How to Pick Affiliate Products, Programs, and Networks

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1. Types of Products

  • Physical Products (An Amazon Item)
  • Informational Product (Other People’s Courses and Ebooks)
  • Services (Like an Email Service Provider)

2. How to Pick an Affiliate Product

  • Trying products (getting a sample sent)
  • Knowing the industry and the brands
  • Research others reviews of the product (like Amazon)
  • Ultimately: the goal is to serve the reader

3. How to Pick an Affiliate Program or Network to Join

  • Amazon: commissions on Amazon can be lower or higher, depending on the category. But people trust Amazon and know what to expect when buying and might be more likely to convert to a sale. Once you’re locked in as a cookie (24 hours), you’ll earn a commission on anything they buy
  • Non-Amazon: For Brew Cabin, I use Amazon doesn’t sell specific products that I actually love and recommend. This site gives me a 6% commission.
  • The name of the game is trust: Promote the product you trust or you’ve used and love. You’ll get more sales and return customers.


You can download our spreadsheet of 300+ Affiliate Programs and Networks here.