Where to Find Great Free Images

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We’ve learned about copyright rules and proper image sizes and we’ve seen some examples of great images. Now lets talk about where to actually find killer images we can use.

Because new sources are coming online all the time (and old ones go away), we’ve collected and organized our favorite sources for you in a blog post:

50+ Sites for Free Images, Fonts & Icons for Your Blog »

Add your favorites in the comments. We want this to be an epic resource of Fizzlers’ favorite resources for making images.

As Chase says in the video, here’s what you could do:

  • Check out the article,
  • open up each one of them,
  • test them out, see which ones you like best,
  • and bookmark your favorites. (be sure to notice Chase’s Google Image view hack in that post)

Finding where you get the images, KNOWING where to go when you need one, is just one more step you don’t have to think about anymore.

If this list of image sources is helpful for you, let others know: