Tying it All Together

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Ok, it’s time to tie all this information together on a single page. We’ve got 3 questions we want to ask you:

1. What equipment will you use? (List of journal options below if you don’t already have one.

2. What moment in the day will you do this? Morning before getting started on any work is recommended, but maybe your schedule requires some customization.

3. What reminder will you set for yourself? Can you block out time on your calendar or find another reminder that would work well for you?

4. Get started with your first day! You can print out the course workbook so you have the guidance with you even when you’re offline. REMEMBER this might not feel natural at first… so what? This is you doubling down on intention, on motivation, on making YOUR own success.

Because, here’s the deal — we already know this practice will change our lives if we do it. It’s absolutely guaranteed that your days will grow in significance if you start yourself with more intention every day. And yet, we are so likely to forget to do this! It’s totally likely that you do this for a few days and then life gets in the way and you never really pick it back up again. That’s why we define when we’re going to do it and setup a reminder for ourselves.

I don’t want you to commit to having great daily direction sessions, I just want you to commit to putting your butt in the chair to do this every day for 30 days. Just show up — that’s the only promise I want you to make. Make that promise to yourself and keep it and see if you aren’t feeling very different about your projects.

What your journal page can look like:

In the course workbook there’s a page you can print out that will guide you through the daily practice. It makes it easy to simply fill in the boxes and plan the day.

Some favorite journals/notebooks:

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Thanks so much for investing in yourself, your dream and your world. Find care, take care, serve hard and dig in. Talk to you next week on the Fizzle Show!