Sample Customer Conversation

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Notes from Steph

What did you hear during this call? Did anything stick out to you?

Here’s my list based on the notes I took:

  • He wishes he knew which flies he should be tying.
  • Knowing where to get all the right materials is tricky. There’s a limited selction in store, and the online world is confusing. He notes that having a kit of some kind would be very helpful.
  • He mentioned he’s “been meaning to dive into it more”.
  • So far he’s spent roughly $150 on a rod, he’s paid to renew his fishing license each year and he isn’t happy with how often he’s fishing.
  • He spent $40 on a class hoping it would give him the motivation to fish more often.
  • He enjoyed the class, which touched on the history of fly fishing, learning about the different kinds of bugs and casting, and the best part was hands-on fly tying.
  • If he knew where to go to fish, what kinds of fish to fish for during which season and which flies to use, it would take out the guesswork. He feels he’d be more likely to get in his car and go.
  • Was my problem mentioned?

    Remember, the hypothesis I’m testing here is “it’s fun and convenient to receive the materials and instruction in one box.” Justin does seem frustrated about acquiring the right materials and having the instructions he needs in order to understand how to tie the flies, which flies are for which fish, etc.

    On a scale of 1-5, how motivated was this customer to pursue a solution? Why?

    I would rate Justin as a 4. He has actively spent money on this problem as evidenced by the class he took for $40. Even though he’s already spent money on the problem, he seems enthusiastic about learning more about tying flies and having the materials to do it. He does mention he keeps meaning to dive deeper, suggesting the problem isn’t extremely urgent.

    What else has he tried as a solution?

    Justin mentions he has tried talking to friends, poking around in stores and online, and taking a class to deepen his hobby. It seems that talking to his friends and shopping around has not gotten him too far. He got the most out of taking the class, but he still considers himself a beginner with a lot to learn.

    Did he bring up a different problem? What was it, and did it come up before “my” problem?

    In addition to a desire for materials and instruction all in one place, Justin did mention a number of other problems.

    He wants to know more about which fish are best during which seasons, and where to find those fish. Because he isn’t sure about where to go, he lacks the confidence to just jump in his car and fish freely.

    The fact that there are so many types of flies out there, coupled with the need for materials all bundled in one place, seems to be the most pressing problem for Justin. Including information and education about each fly in my subscription box service might be an excellent way to help customers like Justin learn more about fishing as they also learn to tie the flies.

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