Direction Stage Checkpoint

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You've now completed your first stage of the Roadmap, understanding and defining 3 critical early stage business components:

  1. You learned 3 rules to build by, each counteracting a mistake entrepreneurs often make.
  2. After considering several topics to focus on, you chose one topic to move forward with.
  3. You researched and defined the specific group of people your business will focus on.

You may not sense it, but you've already made more progress than most hopeful entrepreneurs ever do because you've clarified your direction. You have a good sense of where you're going, and that's a huge deal.

Apprehensive or Exhilarated?

Do you feel a little apprehensive about your business idea as it stands right now? If so, you're not alone. We're still in the early stages here and your idea will develop with you over time.

Nothing's set in stone and everything you've learned will stay with you. (Will you ever think about Yoda the same way again?) Stay tuned into your feelings on this and allow yourself and your idea some time to develop together.

Or maybe you're fired up, exhilarated and more committed than ever? We're pumped too! Harness that enthusiasm, you're going to need it to make steady progress every single week on your business.

Remember, your business idea is simply a hypothesis. You've got your lab coat on and your clipboard handy and you're going to learn and adapt as you hear more from your audience and yourself.

On to the next

When you're ready, click below to mark this stage as complete and we'll move on to a relatively quick stage to get some more momentum going.

Youโ€™re done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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