Step 1: Connect With the Fizzle Community, Get Help When You Need It

This content is for Fizzle members only.

A community that understands what you’re trying to build will play a vital role in your journey when you get stuck, need feedback or simply want to celebrate your successes.

Luckily, your Fizzle membership comes pre-loaded with a community of entrepreneurs who “get you,” who will help you bring your idea to life (even when you want to give up.)

People in Fizzle often speak of the “long term value” of being a member in the community. You invest a little time and the rewards far outweigh the investment.

Your investment will pay off. In fact, it’s clear that members who participate in the Fizzle community are significantly more likely to build a successful business than people who don’t.

Oh, and by the way, you might feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed at first. We all feel that way when we walk into a house party where we don’t know many people. So this step is all about small things you can do within the community that, when combined, will make you feel right at home at this little house party of indie entrepreneurs.

So let’s take a little action with that community and get to know how we’ll use these powerful tools.

Steps Explained

At the bottom of this page there are several actions to complete. Let’s walk through each one of them.

1. Complete your profile

Your profile is the page other Fizzlers will land on when they want to learn more about you. Here’s a list of current member profiles.

Our best advice is this: be yourself. Using your real name and a photo of you feels personal, relatable and authentic… and that’s the stuff relationships are built on.

Be yourself as you fill out your profile. Imagine you’re talking to someone who’s in the same boat as you. We understand, we’ve been there, so just share like you would with a friend.

Action: fill out your forum profile. To find your forum profile, click your name in the upper right on the forum page.

2. Use the Roadmap to start making meaningful progress

As a new Fizzler, it’s critical that you apply your learnings from the Roadmap to your business ideas. Checking off the steps feel great, but these lessons are lost unless you use them to make progress.

We know there’s a lot to take in here (after all, the Roadmap is 9 stages and you’ve got a full course library to take advantage of!) so allow us to help you dig in and accelerate your learning curve.

Action: Review a Roadmap Coaching Workshop and/or Get Free Coaching. In this recording, Chase and Steph walk through the Roadmap in detail and answer lots of questions. Check it out here. 

3. Ask a question in the forum

As you explore the forums, you might feel a little unsure about what to say when you start your very first post. We’ve found that the best discussions tend to begin with a brief summary about what you’re working on followed by a specific question.

We can’t overstate this tip for you: the more specific, concrete and direct your questions are, the better the feedback from the community will be.

Be sure to point out exactly what you’re asking for. For example, instead of simply leaving a link to your website and asking for feedback, you might link to your about page, asking if it makes sense or if it feels clear who your site is for.

Action: ask your first forum question. What’s one, specific thing you’re struggling with right now? Head over to the forum and ask!

4. Answer a question in the forum

It’s only natural that you might hesitate to add your voice to an existing post, particularly if you’re new to business building.

However, don’t underestimate how valuable your perspective is. Even if you feel you lack experience, hearing the voices of Fizzlers from all over the roadmap makes for a diverse and well-rounded conversation. So don’t be shy; be honest, be open and be kind.

Here’s a great tip: instead of trying to answer someone’s question, maybe ask a clarifying question. If they ask “is my about page clear?” maybe you can follow up with, “On my first read it makes sense. But let me ask this: what do you really want this page to do?”

Action: answer a question in the forum. Head over to the forum and see where you can add your voice.

5. Attend a Fizzle Live Event

Often regarded as one of the most valuable components of Fizzle membership, Fizzle Friday Live events are a mix of group coaching style calls on Zoom, live Q+As with guest experts, monthly book club calls and workshops hosted by Team Fizzle.

You’ll get to meet Fizzlers from across the globe on these calls, and instantly feel more engaged in the community.

Many members tell us Fizzle Fridays make the community feel much more personal and tight knit. Grab a spot at an upcoming session, even if you’d like to simply observe your first time around!

Action: attend a Fizzle Friday Live Event. Check out for a list of upcoming events and add them to your calendar (they take place every Friday at 11am PST.)

6. Contact Fizzle Support for help

The Fizzle team is always here to help you when you get into a rut or get lost with Fizzle. Think of us as your life raft as you navigate the Roadmap, courses and community.

Action: Contact Fizzle support for help. You can email us anytime at