Jamie Tworkowski: To Write Love On Her Arms

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Jamie Tworkowski is the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms, an American non-profit organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self injury, and thoughts of suicide while also investing directly into treatment and recovery.

In this interview, find out how Jamie went from surf sales rep at Hurley’s to starting to listen to people’s struggles with depression, addiction, and suicide.

Also find out how:

  • He wrote a post on myspace that became popular, made t-shirts, and started everything.
  • How the lead singer of Switchfoot was the first one to have a shirt
  • How they now partner with big name bands/music tours
  • How they’re funded mainly through merchandise sales

Also hear what he thinks about how to make marketing happen naturally. (Hint: it is through relationships (with bands for example) that have mutual belief and trust in what you do.)

If you’re working on a non-profit or a charity, this is the Founder Story for you.

Watch the video above or download just the audio.