Create Content That’s Searchable and Converts

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How to Brainstorm SEO Friendly Content

  • Write down every question you know someone will ask (including yourself)
  • Use a service like to research your competition’s ranking
  • Search forums like Reddit and Quora, and niche forums around your topic
  • Understand buyer intent, i.e. articles should drive commissions
    • Remember that reviews and “best of” comparisons means the reader is committed and looking to buy.
    • Remember that honesty and trust are important.
      • SwimU: Doesn’t review products we’ve never used or brands we don’t know
      • Brew Cabin: Reviews are based on products I personally own and use.
  • Once you have a list of about 100 article topics, use Headline Analyzer
  • Order them by priority. Sort them by low keyword difficulty and high potential traffic.