Direction Stage Overview

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Welcome to the Direction stage of the Fizzle roadmap. In this first stage we will guide you through two powerful decisions:

  1. Choose the topic your business will focus on (sometimes called a niche). This is the general area of interest your business will focus on. For example, “golf” or “fitness” or “productivity.”
  2. Define the audience your business will serve (sometimes called a target market). Your audience is the group of people who will buy your products, read your articles, follow you on social media, etc.

The intersection of these two elements provides not only your starting point, but also the core and heart of your business.

topic audience intersection

Common Struggle: “I feel trapped!”

When it comes down to decision time on your topic and audience, you might feel constrained or trapped. If that’s the case, please know it’s absolutely natural.

You are a 3 dimensional, unlimited, multipotentialite human being! Narrowing your focus to a specific topic and audience can feel like forcing yourself into a 1 dimensional world.

But it’s important to do this focusing if you want your business to take root and start growing.

Did you know Facebook, one of the largest businesses in the world, was started in an extremely small and focused way? It started as a tiny tool for members of particular dorm rooms in Harvard. It wasn’t even made for the whole school, let alone for the whole world!

We’ve seen hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs “bite off more than they can chew,” slowly burning out over time because they never defined a specific direction in the first place. Facebook knew to keep it small at first, get traction and grow from there, and now you know it too.

When we start with a very specific topic and audience our plans, our efforts and our communication get crystal clear and focused… and that’s where traction begins.

“The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

Mark Twain

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