What You Can Realistically Earn With Affiliate Marketing

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1. Pros of Affiliate Marketing

  • Passive Selling (vs. directly selling)
  • Quadruple Win: Seller, affiliate and I make money + customer finds the right product
  • Fast and Low-Risk

2. Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  • Requires Patience
  • It’s Not Your Product
  • Everybody’s Doing It
  • Restrictions and Penalties

3. The Harsh Truth About Affiliate Marketing

  1. It takes a long time
  2. Your success depends on the niche
  3. Your success depends on the products you pick
  4. Affiliate marketing may not be the right fit for everyone; other ways to make money online
  5. Must monitor your affiliate links (How I messed up a URL parameter and lost $10,000 in commissions with the wrong tracking code)

4. How Much Can You Realistically Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

  • Income School says: 30,000 pageviews = $1,000