Session 1

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Steph starts us off with couple ridiculously simple (and utterly enlightening!) exercises to help us tap into the right places in our lives.

Get your notebook and pen out and pour yourself a cup of something strong because if you ever wanted to get your life and success to a place you absolutely, undeniably enjoy, it’s going to start right here.

Break a leg! We’re all in this with you. You aren’t alone… it can be a tough thing to gather yourself up like this and discover what you really want to be working towards, but it’s also an AMAZING thing, full of life and light and exhilaration.

You can choose to take this session and the next in one sitting, or follow break it up into two separate days.

We’re always here for you, so if you have any questions or anything to share, please head to the forums and add your voice! (Alternatively, you can also email us at as well.)

Break a leg and see you in the next session when you’re ready!