Day 15: Build + Buzz

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Today’s Action Items

  • Write another blog post on a topic related to your product. Remind people at the end about your upcoming product, and encourage them to sign up to be notified when it comes out.
  • Use Social Media to get the word out about your product. Tell people on Twitter, Facebook or wherever you have accounts about your upcoming launch. Link to your blog posts or landing page, whichever feels right.
  • Share your blog post, or your product landing page within sites related to your topic. Especially look for big discussion sites where people freely share links. You’ll have to look for these specifically targeted at your industry or topic (for tech sites, here’s the Hacker News site I mentioned in the lesson video).
  • Continue working on your product. Make sure you’re paying close attention to the calendar. You have about 9 days of development time left.