Fizzler Q&A

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Leo Babauta answers your questions directly in this special Q&A on Effective and Engaging writing.

Questions answered:

What is your writing process? (from Vic Magary)

Do you have any tips for writing shorter blog posts? (from Dean Phillips)

How and where do you draw the line between public and private? (from Holger)

What is it about bullet pointed lists that makes them so effective? (from Paul Foxton)

What advice do you have for someone who is coming from a field other than writing or journalism? (from Nick)

How do you write content that “sticks?” (from Dee Copeland Patience)

Can you recommend any resources to improve writing skills? (from Andrew Gordey)

How has closing comments effected your content’s engagement level? (from Craig Gonzales)

How do you tell stories that readers care about? (from Iris)

Do you ever use a copywriter? Should I have a professional proofread my work? (from Darlene Hildebrandt)

As a beginner, what makes the most impact and improvement on your writing when you are first publishing content? (from Will H.)

Resources mentioned in this session:

Strunk and White – The Elements of Style