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We’re all at risk of burnout, fatigue, quitting. Just as we work to mitigate risk in our business, we work to mitigate risk in ourself as the person DOING The business.

The BUSS symbol set was designed to help us remember the guiding principles:

  • BISON: creation and connection is in our DNA. This is IN YOU.
  • UNDIES: independence and communal support balance each other. We need community just like we need the time away to make our things.
  • SWORD: care about our thing and service of our audience lead to great work. Instead of approaching your profits first, approach your audience first with these two words as your guide.
  • SPIRAL: view the work as a long-term journey with many short cycles. Approach it as a learner, expect to persevere.

My goal in this course was simply to help you realize and rejigger some assumptions you might be making about how much time this will take, what the point is, what common mistakes are, etc. It’s a solid grasp of the basics to get you to start thinking about these things.

The Worksheet

It can be hard to remember this stuff, so I created a printout. Print it out, put it on the wall, remind yourself of these ideas as you build your business.

Download the 4 Symbols Of Entrepreneurship Printout

You’re done! 👏👏👏

Congrats on finishing this course. Questions about what to do next? Here are some ways to get help and keep making progress: