that doesn't make it easy. How do you find a good business idea? Where do you find customers? How do you build something people want? How do you sell enough to earn a living? How do you grow this thing once you’ve gotten some traction?

That's why we built Fizzle. The truth is, most small business ideas fizzle out. We all start with good intentions, but things get in the way. Roadblocks, naysayers, loss of motivation, other priorities, unanswered questions.

Fizzle’s mission is simple: to help you earn a living doing something you love. We do that through training, tools, coaching, community and our famous roadmap.

Thanks for checking Fizzle out. Please feel free to use our great free resources (articles, podcasts and guides), or consider trying Fizzle membership (free for 14 days) if you want to go deeper. Start by reading about our success stories if you want to see what we’ve done for other members.

And if you have any questions, please write us at and we'll do our best to get you back on track.


-Corbett Barr
Fizzle Co-Founder and CEO

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The Fizzle Team and Contributors

Fizzle is more than just a small team. We’ve had dozens of contributors of all kinds since we started back in 2012. Here are some of the people who have helped make Fizzle what it is today.

The Fizzle Team (Current and Alumni)

Corbett Barr

Fizzle Co-Founder and CEO


Co-Founder Fizzle. Entrepreneur for 15 years. Also building Palapa, a new discussion and messaging platform for teams and communities.

Chase Reeves

Fizzle Co-Founder


The strangest feeling of gratitude the farther my roots go down. Bag whisperer at . Previously cofounded @fizzle. Loud internal dialogue. 🌱🦂🤘🏼

Steph Crowder

Founder, Courage & Clarity


I help people know exactly what to work on, when. business coach + podcast host (Courage + Clarity, The Fizzle Show) | enfp, 3w2 | aggressive when dancing

Jen Rao

Fizzle Member Success ✨

Fizzle Member Success ✨ Canadian Nomad & Tiny House Dweller. ✨ Founder of Clear Your Life - where I teach the vision + actions needed to clear clutter and create a life you love. ✨

Joe Kerns

Fizzle Member Success

Mindset master, business builder, and alliteration aficionado. I love helping motivated people see and seize the opportunities that slip through their fingers in business, fitness, and life.

Eligijus Krepsta

Palapa Lead Developer


Earning a living doing something I love. I also encourage and guide people learning to code at

Caleb Wojcik


I teach filmmaking at & run a video production company at . Co-inventor of @SwitchPod.

Building the future for creators as COO @ConvertKit. Change maker. Eternal optimist. I believe business is the most powerful force for good in the world.

Course Instructors and Contributors

Writing coach, author, podcaster. I help writers get stories out of their heads and onto the page. Free book:

Founder of @startuppregnant. Writer. Swam from Alcatraz 9 times. Yoga teacher. Follow me on Instagram as @sarahkpeck and @startuppregnant.

Founder & CEO at @ConvertKit. Hobbies: writing books, woodworking, playing soccer, traveling, and designing software.

Richard Boehmcke is a writer, director, and content strategist. He lives in Phoenix with his hilarious fiancé and a stuffed pug. His work lives at

Founder of the Marketing Automation Companion for Online Programs | Creator of Free

Natalie Sisson is an entrepreneur, No #1 Bestselling author, speaker, triathlete and lifelong learner, who’s on a mission to show you how to tap into your true potential to optimize your life, business and mindset.

Rebel Leader of @NerdFitness. I wrote a book, Level Up Your Life (linked), in bookstores now. My mom says it’s pretty good. Trying to become Captain America.

Founder of @PodcastRoyaleHQ. I help busy professionals make podcasts that don't suck!

Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story:

Entrepreneur, author & international speaker (sometimes). Co-founder @blackhopsbeer. Author of #7daystartup & 3 other best sellers.

Half of @TheMinimalists. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. The Minimalists have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes, TIME, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, and NPR.

Writer & Daily Blogger. Midlife Seminarian. Freelance Creator. Purveyor of spiritual self-helplessness.

B2B SaaS Product Marketing Manager and Customer Success leader based out of Portland, Oregon. tl;dr I help B2B SaaS businesses close, onboard, delight, and retain their best customers. My clients get the benefit of having a trained leader on their team; one with exp...

Serial entrepreneur, author, angel. Founder of , , . Author of Start Small, Stay Small.

JLD is the host of & | Author of , &

Founder at @TryGhost - Publishing, open source, independent business. Professionally homeless. Current location:

Fmr Clinton White House Writer | recovering attorney | advisor to entrepreneurs | @forbes & @artofmanliness contributor | business relationships expert

Founder and CEO, Insurgent Publishing. I help brands, experts, and professionals grow their reach, influence and profit. West Point grad | Iraq war veteran.

intentionally horrible at business growth. 📖

YouTuber, podcaster, and founder of @CollegeInfoGeek. Also still a full-stack SEO ninja guru rockstar mogul samurai biz-dev master wizard refrigerator

Author of Pivot @PortfolioBooks (Penguin Random House). Speaker. Career & Business Strategist. Yoga Fanatic. Love helping people organize their brain :) 🤓

Best-selling author of The Art of Work & Real Artists Don't Starve. Get a copy at . Blogger. Speaker. Father. Husband. Coffee snob.

God, family and business. In that order. SEO Team Lead @CliqueChicago. Creator of the "SEO For The Rest of Us" Newsletter.

Founder of #CoCommercial, social & support network for digital small businesses. Host of #WhatWorksPodcast. Formerly Tara Gentile.

It's not just that I'm good at not working, it's that I'm good at making not working work. #mountainbikes #dad #husband #geek self-deprecation is a sport.

Author of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and History. Hunter on @HuntedCBS. Mom says I should pick something and stick to it. I showed her.

Husband. Daddy. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Podcaster. Author. Ice Cream Lover. I'll show you how to find & book speaking gigs. Join our FREE training! ⬇️⬇️

Irish Multilingual YouTuber+@Stream_Trainer in NYC 📚 @fi3m & 🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇩🇪#languagehacking Internat'l Best Selling Author 🌍Natgeo trav. of year

Product @flexport, previously at @square, @gumroad, @stripe, and @financeisrael. Member @sandboxers and @globalshapers