Steve Chou Founder Story

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Steve Chou has a very interesting story. When he and his wife were expecting their first child, they decided she would quit her job, but they still needed to earn a second income. So, they started an e-commerce business selling… wedding handkerchiefs. The business took off and earned six figures in it’s first year.

The e-commerce business has grown by double and triple digits every year. Steve took what he learned and launched My Wife Quit Her Job, a blog about building successful online stores selling physical products. Steve launched a course based on the blog, and he earns more from that course than he does from his highly paid position in hardware engineering in Silicon Valley.

Oh yeah, and he also does all this while working a full-time job and raising two kids. He keeps the job not for the income, but because he likes the mental stimulation.

This Founder Story is really a masterclass in how to get started building a profitable online store. We cover how to choose and validate a product idea, how to source products, and how to build an audience through different means, including paid advertising.

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