Launch Day!

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That’s right. You’ve gotten through the 30-day Just Ship It challenge, and you should be launching today, or very soon.

Today we’re going to talk about some things you should be doing on and after launch day.

Launch Day Action Items

  • Prep your launch emails and blog posts prior to launch.
  • Publish your sales page.
  • Test your check-out process.
  • Get up early on launch day 🙂
  • Personally write a quick note to buyers thanking them, and asking if everything about the purchase process went smoothly.
  • Ask friends, readers, followers, etc. for help in getting the word out.
  • If you have an affiliate program, write your affiliates and remind them that the product is live.
  • Post on all of your social media accounts.

Don’t forget to take some time after your launch to celebrate. You deserve it. You have a real business now, with a product for sale, and that is no small thing.

Share Your Launch With Me

I would love to hear about your launch. On launch day, please write me at and send me a link to your sales page. I’d love to see the results of all your hard work.


I’ll write again in a couple of days to check on your results and ask you to fill out a quick survey about your experience with the Just Ship It Challenge.