How to Spice Up Your Blog with Interviews

Written by Caleb Wojcik

Like we talked about Tuesday, sometimes you just don’t know what to write about.

blog interviewWell, there’s one surefire way to still publish epic content on a regular basis without getting burnt out.

Start running interviews on your blog.

Just look at blogs like BlogcastFM, RiseToTheTop, and Mixergy that only do interviews and have even built an entire business around it.

Besides, if you are the only person who ever writes on your site it will be refreshing for your audience to hear another person’s perspective.

In this post we’ll discuss our experience with and advice for doing interviews in all sorts of mediums (audio, video, text) as well as some tips for how to reach out to A-Listers and land an interview with them.

It is Easiest to Start With Text Interviews

The least intimidating way to start doing interviews on your blog is to just do a text interview. This is also the smallest amount of work for a number of reasons:

  1. You don’t have to schedule a time to talk with someone.
  2. Editing a text post takes less time and effort than an audio or video interview.
  3. You don’t have to see yourself on camera/hear yourself on a microphone.
  4. Your guests may feel more comfortable doing a text interview anyway.

When you are just starting out with interviews, text-based interviews are easiest.

To see a great format we use check out the two most popular text-based interviews on Think Traffic:

Our Experience So Far on YouTube

We’ve been doing interviews for years here on Think Traffic (in text, audio, and video forms), but we only just recently started using YouTube for hosting our video interviews. (We used Vimeo previously.)

In just the five months we’ve had video on YouTube for Think Traffic we’ve already had over 11,000 views with over 900 views per video. The results have been even stronger considering the first 5 of the 13 videos we have on the channel were just reposted interviews we had on Vimeo.

As for Expert Enough on YouTube, we have roughly 3,500 views in just 4 episodes, for an average of about 850 per show. Not bad for a website started only four months ago.

Each channel has roughly 100 subscribers as well. Which means, every time we publish a new video it automatically shows up on the home page of YouTube for them. Pretty powerful.

To see how we use Skype and Call Recorder for Mac to do our interviews, check out our two most popular video interviews:

Using iTunes to Host Audio Interviews

We’ve been using iTunes for the audio version The Expert Enough Show and using the website LibSyn to host our episodes.

Our four episodes are at a total of 2,413 downloads (in addition to the number of times each interview has been watched on YouTube). While publishing simultaneously on YouTube may be hurting our chances of ranking well in iTunes, we think that people appreciate being able to consume the show in whatever format they prefer. We’ll be experimenting with this further in the near future.

If you want to really dive into podcasting the best resource we’ve come across to help you get started is from our friend Cliff Ravenscraft over at Podcast Answer Man. He has a free, two hour Learn How to Podcast video tutorial where we learned everything we needed to know to get the Expert Enough podcast going. I’ve spent time with Cliff in person and he is the go to man for everything podcasting.

Study our two most popular audio interviews to figure out a good formula for asking guests worthwhile questions:

How to Get A-Listers to Agree to an Interview

One of the best reasons to do interviews is to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to. You get to pick the brain of someone that would normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get one-on-one coaching from for free.

When you reach out to someone you haven’t been in contact with before you want to make sure they say yes though. The best ways to get people to agree to do an interview are to:

Heck, sometimes people will start to notice what you are doing and reach out to you first. This is how I was able to connect with and set up an interview with Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA. We featured him in a piece of content, he tweeted us to say thank you, and I reached out on Skype to see if he wanted to be on the EE Show.

Getting the Most Out of Your Interview

Here are three rules to help you get the most out of your interviews:

For more great tips on interviewing, check out our guest post from Srinivas Rao on how to use interviews to increase traffic to your blog.


Now take action.

If you’re a content producer and haven’t tried running an interview before, try one in the next few weeks. Follow our tips above. If you have other questions, let us know below. We’re happy to help.

Then come back here and let us know how your interview turned out. Share a link below.

If you’ve already run some interviews, we’d love to know: what kind of success have you had running interviews on your website? Post a link to your best interview below.


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