Website design is more important now than ever before. It can make you stand out amidst the noise and create a powerful first impression.

However, most founders don’t know how to do it or where to start. In fact, since “good design” is so hard to define, design can be a huge cause of wasted money, time and energy.

In this course we tackle the essential and most important elements of website design, from the most common mistakes through to the conversion system we used to create exceptionally high performing websites. (Chase has been the chosen designer of many big-time, successful founders like Pat Flynn, Steve Kamb and our very own Corbett Barr).

Whether you’re planning on doing it yourself or working with a designer, this course will give you the mindset and resources to put first things first and focus on what will deliver the best results (and besides that it’ll help you be the kind of client great designers love to work with).

Not only is it full of exercises, cheatsheets and checklists that will walk you through each step of the journey. We also showcase how to put these principles to work in a live-filmed redesign of! Literally. Chase & Steve Kamb worked together over a week, filmed all the conversations and presentations and made them available in this course to further explain the principles and ideas.

Life is too short to stress and strain about your website design. We’re thrilled to answer some of the most common questions we receive and share with you all our insights in this incredible course so you can get moving on the *important* stuff (and stop worrying about the rest). Let’s get into it!

Oh, and PS: We’ve created a course master checklist to give you each step by step exercise and task. This document (and several others) will be available throughout the course and then all of them will be available again at the very end.