Step 1: Launch Your MVP

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We’ve been known to give this advice to new entrepreneurs: don’t squander your launch. We say this because a the launch of your product is a one-time special event with tons of potential. A well-planned launch can create buzz, drive sales and put your product on the map.

On the other hand, you’re in it for the long haul. Five years from now your launch week will barely register on your analytics charts. Even if your launch week isn’t spectacular, your product will do just fine if it’s something people really want.

This step of the roadmap is about getting the greatest impact from your launch, while keeping your eye on the longer game.

The Launch Course & Launch Plan

If you have taken the 30-day Just Ship It Challenge, your launch will happen during the challenge. There are several actions and resources in there aimed at getting the most from your launch in a short timeframe.

If you’re not taking the challenge, we recommend you take our course on launching. Launching can apply to products, services and even to new blogs, podcasts or other content marketing platforms. The principles are similar no matter what you’re launching: set goals, create excitement, get the word out and follow through.

Launch your product

After taking our course and creating a plan, it’s time to launch your product! We give advice for setting a date and following through in the course.

Make sure you launch your product before moving on. We’ll evaluate your product launch and sales in the next step.

Also, make sure you lean on the Fizzle community for help with your launch. If you have questions about your launch plan or materials, post questions in the forums or bring them to the next Fizzle Friday.