My Affiliate Marketing Philosophies

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1. Trust and Traffic Are Everything

  • The guiding principles behind all of my affiliate marketing strategies

2. Promote Products You Can Recommend or Have Used

  • Promoting good products builds trust and establishes your authority

3. Earn the Reader’s Trust With a Good First Impression

  • Design and speed matter
  • Have a point of view
  • Transparency about your links build trust
  • Refer out to quality, trustworthy sites
  • Grammar counts

4. Don’t Use Tricks for Clicks

  • Don’t throw in a bunch of links
  • Don’t hide that it’s an affiliate link

5. Qualified Traffic = Affiliate Sales

  • Keywords need traffic potential and to be extremely relevant

6. Content Should Be Long Enough to Cover the Topic

  • Write it because people are searching for it
  • Why I treat my website like a textbook
  • Affiliate links will naturally follow

7. What Gets Measured Gets Managed

  • Tracking lets you know what’s working
  • Free Google tools can help you figure out what’s underperforming

8. Follow the Rules

  • Builds trust with the reader
  • Reduces risk of getting your account revoked

9. Diversify – And Have a Backup Affiliate Plan

  • Programs can get shut down or change commission rates
  • Create your own product for a new income stream

10. Keep Going and Be Patient

  • This takes a long time. It’s an investment.
  • Every article you publish is a stock in your own company. It compounds.