Day 24: Package, Price, Platform

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It’s day 24. You have 6 days until launch. As of today, your product should be essentially complete. Or at least, as complete as you intend it to be on launch day.

Choosing a Platform to Sell Your Product

Because you’re on such a tight timeframe to get your product packaged and make it available, we’re going to recommend the simplest ways possible to make your product available.

None of these recommendations are affiliate links. We simply believe these are your best options. You’re free to use anything you like, but we recommend at least evaluating these platforms:

Selling eBooks or any kind of downloadable files

Gumroad: Sell Anything Online in Seconds — For selling eBooks or any kind of downloadable files, we highly recommend using Gumroad. It’s the fastest way to get your product up and for sale.

We partnered with Gumroad to create a special Gumroad Quick Start guide. In it, you learn how to get your product on Gumroad ASAP, along with sales insights from five successful Gumroad sellers and six advanced features you don’t want to miss. Get the Fizzle Gumroad Quickstart Guide »

Also, be sure to read Nathan Barry’s Lessons Learned Selling $355,759 on Gumroad »

Selling Structured Online Courses with Videos

Udemy: Everything You Need to Teach Online — For selling a structured online course, with videos, we highly recommend using Udemy.

Be sure to watch this interview with me and Udemy’s VP of Marketing - How 10 Instructors Earned $1.6 Million on Udemy in One Year »

Selling Services

For selling services, you need to choose whether you’ll collect payments up front, or if you’ll invoice your customers. For collecting payments up front, you can create a simple “buy now” button with either Stripe or PayPal. For invoicing, we recommend either Xero or Freshbooks.

Other Resources Mentioned in Today’s Video

Packaging and Editing Your Product

For help with editing and/or packaging of ebooks, check out Fiverr to find someone on the cheap »


In the article by Nathan Barry I linked to before, check out what he has to say about value-based pricing (under the “Lesson 2” heading).

The Launch Sequence

But there can be much more to a launch than that. For help planning your launch, please read this Thirty-nine-step Product Launch Checklist from Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup book »

Action Items for Today

  • Edit your product and make sure it’s ready for launch day. Enlist help if you need it and if the person helping can get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Package your product, to make it ready for downloading and consuming by your customers.
  • Choose a platform to host your product for sale. In most cases, we recommend either Gumroad or Udemy.
  • Settle on a price for your product.
  • Plan your launch sequence and write down what you plan to do on each day leading up to launch.

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