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It’s time. You’ve learned the stuff. You’ve got the framework. Now we tie it all together and start doing the work.

A lot of the work has already happened in how we change the way we look at this stuff. Simply in understanding the things we’ve talked about thus far we’re sitting SO MUCH BETTER than most of the internet.

BUT if you stay with just the knowledge and don’t get your hands dirty, this understanding will fade, the insights will get blurry and the principles won’t get implemented. So, I want you to DO THE WORK. It’s not challenging. it DOES take time. but now that you understand how important it is, it should make it easier to invest the amount of time you need to to do this well…

Spend a handful of hours, a few well caffeinated days digging into this homework. Don’t worry about getting everything all completely nailed down, just get it to 80-90% before we move on. There’s much more to come BUT it loses it’s value if you haven’t done this work.

Of chief importance is the Essentials of Website Design Course Master Checklist. In there I walk you through each step of the journey, what to do first, how to do it, what you’ll need, etc. So now is the time to download those documents and worksheets below and get your hands dirty.

Documents & Worksheets