Gary Arndt: Traveling & Blogging the World

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Gary Arndt runs one of the largest travel blogs in the world: Everything Everywhere. He has been traveling the world non-stop for seven straight years, posted a picture online everyday for six years, and was just named Travel Photographer of the Year by Society of American Travel Writers.

In this Founder Story Chase chats with Gary about how he approaches travel blogging from an entirely different angle than most bloggers do, how he has monetized his site without having to sell digital products or run ads, and his advice for all types of bloggers to earn a good living.

(Note from Caleb: Somehow the audio file from the lavalier microphones was corrupted, so we apologize for the mediocre sound quality on this one.)

Watch the video version above or download the audio version.

Find Gary on Twitter » @EverywhereTrip