Step 3: Complete Your 1-Page Business Plan

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We’ve seen again and again how entrepreneurs fall into the trap of wasting way too much time trying to plan their business. That’s why we put together a tool for sketching your business plan on one page.

We call it the Business Sketch Template (BST), and it’s the one-page business plan you’ll use to answer critical questions without wasting time.

All of the building blocks of your business on one page, each block with a few prompting questions to help you find your answer fast. This means you can sketch out several different business ideas to find which one is the strongest.

Take advantage of this killer worksheet and sketch a few different ways you could take your same business idea and tweak it in a few ways.

You’ve already identified your audience, problem and archetype. Now it’s time to tie them all together ๐Ÿ™‚

Common Challenge: Vagueness

Ambiguous, fuzzy, vague answers won’t help you at all here. This is a time for you to slow down and put the finishing touches on these ideas you worked so hard to hone.

If you want good feedback on your BST (the forums can be so helpful with this), each element in the BST needs to be clear. Others need to understand what you mean when they read it.

So fight hard for that clarity in your BST boxes. Be specific and concrete with each box.

Make it count: get feedback!

A ton of value comes when you a). fill out your BST clearly enough that it can make sense to other people, and b). share it with other entrepreneurs to get some feedback.

We highly recommend you share your BST with a friend, talking through the details and allowing them to ask questions. You can also bring your BST to the forums to look for some feedback there.

The BST Worksheet

OK, it’s time to download the Business Sketch Template:

The power in printing out the Business Sketch Template and writing your fine-tuned ideas all in one place might take you by surprise. Give your business plan your full attention and consider displaying it in your workspace to keep this sharp clarity front and center as you navigate the twists and turns of business.

Youโ€™re done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Congrats on finishing this course. Questions about what to do next? Here are some ways to get help and keep making progress: