Step 2: Define Your Audience

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Now that you have a topic chosen, let's decide which specific group of people you're going to serve.

Some business people call this a "target market." We call it an "audience."

Whatever you call it, your audience is arguably the most important ingredient in your business' success.

Your audience is the group of people who will buy your products, read your articles, follow you on social media, etc.

You can give your business a much better chance of success by investing time up front getting to know who they are, understanding their problems, their language, and their values.

In fact, as Chase is going to show you in a course for this step, getting to know your audience like this is where some of those ground-breaking ideas and insights will come from.

2 common mistakes

There are two big mistakes entrepreneurs often make in this step.

1. First, entrepreneurs want to make something for "everyone." Your idea is good, it is useful for everyone, right? Wrong. In the course we'll break down this myth and replace it with the truth.

2. Second, entrepreneurs often create unhelpful customer avatars that don't provide any real insights about your audience. Chase is going to show you a 1-person trick to help you counteract this.

The Defining Your Audience Course

It's time to dive into a course we created to help you define your audience. It's going to walk you through all the necessary steps to define your audience.

It's about an hour long course with several helpful worksheets and research excursions. When you're done, come back here and mark this step as complete!

Note: just wanted to remind you that you can return to your current roadmap stage anytime from the Dashboard page.