Find Out What They Want

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It all starts with a visitor. This is a visitor who doesn’t know you at all. They have their own life going on. So it matters SO MUCH that we understand what they want to accomplish when they land on our site!

In this lesson Chase and Corbett help us understand how to think like an expert marketer, understanding and anticipating what the customer thinks and feels.

A note on course worksheets:

Throughout this course there are worksheets mentioned. You can find all the worksheets in your course workbook.

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It’s so great that you can watch any of these lessons again to let the content seep in. (You may be surprised how much more you get out of a second time through!)

What they want worksheet

You can start filling out your “What They Want Worksheet” now if you’d like, or wait until you watch the course through all the way.

You’ll find this worksheet in the course workbook.