How to Set Goals that Actually Stick

Let’s face it: traditional goal setting sucks! Traditional goal setting misses the mark, big time. There’s a few reasons why.

  • The “productivity” approach: A lot of people think goal setting is all about being more disciplined, working harder & pushing more. This keeps you on the burnout treadmill for the rest of your life.
  • “Should-ing” all over yourself: Most of us write down goals we think we should have (“I want to make 6 figures!” “I want to be a size 0!” “I want more Instagram followers!”)
  • “Maybe next year”: Yes, we’re teaching this course in January, but the truth is we can’t wait for January 1 every time we set goals. We have to create that energy with a new process, any time we want it.
  • The need to “come up” with your goals: How do you even “make up” your goals? What’s a good goal to have anyway? Is it random?

Luckily, there’s a better way — a way that translates into real progress and satisfaction this year.

In this 2-day live course you’ll learn 5 steps to set goals that truly work — so you can actually get stuff done this time around.

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