Chris Ducker: Virtual CEO

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Chris Ducker is a Brit, the founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder, the founder of the Live2Sell call center, author of the book Virtual Freedom and the blogger and podcaster at

In this founder story, Corbett sits down with Chris to find out how he went from working in sales (in a “coffee is for closers” and “second place is a set of steak knives” kind of place) and training employees in telemarketing at a large multinational bank in the Philippines to working for the “Wolf of Infomercials Street” and then finally became an entrepreneur.

If you’re feeling burned out or overworked, this is the founder story for you. You’ll hear how Chris hit a wall with running his businesses, what he did to remove himself from the day-to-day, and hired eight people to replace himself. (And how now he doesn’t let himself work on Fridays either.)

(Oh, and you’ll hear all about his amazing blues singing skills too.)

Watch the video above or download just the audio.